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    Win2008 + software raid 5 + OS hd crash.

    I have a home server running Win2008r2 for which the the HD has crashed (on boot it hangs at Verifying DMI....). I'm poor (well, married) so I've been using a software raid5 fo the 4x2tb storage drives. This has been working fine. Now if I have to reinstall Win2008 on a new HD, can I remount...
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    re-adding a missing HDD

    So I pickedup a Samsung F4 HD which I'm adding to a Win2k3 box. I due to a series of events, I ended up Removing it from the disk management. I can see the drive in the Nvidia storage panel but I can't see it in the device manager, disk manager or diskpart. Any suggetions on how I can get...
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    Crucial Ballistic memory issue

    I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard running a Q9450. Now it runs fine with my G.Skill 2g x 2 memory (4g total; model F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK). But with 2 sticks of Crucial Ballistic memory, I've been getting BSOD's w/ Win7. I initially thought it was bad memory and eventually RMA'd it. It...
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    Home network problem

    Looking for some advice on a home network issue. I have D-Link DGL-4300 router and a Atom/Ion engineering sample (so no brand name but uses a NVidia network adapter) that I want to connect in same room. I get nothing from it when I plug it into the router. The cables good because it works with...
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    Reading PDF data.

    I have several PDF files which are several hundred pages each. I've used a a program to break them up into single page PDF files. Now on each is a scanned image (of a manifest) and a page number. Is there a way I can programatically read that page number? Since I have several thousand...
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    Q9450 w/ GigaByte EP45-UDR3 oc'ing

    Its been years since I have overclocked (I remember the simple days of the Celeron 300a) and I'm trying to OC my current system. It seems the fastest I can get out of this is 2.8g (350 fsb). This is even with a vcore of 1.35 and setting the NB voltage to 1.3. Actualy system speaks are -...
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    Ultra x-finity 600 fan issue

    I have a ultra x-finity (ult-xf600) PS it it seems that neither of the fans are running. Its in a P180 case so there is some air being pushed through it, but any ever hear of fans dying?
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    Another 'Is this PSU any good' thread...

    The CoolMax PSU I got about 8 months ago decided to crap out on me. I need to get a good psu and I need to do it cheap (wife getting mad at all the new egg and Fry's purchases...). The box this is going in is a second comp, although I do play games on it. Sempron 2600 ECS 755 motherboard...
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    9800 Pro causing shutdown?

    Is i possible the a overheated/bad vid card can cause a system to shut down completley? I have a 9800 Pro card that is the only thing the hasnt be swapped out of a system (MB, CPU, Ram, PSU all tested) and whenever the system under a graphics load (Everquest), it shuts down after a few minutes.
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    AMD 1800+ (Palamino) shutdowns under load

    I have a AMD 1800+ (Palamino) on a Asus A7V400-MX MB. A few days ago it started shutting down when under a load (in this case, running Everquest). Using the PC Wizard 2005 to check the temp, it had been running in the high 60s (as high as 70 at times). I put a Aeromax heatsink/fan on the cpu...
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    Barton 2500@3200 cooling

    Ok, I just upgraded my case to a Antec P180 and need to see if my current cooling is sufficient. I currently have a AthlonXP 2500 running at 3200 on a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe MB with 2gig of Cosair XMS memory. Heat sink is a generic coolermaster copper heatsink/fan. It seems my case temp is...
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    Power supply causing crashes? (KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR)

    I have a second box which I use as a file server and second Everquest comp. The Hardware in the system are - Motherboard - Asus A7N266-VM CPU - Athlon 1800 (older model) Mem - 2 x 256 pc 2100 Vid - Radeon 9800 Pro (1 external power connector required) SiS IDE Raid 0/1 PCI card 40gig WD...
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    CRC errors in Raid 1 Mirror

    I have two WD Cavier SE 80 gig drives hooked up to a Adaptec 1200a EIDE raid card. I'm wanting to set up a simple Raid 1 mirror and once the mirror is created I get CRC errors when reading data off the array. I've tried replacing the card but no luck. Any suggestions? Or is more info needed?