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  1. J

    Hot: LG G2 (verizon/att) $200 off-contract

    verizon : AT&T : Normally over $500
  2. J

    Madden 25 PS3

    I listed my copy of Madden 25 on ebay with no reserve or anything since I didn't see much interest on FS/T here. I just wanted the NFL sunday ticket (I'm terrible at madden games) so get a cheap copy if you want it...
  3. J

    Corsair K60 Keyboard $83

    ***********DEAD***************** Amazon has the K60 keyboard for $82.99 with free shipping (prime at least). I'd been waiting for this keyboard to drop from the $95-110 it had been fluctuating between for a while now so I just bought this. Newegg has the same price but something like $8...
  4. J

    android vs iphone

    I have an iphone 3g now, and i'm debating whether I should get the new iphone when it comes out (likely next month) or switch to verizon and get an android device. I love my iphone, it has lots of games and other applications that I'm very happy with, but there is no 3g in my area, and i don't...
  5. J

    street fighter tournament edition stick round 2 sale

    This is from go - is that banned from hardocp or something? Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition : Round 2 sticks for $99.99 + $11 shipping I just bit on a ps3 stick for $111 shipped, a good $20-40 off normal price...
  6. J

    Asus Rampage 3 Extreme pictures

    Looks really awesome, based on looks alone. Crooked-wayz heatsinks are cool lookin.
  7. J

    Displayport 1.2, daisy chain monitors This could be awesome, i've never heard of anything like it before so let me know if it's old but if the new ati card with 6 display port connectors supports this new standard, i'm excited to...
  8. J

    Alienware M11x near netbook size gaming laptop Sounds like a pretty sweet machine for under $1k. I haven't been paying attention to laptop prices and speeds lately so I can't say for sure about whether or not the price is good. "It's got an 11.6-inch display, NVIDIA GT335M...
  9. J

    iphone / ipod touch gaming headphones?

    I have Sennheiser PMX200 headphones right now. The plug that you put into the ipod comes straight out and is pretty long. I was looking for something with a really small elbow or something, or like a U shape to it. When i'm holding the phone with these headphones plugged it it's really...
  10. J

    ps3 madden 2010 [H] online franchise

    Would anyone be interested in setting this up? Any of you crazies who play ncaa and build up all your teams to have them drafted into madden and like dealing with depth charts and all that bull shit could be the league commissioner and set up all the games and stuff. I would definitely like to...
  11. J

    New Space Invaders iPhone game

    IS AWESOME. It's like space invaders extreme for ds mixed with parsec47 or whatever, the randomly generated shooter for pc. It has pre-set levels where you get powerups and there are different kinds of guns you can use. You can move your character up and down the screen instead of just...
  12. J

    1U server case for htpc

    I'm wanting to build a media center pc just to run xp, XBMC software, and stream 1080p video to my Tv through hdmi. I was thinking of using this case : DYNAPOWER USA EJ-1U500(B)-C Black Coating Heavy Duty Cold Rolled Electroplated Steel 1U Rackmount Server Case I have never used a rack style...
  13. J

    Heavy Rain : new video

    Looks really good. Big time looking forward to this game.
  14. J

    livestream : ufc 2009 gameplay

    I dunno if the demo is actually up on xbox live yet but i gotz dis early copy of it. Me and a friend are playing and thought maybe some of yous would want to see it. It's pretty awesome really, much more fun than i thought it would be.
  15. J

    new Red Faction game

    Did anyone else play the demo for this that came out a few days ago? Definitely on my must buy list now, was super fun. So much destructables and explosives!
  16. J

    8800gts crashing (i think)

    I run dual monitors with 2x 8800gts's in my computer. Specs in sig. When i have multiple video applications open at once my computer will freeze, requiring a hard reboot. Sometimes the screens just freeze, and sometimes both monitors will go black, giving the no signal detected message. I'm...
  17. J

    Star wars the force unleashed DLC level

    They put out a new level for 10 dollars today. I loved the original game but 10 bucks seems like a lot to me for 1 mission. Has anyone played it, any guestimates on how long it lasted and how fun it was? "The Jedi Temple Mission Pack delivers a new single-player mission on the planet...
  18. J

    Titan Quest + xpack = $9.99

    Just picked it up on steam, Thanksgiving special. Super good price for these games. According to what i've read about them anyways.
  19. J

    castlevania : order of ecclesia help

    I beat the Light Tower and I got the water breathing : If you are farther than this you can help me. SPOILARZ MAYBE After i got the water breathing i went down under the water place just before the light tower and uncovered the whole map, blew open a few extra passages...
  20. J

    littlebigplanet online b0rked?

    I got little big planet yesterday but it says it has a 404 error when trying to connect to the PSN servers. I've never been able to download any updates or use online features in the game yet, worked fine in beta. Do they have it turned off until some time when more of the re-pressed copies...
  21. J

    Blizzcon Hype Thread

    So i'm getting more excited each day for blizzcon. Tons of new D3 info, lots of good stuff about the WoW expansion (double talent specs), and probably some good stuff on SC2. Anyone going to it, looking forward to it? Got a good plan on how to watch the video coverage without the direct tv BS?
  22. J

    new 1.5tb seagate won't format

    I just ordered a new 1.5 TB drive from seagate and it won't format. I put it in the computer, replacing a 320 i was using before so i know the cables and stuff were working. The bios / windows can detect the drive, model number and all that. But when i go to windows disk management utility in...
  23. J

    Yakuza 2

    Comes out tomorrow. I loved the first game, excellent storyline and the gameplay while not great, was pretty fun. I'm excited to get the 2nd one, which has been out in japan forever, but coming here now. Looking forward to this for the story, looking forward to 3 for the PS3 for massively...
  24. J

    EA download store

    Mercenaries 2 is coming out soon and I'm planning on picking it up. Is the EA store any good? I always heard bad things about download services other than steam so I never tried any of them. What's the general feeling about ea download store? Or should i just grab the disc from gamestop.
  25. J

    If you are thinking about buying WoW...

    Please send me a PM. They have this new program where you get 300% more XP and some other bonuses if you play with a friend. So what this means is, if you start playing wow on an account that is linked to another account, you get some sweet bonuses. If anyone is seriously considering picking...
  26. J

    Resident evil 5 - online coop

    I'm not sure if they announced this before but they just showed it at e3 and it looks pretty awesome. Very exciting to be able to play 2 player on a RE game
  27. J

    1080p LCD TV for pc gaming

    I'm thinking about buying a 50-55" LCD TV for console gaming, hd movies, and computer games. I've been looking at a lot of tv's over the past week or so and i noticed some have VGA, some have DVI, and some have none. And on top of that, some with a pc input don't support 1920x1080 resolution...
  28. J

    Korg DS-10 Preview - nintendo ds synthesizer This looks so cool. Comes out in japan july 24 i think they said, i'll be importing it on day 1 for sure. I really hope they come out with more apps and crazy stuff like this for the DS in america because this is just toooo awesome.
  29. J

    Culdcept DS (plz check if you can read japanese) I can't find any info about this game i'm really looking forward to it. If anyone here can read japanese, does that have any info on a release date besides 2008? might have a link to forums or a blog or something also i was thinking...
  30. J

    MGS4 Thread *including spoilers*

    So i wanted to make a second thread off of the gameplay / no spoilers thread so i could talk about stuff that is spoilarz. Someone said you can defeat the bosses without killing them. What's up with that? Is there some kind of thing to do while they are in human form? I'm starting to play...
  31. J

    The Witcher : Enhanced Edition

    Is supposed to come out today for download. Anyone heard any news?
  32. J

    Champions Online (360 & PC) - city of heroes

    This is the new mmo from the city of heroes guys and it sounds pretty awesome. Might finally be the game that pulls me from WoW.
  33. J

    The PC gaming alliance Intel, Nvidia, AMD/ATi and Microsoft (along with Alienware, Dell, ACER and Gateway), and publishing giants Epic and Activision as well. "One of our main major objectives is to provide one...
  34. J

    Burnout Paradise Demo tomorrow

    Get excited. The game is supposed to be mainly developed on ps3, althought it's coming out on 360 at the same time. I'm going to be trying out the demo on both machines but i'm really looking forward to having a good retail game to play on my ps3 :P Demo trailer ...
  35. J

    Crysis console commands / tweaks?

    I was wondering if anyone knows about stuff like this for crysis. I know in CS you can make bodies have physics with eachother / your guns and stuff by using console commands, you can make bullet holes and blood spatters stay in game for a lot longer and little things like that. I would very...
  36. J

    Extra cyris commands?

    Does anyone know any console commands or anything to change little settings with crysis? I know on counter-strike source you can do like cl_ragdollcollide 1 or something to get dead bodies to interact with eachother, and on crysis corpses are not interactive at all, can't pick them up or move...
  37. J

    windows update (vista) 8800gts software update?

    my windows updates say there is a software update for my 8800gts but it gives no information on if it's a driver, or something else, or what version it is, or anything. I have the latest beta drivers from nvidia and i don't see anything listed on their site from the past few days and this...
  38. J

    Who wants a new jet set radio?

    I've been dying for a new game in this series. It's one of my favorites since the original on dreamcast and JSR:future on xbox. I would be super excited if they announced a new game with the same style on this gen. of console. anyone else like this series??
  39. J

    [H] Warhawk clan

    I haven't gotten in to any multiplayer console games since halo 1 but i played this game all day yesterday and it's a blast. I'm having just as much fun as i do with a good Battlefield game, only without all the glitches and's awesome. If any of you know how to start clans and would...