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    Harddrive orientation

    Hi All, I have a weird situation. I have a homemade Freenas Server. It has a drive that is going bad (kept dropping, and only reboot would fix). So I decided to move it to a cooler area, and as a result, turned the tower on its side for better ventilation. However, Once this happened...
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    Copying a laptop directly?

    Hi Guys, Need some technical help on this. Its a particular situation that does not seem to be addressed using google. I work at this company that provides a company laptop. The company laptop is this beast of a 15" dell "laptop". As a company laptop, it is locked down to pretty much...
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    Choices! 27" Monitor Recommendations

    Hi Guys, I am currently living overseas in China, so my monitor choices are limited. But I do have options, so I wanted to ask you guys regarding some monitor choices. I used to have a 27" iMac, no fanboy, but the IPS screen was amazing to me. So for my pc I decided to go 27" as well. I...
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    What do you guys do with your old harddrives?

    I have a home nas running Freenas that is very good. However, I have 1 drive that has been giving me bootup and smart errors for the past month. The pool scrubs fine, and is being reported healthy. If it fails to get detected usually a reboot will work and it will run 3-4 weeks no problem...
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    Opinions on D-Link?

    Hi guys, I am currently shopping for a new router and figured I'd just take the chance to upgrade to 11ac. Previously I had a D-Link DIR-619, it has served me perfectly, and it is actually being put into retirement at my in-laws. So I am sure it will serve them well too. I have no...
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    Apple's Gestures

    So this is really annoying me. I just picked up an air, and the gestures are different than a magic trackpad. I don't mind relearning the gestures, but is there any way for me to have one centralized gesture system? My iMac is still on snow leopard, so I'm not sure if the gestures have...
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    Switching Keyboard Input?

    Hi Guys, I'm an iphone user so this is a little out of my understanding, but I thought someone would know how to do this. My friend has a MyTouch from T-mobile with swype installed. She is chinese and so would like to have the Chinese input like my iphone does. I went into settings...
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    Mac Gamers chime in...

    I am thinking of picking up a keyboard and mouse combo for my 27" imac to play games. I'm not hardcore into gaming, but am getting sick of the magic keyboard that came bundled. The keys are too shallow, and while tactile feedback is great, its hard to find finger positions by feel alone, and i...
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    iPhone 4 IOS update locked my phone....

    So here's my story. I purchased a Canadian Carrier and Contract free iphone 4 way back in july 2010. I changed my mind a week later and decided to switch to a fido subsidized plan. Instead of swapping phones, as there was a sever shortage in Canada, the apple employee just made me sign a...
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    Bad connection to PSN

    I seem to have a bad/unstable connection to PSN or whatever servers they host their game updates on. I have GT5, and previous, smaller updates have been fine for me to download, although sometimes long, but doable. However, the new 1.05 update forces a 600 mb download, and my ps3 tells me...
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    *CANADIANS* Starcraft II Wings of Liberty $54 + Free Ship

    For the few people that are in Canada and didn't pre-order, but still want to save a few bucks. Dell has it for $53.99 and free shipping, so you save $6.... Starcraft II Wings of Libery
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    My New Xbox 360 S

    So I posted that my 360 S had frozen once already in the other thread...and I'm gonna chalk it up to the game that I was playing (Splinter Cell Conviction) and not the system..... Anyways, I was wiping it down today, as it is a giant fingerprint magnet with the piano black finish....I look at...
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    Corsair 520HX vs ATi 4890

    Ok, so I know its kinda pushing it with my 520hx to run a 4890.... and thus I've been running into this problem. During video playback, the system would freeze, video would lock up and i'd have to force reboot. This happens randomly, sometimes I can get through an entire movie and other times...
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    Smoothcreations Broodling Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 ATX Case

    I'm not one for skulls decor, but i admit, this is one sexy case... and like the guy in the comments said...costs a lot of bones too!
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    Odd problem with Gateway 22" LCD

    So I bought a gateway off craigslist for cheap. Its got a hdmi in and pretty generic stuff. However, HDMI doesnt work without something plugged into the dvi port, it doesnt even need to be a source, can be just a bare cable, as long as its plugged in, hdmi works flawlessly, the moment i...
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    PC&P 750 Silencer

    Ran into an odd problem with my roommate's new power supply. We hooked it up, everything boots fine and runs fine, except when hes loaded up a 3d application like crysis, the PSU starts to emit a high pitched whine. Immediately goes away when we shut the game off. As a troubleshooting...
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    Integrating Mac into a windows domain

    Hey, hoping someone would have some insight here. We have a user who wished to change her name. This is normally simply done by changing the active directory entry. However she uses a mac, which....needs some special attention. Note everything was working perfectly before I went to touch...
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    Odd Problem with X-Fi

    I have a MSI motherboard which came with a MSI branded X-Fi sound card. PCIE 1x if that helps narrow it down. Also using Vista x64. So I have sound working, everything is spiffy, but there is only 1 plug for Mic/Line-in, the problem lies in that Vista does not change it into a line in, it...
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    Out of Office Assistant Replacement

    Hey, thought I'd ask around here. My office currently has Out of Office assistant disabled, because there were security issues, enabling it increased our spam mail because all the mailboxes were autoreplying to spam, and thus confirming the authenticity of the email account. It is only...
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    Creative X-Fi + Front Audio

    Got a X-Fi Xtreme audio PCIe 1x card. The manual doesnt help much. Which do I plug in? 1) AC'97 or 2) HD Audio Everything says its HD Audio capable, but I cant find anything that says what the front connectors are supposed to be. ><
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    Lian Li PC-V1200B

    Hey guys, I've been pouring over info and reviews for the past bit, trying to decide on a case. Money really isn't an issue here, so looking over the most popular cases, Cosmos S, Stacker, Antec P182, 900/1200, TJ-07, even the NXZT thingy, I've basically decided on the Lian Li V1200B due to...
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    Laptop Heat Production, wow @ the differnece!

    Backstory: I own a dell xps m1210, which if anyone has any experience has a 7400go discrete videocard, i have upgraded the cpu to a T7200 (2ghz core duo), and to 2gigs of ram. It comes in a 12.1" screen package so it has the footprint of a Letter sized paper. It only has 1x40mm fan in it to...
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    *Canada* Galaxy KFA2 GeForce 9600GT OC $98.88CAD - AR

    NCIX surprise deals. $30 mail-in rebate. Very good card, I think about 90% performance of a 8800gt @ stock? Don't know how the OC version fairs, neither have I owned anything from Galaxy. Must be in preparation for the GTX260 release. Again Ontario users note they only charge 5% tax. 97...
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    Ballistix Temps

    Right now I'm currently on the P35 chip. In preparation for my new set of 2x2gb Ballistix ram, I set everything back to stock and popped them in. I booted them at 4-4-4-12, 800mhz @ 2.2v just like they were rated for. After a couple loops of memtest, I felt the ram and they were burning...
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    Battlefield Bad Company ad

    Stumbled across this while i was bored... did a quick search and I don't think its been posted. It pokes fun at MGS4, I love it when companies have a good sense of humor in their ads (it helps me forget I'm feeding money to EA :( ) Battlefield Bad Company: Snake Eyes
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    *CANADA* XFX 8800GT 512mb $109 AR

    Thought this was pretty hot considering this is still a very good card that can push the latest games out there. Note this is in canadian funds, so that's like what, $300 USD? :p Just kidding haha. It also includes $8 express shipping and Company of Heroes game. Ontario Users note that...
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    Looking for a Creative Idea

    So I own a coolermaster mystic, there is no side window to it. But there used to be an intake tunnel, you know, the plastic thing that tunnels cool air directly ontop of the cpu heatsink. However, it does not fit when I have my aftermarket heatsink on. I also dont want to put a fan in its...
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    OC Check

    OK, recently bought up a system and wanted to run some numbers to make sure nothing sounds out of place to Overclockers. I'm used to an AMD x2 system, so intel is still new ground for me. e6550 2.33ghz stock Foxconn P35A GSkill DDR2-800 4-4-3-5 Anyways, ran it stock for a couple of...
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    Sound Spike

    Got a problem I was wondering if anyone can help out with: I have a set of Logitech X240's, they are plugged into a power bar and into the wall. I also have a mini-fridge for drinks and what not in my room, plugged into the wall, not on the same socket, but most likely on the same fuse as...
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    Canadian Net Rentals?

    I was reading another thread and i was thinking, I might really want to join something like Netflix, but in canada. Anyone got any recommendations? I'd also really like it to have online game rentals ontop of DVD rentals. I was looking at some and the library seems...small and not much new...
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    Video Corruption?

    I opened up my computer to take my harddrive out. After I booted up again. The screen looks like this, anyone got any clues?
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    Ok, so my buddy just sent this to me, don't be scared by all the Japanese, there are english instructions and all of the text is in english. and omg, i couldnt stop laughing. Turn on your sound, the music is priceless.
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    Wonder Bread car in Forza2

    SO....this morning I woke up and decided I was really really bored, and decided to have some fun in Forza Motorsport 2. This car was inspired by my good roommate, who is a much better graphic designer than me. I asked him for ideas and maybe to design a car for me that'll be unique. And...
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    Dell xbox 360 deal

    So I'm considering buying a 360. And from another post I found the dell deal on the xbox 360 with halo3, forza 2, marvel ultimate alliance, and an hdmi cable. Now I was wondering is this the Holiday bundle with halo3 and hdmi cable slapped on or is it an old Premium/Pro System with all of...
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    Canada! WD 500gig SATA2 for $99.99

    Special Surprise Sale at NO REBATES! WOOT. Western Digital SE16 500GB SATA2 7200RPM 16MB Cache 8.9MS NCQ Hard Drive OEM 3YR MFR Warranty Limit 2 per customer. Linkage US customers can order too, but I dont know how well NCIX handles customs. 386 Left according to page.
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    hmm...Vista/xp Dualboot weird problem?

    So yeah, i made a post about the mbr before and that was fixed. However, now I have a really weird problem with the Vista BCD. Basically I have both OS's installed and working fine, xp and vista. BUT my vista BCD seems to screw up my winxp boot path (using EasyBCD), so I get a corrupted...
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    Vista and XP Pro MBR conflict.

    Ok, so heres the background: I have a new dell XPS laptop, came with vista, and I was just too lazy to reformat and look for drivers, and just started using Vista. It worked fine and blah blah blah me and my friend came to the conclusion that debuggin a problem would be so much easier in XP...
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    What is this problem?

    Occurs in both vga and dvi links. I dont have another agp card so I cant use process of elimination. Hoping someone could identify the problem for me =(
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    Suitable compromise? need some suggestions.

    ok, i wont hide it, I'm a consumer whore. I love the latest and greatest and i like it with style. Now heres my problem. 1st laptop, ultra-portable Sony PCG505 with docking. Loved it for its portability (I do long distance traveling a lot) but i was really disappointed with its capabilities...
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    Linksys WRT54GL Troubleshooting

    Hey guys, I just picked up a WRT54GL, apparently its just a repackaged WRT54G v4. Anyways, I set it up everything was good, and i decided to try out some dd-wrt fun. Loaded it up with v23, everything works fine after a reset and its smooth. However, I opened up the wireless settings, put in...