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    How would you fix a brken SATA connector on a harddrive?

    I have an 80gb Raptor that I did something stupid to and broke the plastic backing behind the sata copper wires on the HDD connector on the drive itself. Now I have an older 36gb raptor and was thinking of using that to repair the connector. Does anyone know offhand the hex wrench size to...
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    Fastest Gigabit NAS which is more or less portable?

    Why not just put a removeable drive cage into each server and just shuttle a HDD back and forth? Unless I'm missing some pertinent piece of info.
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    Corsair 4gig flash drive 10.00 shipped at the egg (June 3rd only)

    I ordered 2 right at 9am EST. No confirmation yet.
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    Samsung F1 Reliabiliy Survey

    I assume there's no way to modify a poll. I couldn't see a way to edit it.
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    Maxtor 1Tb - L01F1000 - $169.99 regular price

    @Fry's Maxtor 1TB Serial ATA/300 32MB Buffer Hard Drive - L01F1000 Yes we know you prefer Seagate and the 5 year warranty, you once had something bad happen to you or your third cousins Maxtor drive and swore them off for life... Keep on moving nothing to see here then. If this is a dupe...
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    Samsung F1 Reliabiliy Survey

    Please post your first hand experiences please. Hrm last one should be 1Tb.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

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    300gb (15,000 RPM) SAS vs.150gb x 2 Raptors RAID-0 (10,000 RPM) SATA

    I hope I didnt come acress as speaking down to you. I truely only read your first post and then was routed to your previous one. And seeing a couple other people looking to get the absolute perfect drive system but spending either an inordinate amount of time or money researching it. A...
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    300gb (15,000 RPM) SAS vs.150gb x 2 Raptors RAID-0 (10,000 RPM) SATA

    If you factor the time you've spent researching the absolute fastest drive subsystem for what seems to be straight forward graphics use against whatever possible time savings that system may provide its probably a wash. Just go for the Raptor OS/program drive with the Hitachi storage drive...
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    what is wrong with evga's stepup?

    I haven't used the step up previously but am in the process now to upgrad to the 8800GTS 512. From my point of view the problem is turn around time, from the time they receive the card to when they ship it out. My opinion is that 3 days is way too long, considering the shipping time to and...
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    Step-Up runs out Jan 15; what to do?

    I inititate this same Step up from the GTS 320. The bottom is going to drop out on those and be hard to sell if you want to upgrade to a new Ultra next year. It will be easier to resell the GTS 512 assuming they dont release an intermediate card. I'm at # 62
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    100X Faster Broadband

    i cant wait to sign up for Comcasts 1Tb down - 512Kb Up tier.
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    Question on evga 8800gtx card

    AFAIK the step up program pricing is based on MSRP. So retail price drops won't have anything to do with what you pay to EVGA. For instance EVGA has the base 800 Ultra at $699 msrp while online and local pricing is around $550.
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    Gigabyte P35-DS3R vs ABIT IP35 (Plain one, not Pro nor E)

    Things I dont care for on the DS3R... ...the placement of the IDE connection at the (for me) bottom of the board, which meant i had to wind the ribbon behind the board up to the DVDs. But I have just bought an SATA DVD burner to rectify that. ...having to get into expert mode of the bios...
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    How is G.Skill these days?

    I just got mine today PC8000 and its rock steady at 800mhz 4-4-4-12
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    Warm:Samsung Sata Dvd-RW drive $29.99 shipped

    This pricing and free ship sealed it. I have had this in my cart 3 times in the last week.
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    ACID Invites: Get'em While there Hot! Take 2

    gigantoid AT gmail DOT com :D
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    8800GTX + Vista Ultimate 64 = Nightmare

    Week #2 for me and vista64 with an xfi and 8800gts with zero issues, bsods etc.
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    EVGA trade up program, your experience...

    Hey, I'm looking for your experiences with the EVGA trade up program> I just bought an 8800gts320supermegaocwtfbbqEdition and am hoping to utilize the tradeup before Jan1. What have been your experience with this? Timing, pricing etc. Just looking to read more info on the program. Thanks.
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    Quad core sounds great but is it really usefull or just for bragging rights?

    I just moved to quad from a 3200+venice for the value. My biggest surprise was in the newest version of dbPowramp Music Converter and seeing it use all 4 cores at once. Converting a CD from FLAC to ALAC use to take 10 minutes now it takes 00:1:30.
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    Who Has Swapped To Intel Since CD2 release??

    I switched because of performance. I could care less who's name is on the CPU as long as it gives me the best price for performance. I see no sense in being a brand fanboy for technology.
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    DS3R Owners

    It's odd that you ask this. Just a couple days ago I moved my xFi to the bottom slot and rebooted and lost my videocard drivers and the sound card. reinstalling the drivers did nothing. When i moved the card back up to the 3rd slot from the bottom all was well. Although that could also be a...
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    Best X38 board

    "Jumping the gun" by its definition isn't a good thing to do.
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    nuff said

    While pro gaming in the US is very small time, in Korean and other Asian countries it is very big. Alas I don't really care about pro gaming or why I should? I have more fun actually playing.
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    Make your own weighted companion cube.

    I dont think those are very nutritious.
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    4gb in vista, anyone besides me?

    I just ordered some 2x2gb DDR 1000 G.Skill from newegg, after seeing my usage under Vista 64 Ultimate. A little more than I need for OC but the headroom is good plus they should be 4-4-4-12 at DDR800.
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    Monitor mod (lots of pics)

    Very cool mod. I was concerned when you put the plexiglass over the LCD... Perhaps cutting out the center portion and beveling the edges?
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    Coolermaster 750W $89.99 and 850W 124.99 *NO MIR*

    I just paid $119 for a CM550 at microcenter, which should be fine but damn those prices are srsly lo.
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    8800GTX + Vista Ultimate 64 = Nightmare

    I just built a system (q6600, 8800GTS, X-fi Platinum, 2gb) and used the latest drivers without issue on Vista Ultimate 64. Now the OS was a prepackaged with all the latest hotfixes download from a distro site. So ymmv. I find it funny so many people want to cast blame around or get tied...
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    1 Gig vs 2 Gig in XP for Photoshop

    1. find out how the memory in her laptop is currently setup, 1 bank 2 banks whatever. 2. Then either buy 1x2gb sim or 2x1gb simm depending. Don't go halfway max out the memory, if you can go to 2gb do it. Not only will Photoshop thank you but XP as well.
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    30 Days with Vista @ [H]

    I hven't read all of the thread so I'll just relate my experience. After some hardware issues I rebuilt my comp (Q6600, 8800GTS, Xfi Platinum, 2gb Ram, 80gb raptor, 36gb raptor, 2x300gb Maxtors, 1 external 750gb Seagate, 1 USB hub with wireless mouse. I haven't touched Vista or really...
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    So what CANT you do with Vista 64?

    I haven't read all of the thread so I'll just relate my experience. After some hardware issues I rebuilt my comp (Q6600, 8800GTS, Xfi Platinum, 2gb Ram, 80gb raptor, 36gb raptor, 2x300gb Maxtors, 1 external 750gb Seagate, 1 USB hub with wireless mouse. I haven't touched Vista or really...
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    EVGA 8800 GTS Superclocked $263.99

    There isn't a superclocked version of the 640Mb, mister poopypants.
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    EVGA 8800 GTS Superclocked $263.99

    @ MIcro and B/M Considering I just bought it on Saturday for $314 before a $25 rebate after a price match will make it $239 for me. Now thats what I call hottt. Edit: 320Mb
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    The same store I purchased mine from just sent out there monthly sales flier and they've lowered the price again. It's now $299 after $50 instant off and a $50 rebate. I guess I'll be heading over this weekend to get my extra $50. :eek:
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    I was mistaken on Tiger Direct i had seen it at another online store but must have forgotten. Links to the PDF rebates...
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First impressions and pics

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but a few retailers online and off have $50 rebates making it roughly $350. Watchout cause some palces are requiring you to buy a laptop or desktop but Tiger Direct and Micro Center don't. Not too shabby.
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    Trading in my 17" imac and getting a 20" tommorow!

    Yeah, but how many monitors do you have. :p
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    Why is buying HDDs at the same time a good idea?

    On the other hand if they come from different batches you are distributing the odds that drives purchased from the same batch will all have problems to lie more in your favor.