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    8800 GTS Overclock

    Well, with one day left for step-up, I decided to trade in my eVGA 7900 GTO for an 8800 GTS. I'm really impressed so far...this card overclocks like a monster!! I have it at 660/2000 (stock is 500/1600) with no sweat! Along with a very modest overclock on my CPU, this thing is cruisin'!! I'm...
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    Antec or Enermax?

    I currently have an Enermax (only a few months old) Noisetaker II EG495P-VE 485W in my gaming system. Recently (Outpost) had an Antec NEO HE 550 on sale for $70 shipped, I couldn't pass up the deal, so I bought one. I'm trying to decide which would be the better for my system. I...
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    HOT Antec NeoHE 550 for $69.99 shipped! NO REBATES

    Just picked me up one of these! ($115 shipped at newegg)
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    Just got back from Mexico...(warning pics)

    We went on a company (all expense paid) convention/vacation to Cancun for a week. The resort was all inclusive (all food (it had 11 restaurants), alchohol, mini bar and tips were included). Here are a few pics... I've never had so much fun/food/drinks in my...
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    MP3 Player

    Anyone have experience or an opinion on this player? Or have a better choice to a 1-2GB player in the sub $150 range? I have a thread going in the Apple forum...been looking at iPods...but for the price, this looks like a nice...
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    Which iPOD?

    iPOD Nano @ 2GB or Ipod Mini @ 4GB I'm, not real familiar with the only advantage to the Nano it's size?
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    From Test System to Gaming System

    I've decided to use my test system also as a dedicated gaming system... System Specs. (items in bold are new) Intel P4 630 (3.0GHz, 2MB L2) EM64T CPU SKT775 Asus P5GL-MX PCI-e eVGA 256MB 7800GT (NEW) 1GB (2x512) Corsair VS in Dual Channel FSP AX450-PN 450W PSU (dual12v rails, 36A 12V...
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    Wireless Cable TV

    We are getting an under counter tv for our kitchen. The logistics of running coax to it are pretty much impossible. Anyone know of a (cheap) wireless solution to get a tv signal (coax or RCA) to it? Thanks.
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    mwave $9 case again

    Looks like a better says Aluminum in one of the descriptions, but I don't think it is. Got mine on the's the link. It was $19 shipped.
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    PCI-e card

    I've been resisting the urge to put one in my test system: Intel P4 630 (3.0GHz, 2MB L2) EM64T CPU SKT775 Asus P5GL-MX PCI-e 1GB (2x512) Corsair VS in Dual Channel Hitachi 80GB SATA HDD 16X DL DVD+RW Fortron AX450-PN 450w PSU I'm using onboard video for now (yuck)...but my main plan...
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    Anything wrong with this PSU? It seems kind of weird to get an FSP dual 12v (18v+18v) 450w PSU for $50...anything wrong with it or is this just a great deal?
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    How important...

    Is matching model/manuf. when making a raid 0 array? I have an Hitachi SATA 80GB HDD, but I can't find a matching (exact model) drive. Would any drive do (knowing I need to match the size), or should I try to stick at lest with the same brand? Thanks.
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    Have a Dell coupon

    They sent me this in the mail...I won't use it. $25 off Electronics or Accessories purchase of $150+. If you need it, use it. VC$DL1SBT2Q84X
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    Joined teh x-ranks

    A few weeks ago, a co-worker's X-box was giving him problems...wouldn't read any discs. He picked up a new one, so I gave him $50 for it (figured I could at least get the hdd out of it...just something to mess around with)...I also got the controller and Madden 2k4. I was bored today, so I...
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    screen gone wack...

    I have a Dell Latitude CPx. It was working fine, I tried to put another SO-DIMM into it but it wasn't compatible. I took it back out and when I restarted the laptop the display is kind of moved up and to the left on the screen. It kind of does a weird blink/flash and overlaps itself. I hooked it...
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    200GB PATA HDD $79.99 no rebates...

    At $.40 a gig...not bad. Allthough I've had a bad experience with fry's outpost, I think I'll give them another shot and order one of these. EDIT>>> I just noticed it's the 1 year warranty drives...have to ponder...
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    Anybody remember playing this one? I just picked it up for my GBA-SP... I played the hell out of it in the arcade back in the day...then got it for the NES and played the crap out of it again. I saw it for the GBA and had to snag it up! I also picked up Donkey Kong...classic Nintendo...
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    Newegg is making me nervous...

    I purchase 99% of parts/supplies for my business from Newegg. They kick ass and their service is the best. However, lately the sheer number of mail-in-rebates on their site are beginning to worry me. They are also listing them in the AFTER MIR price. I doubt it will happen (and I hope...
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    Broken Xbox...mod??

    A friend of mine has a broken day it just decided to give him disc errors and cleaning, etc. doesn't help. So I'm buying it from him for $50. I'm going to try a new optical drive first (to see if it gets it working), but I'm thinking more along the lines of modding it. I am...
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    .99¢ USB Printer/Peripheral cables @ Newegg

    I've had to order 3 printers for customers in the last few weeks...and most don't come with interface cables anymore. So I was looking for one and came accross this Buy 10 or more and they are .99¢ with free shipping...can't...
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    Upgrading Test b0x...

    I can't decide which way to go. I'm die hard, pro AMD...but I think the P4 with HT also has merit. Here is what I am looking at. AMD MSI RS480M2-IL Socket 939 ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Micro ATX - Retail AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Socket 939 - Retail Total = $240.98...
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    Nice deal on PCP&C 360w

    This should probably go in Hot Deals...but I think it will be appreciated here more. ULTRA-QUIET PSU: SILENCER® 360 ATX 21A on the 12V rail, plus you can't go wrong with the brand...on sale right now for $58.50...shipping...
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    External HDD

    A few weeks ago I picked up a Western Digital USB2.0 80GB external drive. It has a 2MB cache drive in it. Would switching it out with a special edition WD with 8MB of cache make any difference? Or is it limited by the bus speed?
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    Custom Case Badges

    Not sure if this is the right place for this... I want to get some case badges made up with my company name on them for the systems I build. Anyone know of a reliable place online to get some made?
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    Socket 478 mobo & P4 2.53 CPU $169

    Shuttle AV49PN Socket 478 ATX MB & Intel P4 2.53GHz CPU $169.00 Not a bad deal...put together something similar at Newegg and it was about $200 (CPU alone was $145). Shipping is about $8.
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    Just Purchased...

    The most stuff I've ever bought at one time... (3) Intel P4 3.0GHz 530J's (1) AthlonXP Barton 3000+ 333 FSB (2) AthlonXP Barton 3200+ 400 FSB (3) GIGABYTE GA-8IP775-G skt775 mobo's (4) 1GB (2x512) PC-3200 Corsair Value Select (1) 512MB TwinMOS PC-2700 (3) CHAINTECH Geforce 6600 256MB...
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    Need 3 PSU's

    I looked through the stickies and couldn't quite find the answer I needed. I am building 3 systems: 3GHz P4 (probably socket775, AGP and NO overclocking) 1GB PC3200 AGP nvidia 6600 (non GT) (1) 120GB SATA HDD CD-RW Floppy (2) 80MM Case Fans The budget on the PSU is $45 (MAX)...
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    80GB Maxtor/CompUSA HDD $39.99 no rebates

    Maxtor/CompUSA 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache $94.99 -$55 Instant Savings = $39.99 Not too bad, it's PATA...would be good for a spare drive, Linux or Folding box...
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    Rosewill 9800 pro $129.99 shipped! 128MB model...awesome deal for a 9800 pro.
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    Coolermaster 450w extreme power Was going to pick one up while they're on sale...anybody have one? Or have an opinion on the PSU?
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    Online Retailer List

    I did a search and couldn't find a similar thread... As we all know, Newegg rules! However, competition is what drives down prices :) Post your RELIABLE Online Retailers here. Reliable as in, "Yes, I have purchased from them and didn't get screwed" ;) Here are a few to get things...
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    Budget card, Sapphire 9600 pro 128MB, $82 shipped

    Great budget card here...$82 is a great proce point for the performance.
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    Leadtek 6800GT AGP 256MB $309 Shipped

    Holy crap what an awesome deal, no rebates...this is what I paid for my eVGA 6800NU last summer :(
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    .99¢ 80mm fans @ Newegg

    I know this deal has been floating around...used to be Speeze fans. Now it's Masscool Great fans...wires are sleeved and it has both molex and 3pin connectors. Buy 15 or more and they are .99 a piece and free...
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    My Growing Nvidia "Collection"

    I've bought a few used cards over the last couple months. I just realized every video card I have now (since I got rid of my 9500 pro and Radeon 7000) is nvidia based. I have the following cards (slowest to the fastest): Diamond Viper V770 32MB (TNT2) Elsa Synergy Force 32MB (Geforce...
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    Firefox mod

    Check this out at IP works...pages load up hella faster...this kicks ass :D
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    I went to Officemax to pick up a chair mat for my computer chair...and they had their clearance table out. I saw an 80MB WD External HDD sitting there. It didn't have a price on it, so I asked the guy to scan it. It came up $29.00 :eek: He said, "Holy crap...I wish I would have checked...
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    Radeon 9800 Pro $159 shipped

    New Powercolor Radeon 9800 Pro $159 Shipped...nice deal.
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    New NEC ND-3500AG = BS

    I picked up this DVD-Burner because it seems to get great reviews. So far I'm pretty pissed off with it. I've tried several different firmwares, but I'm still having burning problems with it. It won't burn CD-R's (Memorex or Fuji) over 32X (drive is rated at 48X) using Nero. It won't...