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    New WHQL 331.58 Driver - Batman AO & BF4 Ready
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    BenQ EW2440L / EW2740L - Flicker Free for North America

    Looks like BenQ is bringing their flicker free tech (Pulse Width Modulation free) to new monitors in North America under the EW line. You will recall they just launched the new BenQ GW2760HS with the tech and many were disappointed it was only made available in Europe and Asia. Enter the...
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    Nvidia and Ubisoft partner to please PC gamers

    No doubt this is in response to the AMD/EA partnership. Have to admit, Ubisoft has more games I'm interested in at the moment. More info:
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    326.41 Official Beta Download Available

    Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 32-bit: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 64-bit: Windows XP 32-bit: Windows XP 64-bit...
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    Injustice GOTY Coming to PC in November

    So says
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    EVGA Dark (New X79)

    X79 still strong. Looks pretty sweet. Retail comes in July.
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    All Frostbite 3 Titles From EA to Ship Optimized Exclusively for AMD
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    M$ Cancels One-on-One Press Interviews and Post-E3 Roundtables

    The news is a buzz on journalist's twitters and the Gaf, most likely soon on news sites. M$ is obviously running scared. They are blaming scheduling conflicts...
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    PCIE 3.0 vs 2.0 GTX Titan

    I was curious to see if enabling PCIE 3.0 on my Titan would have any benefits. I didn't expect to see any really, but was surprised. Full specs in sig. Futuremark "Fire Strike": PCIE 3.0 Test 1: 53.8 FPS Test 2: 43.1 FPS PCIE 2.0 Test 1: 53.1 FPS Test 2: 42.7 FPS Not very...
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    Samsung S27C750P (WVA Panel)

    I am picking this up today. Not a lot out there yet about this new 2013 monitor, except for a TrustedReviews score of 8/10. I shall report back my experience with it. Until then, specs and pics:
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    S27B970D Owners Request

    Can you please post pictures of your monitor on with an all black image. I'd like to see black quality and any potential bleeding issues with this monitor.
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    nVidia 314.21 Beta Drivers (Tomb Raider)

    Page is up, but download links not quite ready (Update: download links working!) (64bit) (32bit) With my system below, my min FPS...
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    Geforce GTX Titan - First Pics & True Specs

    Very 690 looking. Core Count – 2688 Cudas Memory – 6 GB GDDR5 Interface – 384-bit Core Clock – 837 MHz Boost Clock – 876 MHz Power Interface – 6+8 Pin 40-45% faster than a single 680. $999 MSRP. Started a new thread so we can get away from all the other...
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    Question about power requirement

    I am wondering about my rig and its power supply. Admittedly I have never quite placed much importance on the power supply I have. Currently I have the first release of the Corsair TX750. From what I know it is Bronze certified. What would the (symptoms?) be if the power supply was not quite up...
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    Really Weird Issue with My Z77 Sabertooth

    For some reason this just started happening and I can't find out whats going on to resolve it. I have my system overclocked to 4.6Ghz (complete specs in sig). But for some reason even though I have my By All Cores set at 45, my system is reporting I am set at 48 according to CPU-Z and it is...
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    OCZ Vertex 2 to Samsung 840 Pro

    Looking to upgrade the size of my 120GB OCZ Vertex 2. Hearing a lot about the new Samsung SSDs. Would going to the Samsung 840 Pro be a big jump?
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    Tip for nVidia users using HDMI and getting accurate color format

    This is only for nVidia users who are using HDMI on their display. If you're display supports Full RGB, which most do, you may notice you aren't getting the right colors and the blacks don't seem so black and the whites don't seem so white. This is because despite under Display->Adjust...
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    ASUS Says "most [Ivy] samples to achieve 4.3-4.5GHz with air and water cooling"

    From their UEFI OC Tuning article: "Most of the information pertaining to overclocking Sandy Bridge CPUs has already been well documented on the internet. For those of you purchasing retail Ivy Bridge CPUs, we expect most samples to achieve 4.3-4.5GHz with air and water cooling. Higher...
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    New Build Parts Have Arrived

    Let the build begin :cool: In the photo: i7-2600k ASUS Z77 Sabertooth G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 16GB @ 1600MHz Corsair Hydro Series H60 Pizza ;) Aiming for at least 4.8Ghz on the CPU. Pushing for 5Ghz. :)