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    THQ Auction is Over.

    According to sources, Clearlake is out and THQ as we know it ceases to exist. Announcements about what IPs and developers are going where should be announced sometime later today.
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    Nvidia "Project Denver" ARM for Desktop and The Intel and AMD force shield just got dumped by Microsoft. Looking forward to seeing how this...
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    GTX 570 Overclocking

    I was curious as to if anyone has picked up one (or more) of these and has any Overclocking information to share. I received mine yesterday, and I was able to push it to 800/2000 without issue whatsoever. Looks like I'm running at about 75C at load. I'll be messing with it more over the...
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    EVO 2.2 - HTC release rooted with new radios for 4g and 3g. Knock yourselves out. It's apparently a prerelease rom that was pushed to HTCs servers. They've pulled this update. It's a fully working ROM, with all of the goodies. Fully rooted and flash able via clockwork recovery. Tethering is...
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    CyanogenMod 6 for EVO hits RC1 Here you go, enjoy. The ROM is in excellent shape, fast, and fully Froyo. enjoy.
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    HTC EVO - Cyanogen Mod first nightly build released (Froyo) I've been running it most of the day today, and it's a damn solid build. If you want to give Froyo a shot on EVO (with most everything working properly), knock yourself out. It's damn fast.
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    Onlive Release Date and Pricing (June 17th launch) $14.99 a month. Includes no games, rentals and purchases are extra. Service gives you access to gamertags, etc. First 25,000 to sign up get first 3 months free. ($14.99 a month with no content other than demos...
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    2010 : The Year of the Big Ass Pocket It's not a phone, it's not a tablet, it's a Phablet. :)
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    Hello Sprint, here I come. With WebOS and HERO coming, see you later T-Mo.
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    Blood Bowl DD Pre-Order Up Just a FYI. Not sure if there's any interest here or not, but I can tell you, if you like the original GW game, this is a winner. Game is live on June 26th. :)
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    Warhammer Online, Buddy Keys (6)

    I've been pretty successful here with giving away keys, and I'd like to reoffer keys to anyone who's interested. I'm currently sitting on 6 of them, so, if you want to give the new stuff a shot : - Choppas/Slayers - New Keep Upgrades and Token system - Upcoming Land of the Dead RvR...
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    Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) & HD 4770 (RV740) Launch On Apr 6th
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    Vid Card Upgrade (9800 gx2 to ???)

    Typically, I'm not the one to ask these types of questions, I usually go get all of the information myself, however, on this one, I'll defer to the expertise here. My situation : I have a 9800 GX2 which performs ok, however, it's terrible for microstutter , additionally, it's also somewhat...