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    Nexus 6 - 64GB - $369.99 on slickdeals.

    people still buy into contracts with the big 3? why isnt everyone on straight talk or cricket yet?
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    The Best Games On PC

    Didnt say the game was good, just saying it has more players than any other game ever made, any system. It is freaking huge!!!!!
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    The Best Games On PC

    league of legends = LoL
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    The Best Games On PC

    LoL not on the list? It is only the most popular game ever made.
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    Prime Day is Coming 7/15/2015

    I am sure they made an absolute killing off of this sale. And that is all that amazon cares about
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    hey look out everyone, we got an internet badass over here, make some room
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    Thats too bad. The lady at office depot was so friendly. I just brought in the micro center printout and asked her if she can order that item and price match it. She said no problem and searched for it on her computer. She found the STRIX version, spun the screen around and asked me if it...
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    I price matched at office depot today. It was the STRIX model. They even bypassed the purchase limit and sold me 2. Should be here next Monday
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC 4GB Video Card w/ Batman: AK + Witcher 3 + Backplate $314 AR

    back plate is no longer included in the deal. The G1 is only 5 bucks more and has a back plate and has faster clock speeds as well.
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    Moto 360 smartwatch, $179 or $154 (student)

    Looks like the deal is dead. Price on best buy is back up to normal prices and I tried 3 different best buy in my area and all of them said best buy is wise to the loop hole and has squashed it.
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    Greenmangaming has 25% off preorder games and 20% off most digital games.

    what does this mean, is the euro version not compatible?
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    Skyrim or Dishonored for $14.99 each

    i used the us site and got it on sunday
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    Skyrim or Dishonored for $14.99 each

    bought on saturday, got the key on sunday
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    Amazon DD sale is ridiculous! 150 games on sale!

    i personally thought deus ex sucked. dont get me wrong, i LOVED the first one.
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    Skyrim for $30 on GMG

    comes up as 53 bucks for me =(
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    Company of Heroes or Bioshock 1

    company of heros is such a good game. i didnt like bioshock (probably the only person on the planet)
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    Need new gaming keyboard.

    Logitech G110. Its like sex with your fingers.
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    what is your favorite first person shooter and why

    the original quake. both for multiplayer and single. and when team fortress came out for it it was AWESOME
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    HOT credit card with 0 apr/ get $100 after first purchase

    is there a minimum on the first purchase to get the 100? can i buy a 5 dollar item and get 100 bones to spend on whatever?
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    "insert via combo drivers diskette" during install! help!!!

    ok, well i tried slipstreaming the drivers in, but still no luck. the guide on the nlite site used a different chipset (nforce), versus my via chipset for the sata raid. maybe you or someone else can guide me through the process? ive tried everything. i tried slipstreaming the drivers, i...
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    "insert via combo drivers diskette" during install! help!!!

    yes, a usb floppy. ill try the slipstream prog.
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    "insert via combo drivers diskette" during install! help!!!

    Hey guys, to start out, im not a computer idiot, i have installed windows on a raid sata sytem many times, but i have never gotten this before, and cannot figure this out. I get the raid 0 setup, start windows installation. I hit F6, load the raid drivers from the diskette, and continue on...
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    My laptop is running in super speed mode, help!!!

    hey guys, thanks for the answers i tried setting the affinity, both manually, and with the imagecfg program, and that does nothing. i installed the latest processesor driver, and that did help with the lag problem the x2 have, but not the super speed one. the only fix i havent tried was...
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    My laptop is running in super speed mode, help!!!

    Hi guys, new to this forum, but ive been dealing on message boards for years and years. if this is in the wrong spot, move it please. ok, i have a sager 9750 (x2 4800+ 7900gtx, dual 80g sata 7200rpm in raid), and lately, when i play a game, it runs in double speed. what i mean is, imagine...