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    Quake 2 Ray Traced.

    Posted this in another thread but didn't see it anywhere else. Sorry if its a repost. Would be pretty awesome if RTX could do this for modern games :)
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    Alternatives to the Phanteks Enthoo Pro / Corsair 600Q

    I need to replace my my current case and would love an updated version of it but Antec has not really done anything like it so I am going to have to look elsewhere as my AX1200 will not fit in there (Antec mirrored stainless steel, looks great but not so well designed) I have a few must have...
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    anyone know or use a DIYPC Skyline-07-R ??

    I doubt its the best case in the world given its price but it seems to be a pretty high value option. For what its worth the newegg reviews are not bad. I have out grown my stainless steel antec (my AX1200 will not fit) and need a replacement. for 80bucks shipped this seems pretty hard to beat...
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    390x help.

    just the short of it. bought a 390x XFX. replaced 5950 with it. uninstalled everything and loaded new card and driver. now have black boarders on both sides of the screen. refresh rate is still 60, identifies monitor correctly (hanspree 28"), and all setting seem fine. (it does say the reported...
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    Intel Pentium G3258 + AsRock H97M Pro4 mATX Motherboard for $96 + Shipping @ NewEgg Props to slickdeals for this...
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    WHY did AMD decide to kill the FX branding with bulldozer?

    title say it all really I can see not having a choice and putting your crappy product on the market but really, who decided it was in the companies best interest to tarnish (hell vandalize would be a better description) on of their few remaining brand strengths? someone had to think this was...
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    Video cards keep going bad issue

    Video cards keep going bad issue ok, new build with some used parts (but all known to be good.) System specs in sig. Here is the history. My video card (XFX 5870) was originally prone to the GSOD. RMA it and it was sent back. Issue persisted but I suspected my mother board wasn't the best...
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    PSU deals pretty warm

    I just bought one of each of the bellow ( my supply was low) antec basicq 350 for 15AR Corsair 430CX for 19 AR
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    Corsair A70 CPU heatsink 32 AR free shipping at the egg just installed mine. pretty awesome. edit. given the way mine was packaged this is the much better deal below thanks XacTactX I was not happy at all with the way my order was packaged. it was only a 300 dollar order but...
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    PowerTune test, interesting read Ok before ANYONE bitches it is from charlie so its a glowing AMD review. but he does test this out in a neat way so if you can get past it being from Charlie its a good read.
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    24" AOC 2436Vw Widescreen LCD Monitor for $130 cheap monitor but at 130 this is still and nice present. :D
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    6900 rumors from charlie. mix of good and bad?

    from here well I think that we can write TSMC off as a cause if this is true. we can also hope that the we will have plenty of the 6970. the value cards maybe not so much.
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    460GTX SE (288sp version) is this to compete with the 5770? just read this. I don't get this card at all. it can't be cheap to make unless yields have been that bad? and given that you can get a 5770 for around a hundred bucks right now what...
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    warm to hot ? 36 dollar 4x BD ROM @ newegg with code

    in for one. should be fine for simple movies. has ASUS 4X BD-ROM SATA Internal Blu-ray Drive for $39.99 - 10% code BTEZZZS28 = $35.99 with free...
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    EVGA 768mb 9600 GSO (48sp version) $25 AR $30 not bad at all. a 4350 runs this much. if nothing else a good backup card I got this from YamahaAlex37
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    Bang for the buck at 120gb or 128gb, and compression

    Ok I was looking very hard at this 120gb corsair drive but is there better? I am looking for a good balance between speed, price, and storage. after messing around and considering compression I think I can be happy with a 120gb C...
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    anandtech review 580GTX vs 5970, 6870 Xfire and 470GTX SLI setups its all canned benchmarks but for those of you wondering where the 5970 (priced the same as the 580GTX now) and 470GTX SLI / 460GTX SLI it covers it pretty good. also included is the 6870 crossfire with some 6850 and 460GTX results as...
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    ubuntu 10.10 intall bug?

    Ok, I am stumped. I had 10.04 AMD64 installed and running on my system (in sig) but even from the live cd 10.10 AMD64 will not boot, going no further then initial screen (just before the boot menu). It goes to a blinking cruiser in the top left of my screen then the monitor goes off after a...
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    HIS 5770 $110 AR 20, warm

    I would have said this is hot but with the 460GTX 768mb for 140 its only warm. Still anyone wanting to crossfire their 5770 its a pretty good deal. need to use the code for the extra 10 bucks guess this has been going for a couple of days so not sure how long its good for Slickdeals link...
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    Barts to be 6700 or 6800?

    Ok, now Charlie is doing it. surely some kind of creditable source has this by now. we are 10 days from launch. I have to say they have done better at keeping this launch tight then the 4800 or 5800 series...
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    hardware video transcode on sandy bridge?

    If this should go somewhere please move it. Just read about this at SA. As its a pretty obvious anti Nvidia article I was hoping someone somewhere else may have heard about it? it seems a bit far fetched to me just to Intel to implement it given how valuable die space is. then again it would...
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    warm 5830 for 155 AR15 newegg has HIS Radeon HD 5830 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express Video Card w/ Eyefinity for $200 - $30 code VGA161327 - $15 rebate = $155 with free shipping. Next lowest on Google Products is $220. Thanks noipv4...
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    interesting HC article about Maffia II nvidia spec enhancements a good read. on one hand I am impressed with some of the features and eyecandy. On the other hand a great big WTF for choices made here. Not sure what to make of...
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    Looking for a mouse recommendation

    Looking for a mouse recommendation . first I like high rez, high precision, high sampling second is build quality, no junk tertiary is simplicity. I just don't need the extra buttons and functions. I don't mind a few but having twenty different buttons is just distracting fourth is value...
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    EVO 3gp video question.

    this may be dumb but when I play back the video from my EVO (720p) on a computer I can not get audio. this is frustrating to say the least and I am feeling dumb here. I am sure that my codecs are up to date and such. is anyone else having this issue?
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    please help with odd monitor issue

    I have a Hannspree 28" wide screen HF289H monitor and up til now I have loved it. but now the volume control for the monitor (why it has a speaker I don't know) keeps popping up and nothing I have done is able to stop it. I am at my wits end here and searching has not brought up anything useful...
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    Passive cooled HD 4550 512MB for 20 bucks AR of 20 with free shipping credit to slickdeals for the heads up
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    a reasonable fix for a 5870 that was GSD? is there another alternatives?

    just installed a bios that the XFX tech people sent to me to address my card doing the gray screen of death. it seems to be working but I am a little put out with their solution to the issue. first it raises the default GPU clock to 900 (25mh over) but then it decreased the memory clock form the...
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    warm: Logitech G500 gaming mouse $36 AR of $20

    newegg deal is dead, amazon on is still good rebate form
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    gray screen of death issues

    why I am having the issues again I don't know. I thought I was done then the issues came back. mostly in DX9 or DX10 games. I have tried several driver installs, two different bios updates all to no avail. should I try RMA ing my card ? card is sig
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    help with 5870 issues

    not sure what the issues actually are so this is somewhat difficult. system spec below. with everything stock speeds. using 10.3a drivers pre firmware update crashed in open GL fur mark. crashed in DMC4 performance test. intermittent during play. cyrsis kinda choppy at max. occasional crash...
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    revisited, 5850 vs 5870 value wise with overclocking

    let me try this again without screwing it up :o Ok I have a upgrade bug that is making me itch and would like some opinions to sway me to either boaster my resolve or just buy the damn thing already. first off my system is in my sig except I am currently running a 3870X2 instead of my...
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    second take

    delete me please
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    Shattered Horizon is free to play, 50% off this weekend

    posted @ BSN not sure if its an article or an ad. either way I think I will try it.
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    BSN flamebait thread, ATI vs Nvidia (Warning: Fanbios at war) Suppose to be 29 questions from the AMD "community" that they are sending to Nvidia to answer. A few of them are good, some dumb, all just asking for a flame war. I'm guessing they need...
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    BSN nVidia GF100 Fermi silicon cost analysis, more positive then before interesting if it pans out
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    Dual GF100 boards? (warning, its from Fudzillia) how? a single card is reported at 280watts, and they are still planing a dual card ? They either know something we don't or they are in denial here.
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    what are brands worth? (XFX vs Asus)

    I am looking at getting a 5850 for the time being but came up to a snag. I almost always recommend XFX for the customer service and warranty. but upon looking at the cards the XFX was 60 dollars more then the Asus.(or 1.2 times the cost) and Asus is a decent brand. that makes it a little hard to...
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    fud rumor that the 5870M is going to be a 5770?

    Just read it on fud so I am taking it with a grain of salt but this bugs me if true. one of the things I like about ATI is a reasonable naming system. (read not blatantly deceptive) This kinda kills that perception if true. I might be nit picking...
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    simple 8pin to 4 pin power addapter?

    does anyone make just an adapter or at least a SHORT cable?