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    AMD considering breaking GPU and CPU divisions

    A very welcome move indeed: I hope ATI comes back!
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    Is 1.35V vcore safe for 5960X

    I am running a 5960X with an ASUS Rampage 5 Extreme and it can do 4.5 Ghz but needs 1.35V to do so. I have an H105 which does a decent job at cooling the CPU. Is there a threat to the CPU if I keep such a voltage? The CPU can also do 4.44 Ghz at 1.32V which again is slightly above ASUS's...
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    Changing motherboard and trying to avoid reinstalling windows.

    I have windows 8.1 with lots of applications setup and I am planning to upgrade to a 5960X along with a new X99 motherboard. While researching online I found many ways to avoid reinstalling windows. One of them explained that windows has a feature to make itself hardware independent if such...
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    Making this a separate thread as I thought it would be an interesting topic so see what people have had in the last 15 years or so. GPUs that I have owned in a historical order: ATI Rage nVidia MX440 ATI 9000 pro ATI 9800XT ATI X800XT PE nVidia 680 ultra nVidia 7800GTX ATI X1900XTX nVidia...
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    To keep GTX 970 Sli or a single GTX 980

    So on my secondary rig I bought two PnY 970 GTXs [Blower Style]. Recently I came across a good deal for a champion overclocker 980 GTX from a forum member that can do 1500 + on core and 8Ghz on memory. Now I am trying to decide whether to sell the 970s and just keep a single 980 GTX that...
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    295X2 not showing crossfire option in CCC with 14.9 drivers

    So I upgraded one of my systems with the 295X2, installed 14.9 drivers and crossfire option doesn't show up in CCC. I have tried removing the drivers several times and went as far back as 14.4 but no luck. Can anyone help me out so that I can enable the second GPU on the card?
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    980 GTX breaks several overclocking records

    And many people were saying that low power consumption doesn't matter. Reviewers have been seeing an average of 150-200 MHz overclock. The performamce scaling is tremendous. Another Ouch time moment for Kepler and Hawaii...
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    Nvidia's latest DX drivers doing better than Mantle in Star Swarm

    Now this is an interesting piece: I thought Star Swarm was the attraction on Mantle's side. Looks like in the last month or so, NVidia has polished it's drivers to upstage Mantle based on pure performance. May...
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    WTB: BF4 premium key

    Wrong section :/
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    My Sapphire 290 Tri-X with my beloved 780 GTX Ti

    I just got my Sapphire 290 Tri X cards in the mail after an almost month into the order. Just posting some sneak peeks. The cards are humongous and beautiful at the same time. But nothing matches the beauty of my 780 GTx Ti :D
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    Why did AMD introduce a botched solution in the name of 290X

    The chip is great as we all know it but the combined product is not. Why would AMD handicap it's GPU line with the worst performing cooler in the past 10 years? (FX 5800 Ultra comes to mind). And why even have a stupid BIOS switch. If I were paying top dollar for a card then I would expect my...
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    Geforce 780 GTX Ti is a monster overclocker

    So I got my EVGA 780 GTX Ti SC and did some comparisons with my MSI 780 GTX Lightning running at 1306 / 6.5 Ghz. At the default boost clock of 1046 Mhz the card ties out with the heavily overclocked lightning. But things get interesting when you start changing the core and memory offsets. So...
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    Solve my dilemma: Would you upgrade to 780 Ti for 86$ more?

    Long story short, due to a promotion I am getting an EVGA 780 GTX Ti for 86$ more than the money I spent on an MSI 780 GTX lightning, which does 1306 / 6.5Ghz. Earlier I had already purchased a 780 GTX Ti from Amazon but changed my mind (mainly due to the huge price difference). However, this...
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    MSI 780 GTX lightning is awesome

    I recently bought an MSI 780 GTX Lightning from Amazon and I am nothing but amazed at the sheer quality and engineering performed on the card. I did a side by side comparison with my EVGA 780 GTX classified and pretty much the lightning trumps the classified in terms of size, weight, overlocks...
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    Does older Corsair 800D need a Sata 6Gbps back plate?

    I have a three year old Corsair Obsidian 800D. Just browsing online, I saw a kit that corsair sells in order to convert the hot-swappable backplate to Sata 6Gpbs. Now here's the question. According to my understanding the connectors on the 800D are just pass-through components. There is no...
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    Question about LSI SAS 9211-8i

    I am a noob when it comes to raid controllers and have a couple of questions. So I bought an LSI SAS 9211-8i card in order to connect my 840 pro as I wanted to take full advantage of the speed of the ssd. I had a couple of questions: 1) What sort of cables would I need? Are these fine...
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    Audioengine D1 vs. Creative ZX

    Hey guys, I bought a pair of Audioengine A5 premiums and currently have an Asus Xonar D2X that I am looking to replace. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD555 that I use regularly. So there were a couple of considerations. I was looking to buy an AudioEngine D1 to serve both my speakers...
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    650 GTX or HD 7770 for HTPC

    My home theater PC currently has an XFX 5570 with 1 GB of 128-bit GDDR3 memory. Since I haven't followed the deinterlacing capabilities of the current generation of cards, should I be looking to upgrade? If yes, should I look for nvidia's 650GTX or amd's HD 7770? I am asking this purely from...
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    Selling a DoubleSight DS263N H-IPS Monitor with ATW Polarizer - 319$ or best offer

    I have a DoubleSight DS263N 26 inch H-IPS monitor with an ATW Polarizer for sale. It's in a great conditions and well taken care of.
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    Is purchasing a second hand Dell 3007WFP-HC a good decision?

    A guy is selling me a 4 year old Dell 3007-WFP HC for 500$ and he says that there are no dead pixels or discolorations. Is it a good buy? I have a Double Sight D263N IPS panel with an HT Polarizer. I'll need to sell it too and I am not sure what would I get for it these days.
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    OCZ vertex 30 GB not showing under Windows 7 installation

    I recently bought a 30GB OCZ Vertex ssd in order to use as a boot drive on my Media center PC with houses a Gigabyte X38-DQ6 motherboard. I can see the drive's name come up during boot-up but when I start installing Windows 7, the drive's information is no longer there. I don't see any option on...
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    Sticking to Crossfire 5870 or moving to 480GTX

    I have a 5870 and ordered another one to hook them up in crossfire. I have been building a new rig based on intel i7 980x. Side by side I have been playing games on my 5870 which seems to do a decent job. The motivation behind moving to crossfire has been to max out the AA && AF at 1920 x 1200...
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    Doom 4 expectations

    Doom 4's production began in May, 2008. It's been a year and we haven't really seen any concepts yet. Doom 1 and 2 are my childhood games and I thought Doom3 was just fine. I am having high expectations of Doom 4 which is supposed to be John Carmack's last big effort, as he has been...
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    Best ATI AGP card for an HTPC?

    I am looking to add a decent AGP card into my HTPC. My primary usage would be to watch movies which is why I prefer Avivo as opposed to purevideo. So I need suggestions for an appropriate upgrade!
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    Difference between Zalman 850 and 1000W PSUs

    I was going through the reviews of both power supplies and there seemed to be no apparent difference in terms of the capacitors used and their respective ratings. The only difference I could see was on the power supply label itself whereby the ZM1000 proclaims to have it's V3 and V4 rail @ 26...
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    Tagan BZ700W Power Supply

    I just won a Tagan bz700W at NVision and I am planning to keep the power supply. While searching over the internet, for the maximum temperature rating that the power supply can support, I didn't come across any credible information. Is this power supply good? And what is the maximum rated...
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    Old memories but a great Doom3 Mod

    I remember this thread as being one of my favorites back in the day. Am ingenious Doom3 mod on an Antec Lan Party case. Is anyone planning to do a mod based on famous games? I'd love to follow it!
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    Using a 5:6 cpu to ram divider

    I am overclocking my Q9450 on a Gigabyte X38-DQ6 using OCZ's 2x2gb ddr2 PC8000 platinum rams. My CPU seems to have reached it's limit at 3.4 and the motherboard doesn't seem to cross an FSB more than 1800Mhz. So the only way I could run my memory at 1Ghz was to use a 5:6 divider, I tested the...
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    Corsair HX520 giving alarm like sounds with GTX 280

    I have an overclocked Q9450 and a GTX 280. Whenever I am playing a game I get a lot of squealing from the power supply. However, I have run all the benchmarks and played long sessions of games and there hasn't been any restart or any other problems. I have had this PSU for around 7 months now...
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    Good Fan for Xigmatek S-1283

    I have a Q9450 and I just ordered a Xigmatek S-1283. Currently I am using a Lian Li A05b case which has an intake from the back. So I was looking to buy two 120mm case fans and one 120mm fan for the S-1283 itself. Can any one recommend me two good fans for the case and one for the cooler...
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    Do we need a receipt to claim Evga's warranty

    I was wondering whether we required an original receipt to claim Evga's warranty for a 9800GX2. I haven't registered the card yet but I misplaced the receipt in all the excitement :/
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    Decent CPU with a 9800GX2?

    I have an E6300 nicely overclocked to 3.1Ghz along with 4GB of ddr2 900 memory. My question is that is it sufficient to play games at 1920x1200 using a 9800GX2. Would I experience any cpu bottleneck considering that I am running dual 9800's essentially.
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    Best heat sink for overclocking?

    I am looking to buy a new heat sink that lies within 50$ and does the job of keeping my E6850's temperatures under control.
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    Best aircooling solution (Case fans etc..)?

    I have a Lian Li A-05 which has an unusual airflow. The air is taken from the back of the case and exhausted from the front, I want to use really fast and at the same time quiet fans that could draw a lot of air in and discharge hot air quickly. What would be best way to go? PS: My casing lies...
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    Mainstream Penryn launch nearing

    Mainstream Penryn quad cores are going to launch in a few days. I have kept myself from buying the Q6600 for quite a long time, seems like this should be a good time to strike.
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    X-Fi platinum sounds too shrill

    I have an nVidia 650i based system and the X-Fi sounds too shrill, I noticed that one of the capacitors was burnt, could that possibly be the reason? Otherwise the card plays everything fine!!
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    Nforce 6 owners with X-Fi sound cards

    I'll be installing a X-Fi platinum sound card on an NVidia 650i based motherboard, will I experience any popping or crackling sounds while gaming? I have read about the issue on creative forums and they seemed to be with the nforce 4 but not sure if they happen with the current generation too..
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    Best keyboard under 25$?

    I am looking for a USB keyboard with decent multimedia features. Which one is the most recommended under the 25$ range?
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    Question about Playing CS Source on Dell 2707 via D-Sub

    Hey guys, I am planning on buying a Dell 2707FPW and I have a Dell vostro1700 laptop with a D-sub connection only. First of all I wanted to know that would the image quality look good over my existing 17inch laptop LCD and secondly, as my 8600M Gt isnt likely to run at native resolution of the...
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    Want a new gaming PC within 1000$

    I have a maximum budget of 1000$ and want an 8800GT to fit into it. Can't go over it, even slightly, as it would effect my reserves that I plan to maintain for the holiday season coming ahead. Please help me out with suggestions about what to get!!