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    Amp + DAC Recommendations For an HD650

    Picked up a Creative Titanium HD and a Sennheiser HD650. The sound is incredible but I'm sure it can sound better. I actually bought a Sennheiser 518 but returned it for the 650's after doing a little more research. My god, the 650 is in another league! What would you recommend to bring out...
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    ICS Official update for Nexus S available

    TMO version at this point
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    Free calls..

    Android phone (Nexus S) w/o a SIM - just wifi. Google Voice + Sipdroid - free inbound and outbound calls. Freaking awesome.
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    No [H] Podcast?

    You guys have to have a hour free every week?
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    OCZ: The Master of SSD (Shady, Suspect, Deceitful)

    Its just getting worse and worse for this craptastic company: 1) Huge losses for AIM investors and a previous profitless revenue ramp. 2) BCInet - an unusual transaction. OCZ...
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    Digital Storm Laptops

    Anyone ever ordered a laptop from Digital Storm? Looking at their x17 and wondering what the quality is like.
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    OCZ using crappy flash chips? As you can see from the screen shot above, this OCZ SSD ordered Wednesday from a major retailer and received yesterday is still advertised as 120GB, yet is actually a 115GB version. Then...
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    AMD Zacate

    Anyone pick up one of the new AMD Zacate based boards? I bought the Asus E35M1 last week and was so impressed by it I replace all 3 media centers in my house with these boards. It has no issues with any MKV rips, plays BD without any problems, and Media Center is completely fluid. The board...
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    Subforum for Mobile Gaming?

    anyone else like to see a subforum created for mobile gaming? iOS, Android, Winphone?
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    Areca RAID 6 Hot Spare

    I have an Areca 1231 ML w/ 9 Hitachi 2TB drives and 1 is a hot spare. All a single RAID 6 array. Now, if a drive dies does the hot spare get automagically added to the RAID set then the volume set? Adding to a RAID set take 24 hours. Can I add it to the RAID set and leave it as a hot spare for...
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    HyperV Guests lose network connection

    I have an ongoing issue with my 2008 R2 server. If I power it down (so its off) and then power it back up, all my VM’s cannot connect to the network. On the host I see that the HyperV NIC shows up in the network connections as a public network and says no internet connection. I have to delete...
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    Crucial 256GB SSD $399, 128GB SSD $199

    Crucial is having a huge sale. Crucial Memory SSD BLOWOUT SALE while supplies last. Just $1.55 per GB!!! -- COUPON CODE 200M225US Crucial M225 SSD 256GB $399 (regularly $599) -- COUPON CODE 100M225US Crucial M225 SSD 128GB $199 (regularly $299) N...
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    Quiet 120mm Case Fan

    The 120mm fan in my case has to go as its making a clicking sound. Put in a Scythe SFF21E fan and even with a Zalman fan speed controller makes a hum. Anyone recommend a 120mm fan that makes no noise when on low? I need hardly any airflow in my HTPC, all that's in it is an Intel SSD, fanless...
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    iTunes Smart Playlist Help

    Anyone know how I can create a smart playlist that does the following: 1. Add music that is rated 2 stars or higher (I know how to do this) 2. Adds all artists that meet the above criteria and start with the letter A 3. End with artists that start with the letter J I can do 1 and 2 easily but...
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    eVGA 780i Loud as Hell Fan

    Is there a solution to the loud ass fan on the 780i motherboard? I'd like to drop it but it has a heat pipe connected to a few different things. Any solutions?
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    PC 8800GT In A New Mac Pro

    Just flashed my EVGA 8800GT SC card with the 8800 GT Mac BIOS and it works great in OS X and Vista 64. Apple wants $399 and I only paid $200! Mac 8800GT BIOS:
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    AMD Dual Core Optimizers and C2D

    Are these needed? IF they were essential I'd think that Intel would come out with their own dual core optimizers drivers.
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    Server 2003 RAID 5 w/ ATA and SATA

    I put together a file server with the following: MB - MSI K8NGM2-NBP Proc - FX55 RAM - 2GB SATA HD's - (2) 400GB (1) 320 for OS ATA HD's - (2) 400GB Obviously these were leftover parts. I've set up Windows Server 2003 to RAID 5 the 2 ATA 400GB drives and 2 SATA 400GB drives. Right...
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    iTunes Artist Links?

    Is there a way to relocate the artist and song links in iTunes? Next to the artist or album there is an arrow that if you click it it goes to the corresponding artist/album in the iTunes store. Is there a way to redirect this to my library instead of the iTunes store?