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    Upgrade dilemma

    [H]ello, Looking for some opinions. I've gotten a mixed bag from just searching around. The canned questions don't really apply to my situation. Please move if this is the wrong place. I'm trying to decide if going SLI will improve my gaming or if a sandy bridge build is in order. After...
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    Controller issues and Madden '07

    I'm trying to play Madden with a hacked Xbox S controller plugged in via USB. I'm using hte latest driver. Everything works fine until I try to assign an action to the trigger keys (buttons 11 and 12). The game crashes back to desktop. This controller works great for every other game I've tried...
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    Where does Vista store my recorded TV programs?

    Anyone know? This is pissing me off.
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    Can it be done?

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    Ubuntu Proliant 5500

    Hello, I'm currently running a proliant 5500 server (quad xeon, 2.6gb of ram, 3 18gb scsi raid 5) and I'm wondering if anyone has successfully installed ubuntu on this hardware. The smartstart cd only supports Redhat 7.0 or SuSE 7.0 or so it says. Will ubuntu even install? I basically...
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    stop windows from saving logon info to network resources

    I have an annoying problem with Windows XP. When I log into a network share it saves my credentials for the next time I try to access that share even though I don't choose the remember password option. Is there anyway to prevent this type of behavior? It makes it difficult to test how you have a...
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    quad xeon problem

    I have a proliant 5500r quad xeon server that I'm trying to run server 2003 on. This was previously behaving normal. Today, I decided I wanted to dust the whole system and start from scratch. I installed windows 2000 adv server and then proceeded to do an upgrade to 2003 server. After it was...
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    Interesting sound coming from my hard drive..

    Please take a listen: That's the sound my hard drive makes when stressed. I've never heard a hdd make a sound like that before. I ran the Maxtor diagnostic utility with no errors. Drive is a Maxtor MaxLine III model: 7L250S0 Any suggestions...
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    Can it be done?

    I'm looking to get an SLI board and a second video card in a month or two. The problem: I need to use nvsilencers because the fan on the xfx 6800gs is so friggin loud. Will I have room to do it? I don't know if there is enough clearance between the cards.
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    cable question

    Is it possible to combine two satellite receivers into one cable? I used to have cable tv for local channels and satellite for everything else. I purchased a device from radio shack that allowed me to comine the two signals into one cable and then separate them by the TV so I didn't need to have...
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    cable question

    Is it possible to combine two satellite receivers into one cable? I used to have cable tv for local channels and satellite for everything else. I purchased a device from radio shack that allowed me to comine the two signals into one cable and then separate them by the TV so I didn't need to have...
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    Question for those of you with Abit A8N-SLI

    Does nTune fully support your motherboard? I know nVidia's website says it does but nVidia also says my DFI-DAGF supports it which is not true. I can overclock my HT and change my ram timings but fan and voltage control aren't even available. I need a motherboard that will support nTune to the...
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    This is interesting...

    I just built my new system using a A643200 venice and a DFI-DAGF mobo. When I overclock in bios, everything looks fine. It registers the speed correctly and boots up. But when I get into windows all of my bios changes are null and the whole thing runs at stock speed. I downloaded nTune and I am...
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    problems with my LCD.

    I have a 17" cheapo CMV LCD monitor. I really need to to replace this thing as it cannot do blacks/greys near the backlights (top and bottom) correctly. I have messed with every setting I can get and nothing helps. It's not too bad on normal static screens such as the [H] page but moves and...
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    how much better is the 6800gs than a 6800 agp?

    I currently have a 2500+ Barton and an agp vanilla 6800. I'm upgrading to an nforce4 board (non-sli) with PCI-E. I'm set on A64 3200 or 3500 but am not sure about the video card. I'm going on a pretty tight budget here so I won't be able to afford a 7800GT for a long time. However, I could...
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    how good is a stock amd 64 fan?

    I'm buying a A64 3500+ and am wondering how good the stock fan is on it? should I use something else? I like it quiet. I don't plan on overclocking anything so it's not like I need a powerhouse fan. Recommendations?
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    The ubiquitous "My PC is showing its age" thread

    I have: Athlon XP 2500+ Barton core 1GB DDR400 (mushkin el cheapo) Abit NF7-S eVGA 6800 128MB After playing BF2, Quake 4, and F.E.A.R., it's become apparent to me that my system might be lacking. I really can't afford the system most [H] members are running so I need to upgrade where it...
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    BF2 server question

    Anyone have any idea why my server isn't listed in the browser? It's name is Modojo Server and it doesn't show up. People can connect to it fine by IP and I have the "Internet" option enabled.
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    Need some help (newb)

    Okay, my setup is as follows: Ati TV Wonder Pro connects via coax to my DirecTV receiver. I record shows to a network share from which I access via my modded xbox using XBMC that is hooked up to my 27" HDTV in the living room. Basically, I want it to function as a VCR. Sounds simple right? The...
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    Hmm..I seem to have screwed myself.

    Well, occasionally, suse wouldn't boot up and froze at the ata1(0) applying bridge limits stage of initializing hardware. I removed my wireless card and I couldn't get passed that part (previously all I had to do was reboot the system). It was then I noticed that my hd was on ata2 and my cd...
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    Something like this has to be possible

    I noticed Amarok doesn't have any CD-burning features. How can I create playlists and burn them a la iTunes/WMP/Winamp/Musicmatch/everything else? k3b sucks for this. I really don't want to have to boot into windows to burn a freakin' CD. Can anyone help?
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    SuSE 9.3 Recommend me a wireless adapter

    After trying for many hours without success to get my D-Link DWL-520 to work, I'd rather buy a new G card that works out-of-the-box in SuSE 9.3. Anyone have any recommendations? I really don't care too much about the price, just want one that works flawlessly. Please share your personal experiences.
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    Suse 9.3 Questions

    I haven't installed it yet. Have some simple Q's. For now I just want to know if I will be able to read/write to my NTFS sata drive in 9.3. If not, I have about 100GB to backup tonight. :p
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    Need to cap my own speeds

    I'm moving into the apartment above where I work and will be tapping into their network for internet access. I don't want to sap the entire high-speed link, just set it to normal cable/dsl speeds. I'm using a smoothwall as my gateway. I need a way to limit my speeds on it. I tried using the QoS...
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    PHP script question

    I'm new to php (programming in general) and am looking for something that will "grep" certain strings of websites and display the results in a file (or email them to me) if they change. Like if directv changes their pricing or something. Eventually I want to keep tabs on pricing options for...
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    TTY question

    I want to be able to view what a user types at the console or in a terminal session using putty. If that's not feasible how can I log everything that is typed without their knowledge?
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    Need suggestion for Remote Assistance

    Is it possible to write a script that will enable unsolicited remote assistance? We'd like to be able to remote assist our customers but do not have money to spend on a solution. We would like to use what's built into XP. Unfortunately, requesting remote assistance has too many steps and is...
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    Network Topology

    What do you use for planning how a network will be laid out? Visio? I'm looking to create something less conceptual and more actual. I'm considering using one of those 3d home builder applications that lets you export to VRML. I want to create a 3d representation of the actual network and its...
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    New to unix (somewhat), need some direction

    I'm trying to learn NetBSD at home and at work. I can stumble my way through google and man pages to find out how to work something but I don't have a grasp on the wide scope of things. I'm looking for a resouce where I can read it start to finish comprehensively. I want to know more about...
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    Pushing installations

    I assign Office 2003 to a computer via GPO. I have a couple clients still running Office XP and want to update them. Can I just add their computers to the OU with Office 2003? Will it seamlessly upgrade them to 2k3 or will I have 2 installs of office and a couple pissed off users?
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    Looking for some tweaks

    I've got a quad 550 xeon server running server 2003 and am looking for some optimizations or tips in general. I noticed when doing cpu intensive tasks like decompressing a large rar file my cpu usage only goes up to ~20%.
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    Handeld Database question

    Components: Wireless pda and network, sql, oracle, access database servers. problem: am I able to connect to those databases wirelessly with my pda? If so, what program do you recommend?
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    Someone, please help

    I've got a 6600GT, bought NV silencer 5. It won't fit the mounting holes. Apparently there's a difference between 6800 and 6600 cards. What cooler can I put on there? Was looking at the Zalman VF700 but not sure if it will fit. The stock HSF is loud and sucks at cooling.
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    Green line scrolls my screen

    Hello, If this is the wrong forum please move it. I could've swore we had a HT forum here :confused: I bought one of those home theater in a box things from Best Buy a year ago. It's panasonic, I can get the specific model if you need. Anyway, this has been a problem from day 1 and I...
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    Any suggestions?

    I am running out of server hdd space but I have multiple domain workstations with large hard drives. Is there a good way to harness these hard drives to create a single network share with large available space. Like a logical network array or something? I've never heard of anyone doing something...
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    Help with SUS (long post)

    Hi, sorry for the long post; I like to be thorough. I'm using my home network as a testbed for this and I'm having trouble getting the clients to pull patches from the server. Event logs dictate this: "Unable to Connect: Windows is unable to connect to the automatic updates service and...
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    Need some advice

    I'm building a bunch of PC's for a client and he'll need a bill and reciept. I'd like to give him something that looks professional. Is there a program (or office template) that I can use to make bills and receipts that you guys recommend?
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    I need SmartStart 5.50

    Does anyone know where I can download it or have an iso they can send me? I'm trying to install win2k3 server on a proliant 5500. Is there a good way to install this without the smartstart CD? I only have version 5.10. :(
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    Compaq Smart Array 3200 question

    If the batteries die from sitting too long, how much time does it take for them to fully recharge? I get a 1794 POST error saying the Accelerator battery voltage is too low. Smart Array Diagnostic utility says they are "recharging" but it doesn't give a percentage or anything. Thanks