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    Soyo 24" WS LCD

    I got one of these as a late Christmas gift the other day and I was just wondering if anyone else out there was using one as well. I've only had it a few days, but so far I'm extremely happy with the display, its nice and bright with clean and clear text and graphics with no ghosting while...
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    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 ClubIT Price: $295.00*

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.40GHz 8MB L2 LGA 775 Processor Retail BX80562Q6600 Manufacture Part# BX80562Q6600 ClubIT Part # CA1938452 In Stock: Yes Retail Price: $598.99 ClubIT Price: $295.00* You Save 51% ($303.99) Free FedEx Ground Shipping...
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    Swiftech MCR-320 "Quiet Power" series Radiator

    "The MCR320-QP (Quiet Power) series are extreme-duty liquid-to-air heat exchangers designed to be used with three 120mm fans, and specifically engineered for high-end liquid cooled Personal Computers. They are the result of months of research and development focused on optimizing thermal...
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    The MCW60™ VGA waterblock

    "The MCW60™ VGA waterblock is a next generation liquid cooling solution for high-end graphics processors. It evolves from the award winning MCW55 by receiving the same base plate technology as the Apogee water-block for enhanced heat dissipation, and a redesigned injection molded housing for...
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    Swiftech Apogee Review.

    This should get it's own thread I think. The review is up at System Cooling. Comments please.
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    Mixing pumps?????????

    I've got a few extra D4 pumps laying around and I've been thinking about running one in series along with my MCP655. I know it'll run a little louder, but my D4 runs fairly quiet, but what I'm wondering is if this is a good idea or should the pumps be of the same make and model??????? All the...
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    Thermochill PA120.3

    OK, I've got a question that I think only Cather can answer, or maybe not............... :eek: My UFO U2 case supports a Thermochill HE 120.3 native. IE; zero mods, direct bolt-on. Now my question is, will the new PA120.3 also fit the same??????? What I mean by this is the fan spacing the...
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    1A-Cooling is now in the US

    I don't know if you all remember me talking about 1A-cooling or not, but they are a German water cooling company making some of the higher performing low flow kits. Not as pretty as some, but the performance is right up there with Alphacool and they are alot cheaper. They have some pretty cool...
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    TT Tide Water Re-Visited

    Seems like the TT Tide Water cools well on mid rang vide cards that OEM's are offering it as a standard cooler on some of their cards. "X800GT Extreme: PowerColor X800 GT Xtreme Edition is the new generation of the award winning PowerColor X800 GT graphics card, based on R480 core technology...
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    The new Swiftech MCW55™ VGA Water-blocks

    Swiftech has released their new GPU block today, externally it looks pretty much the same as the old block, but internally is lots different........ :D The MCW55 waterblock...
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    EK-NF4 for nForce 4 mother boards

    Saw the link to these NB water blocks for NF4 boards today over at my main site. They aren't here in the US yet, but we're going to try and get some for the different NF4 boards for review I hope. A big plus for these blocks is they support 1/2 barbs for all for us with high flow systems, and...
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    Big Bore or not????

    I just started running some stress test on my latest mod to my water cooling system. I call this my monster rig with dual Weapon heater cores and shrouds. The heater cores have 5/8 barbs so it shouldn't restrict flow a lot (I hope). I'm still planning on adding a second D4 pump in the future if...
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    I posted some pics up in the gallery the other day, but thought I post some here to see what comments and suggestions I could get from all the pros here. This is only my second water cooling system I've had, the first being a Corsair Hydrocool............... :eek: I built the system external...