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    Disable a sensor?

    Anyone here know if it is possible to disable the sensor for temperatures in socket1 on a SM H8QGi-F motherboard? The problem is that the sensor alerts high temperature, but the chip is still cool and nice when I feel it with my hand. It is this mobo...
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    My system is running in low-graphics mode

    After a reinstallation my system is running in low-graphics mode. I had to do the reinstallation because the system start to hung often. I tried to reinstall the Ubuntu desktop with: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop sudo reboot As you understand, I can log on to the system...
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    INTEL XEON E5 2695 4650 V2 IVB-E 12 CORE 2.3-2.8Ghz B1 stepping

    Which motherboard is supporting INTEL XEON E5 2695 4650 V2 IVB-E 12 CORE 2.3-2.8GHz B1 stepping?
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    8P with Xeon E7-8870

    I got a quote on a rig with 8P Xeon E7-8870 chipper I have trouble saying no to. How much PPD is it likely that such server can manage?
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    Epiphany processor with 64 cores.

    Is this some thing we could use for folding?$99_supercomputer_boards.html
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    P8104 is coming down!

    Then I got my first P8104 on the 4P 3.0GHz 6276 rig, TPF is 6:53 with a PPD of 635K which almost the same as the 8103 on my 6276 with TPF on 9:05 give, so this looks good so far.
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    4 x E7-4870 is folding on 32 cores only?

    Is there any logical reason that 4 x E7-4870 in a Dell R810 server only folds in 32 cores? The command given is "-smp 80 -bigadv -verbosity 9" OS is Ubuntu 11.10. If the kernel have to be (re)compiled, what is the command for doing the compiling? Under Windows it can fold at all cores, but...
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    Can Ubuntu installations freely move between platforms / sockets / cores / treads?

    I accidentally put an Ubuntu 11.10 disk that was set up for an i7 2600K machine in a G34 rig, and it booted perfectly normal without a single error. Since langouste also was installed the installation signed it on f@h and brought down a new WU and started folding as normal. Is it true that...
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    How good is a 8P Xeon E7-8870 rig compare to 4P Xeon E5-4650?

    I am thinking of building a 8P folding rig, so the question is, how good is a 8P Xeon E7-8870 rig compare to 4P Xeon E5-4650? I can have the 8 x Xeon E7-8870 chips for $4800, and the rest for $7500 ~ all together $12000, but is it worth it compare to 2 x 4P Xeon E5-4650 rigs that is cheaper...
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    I have some problems with my new Xeon 4P rig, need some help?

    I have some problems with my new Xeon 4P rig. Mobo is SMX9QRi-F+ and 4 x E5 4650 ES C1 stepping QBEC, and they are all recognized and working perfect in socket1 and socket2. I have tried with 16 x 4G of this memory...
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    New projects.

    Message deleted
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    All my G34 servers have problems uploading 8101 WUs

    All my 3 G34 servers have problems uploading 8101 WUs. Before, 3 - 4 days ago, it took about 5 - 10 minutes, but now it takes 1 hour and fully up to 2 hours. I have a reasonably fast line at 12.5Mbit upload, so I wonder where the problem may lie. It does not matter if the server has langouste...