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    New Build - Windows 7 won't run or install

    For background... Fresh parts 920 I7 Asus P6X58D Mobo 3x2 for 4 gigs G-skill tripple channel ram at 1600mhz 64gb crucial SSD 320gb WD sata2 drive zalman 9700 cooler Antec 850 PSU Got it running installed Win7x64pro everything was good. Tried to play Fallout 3 after driver installs and...
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    3800X2 or Opty 165?

    I'm happy with my 3800, haven't had the need to over clock it yet.
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    What resolution do you game at?

    1440x900 here aswell
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    Best overall case fan?

    Its not exactly an oxymoron, different fans are constructed differently with different materials, different shaped blades, different overall quality. This will make some fans have a higher ratio between sound and air flow.
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    Best Buy has P180's for $80.00 or less now

    Boo-urns for USA only.
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    Computer turns itself on

    It could be a bad PSU its a brand new Ultra X2 and I don't remember noticing the problem before. I just didn't think it could cause it to turn on, Once again all wake options are disabled and no input devices are touched when it turns on.
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    Computer turns itself on

    I have sat and watched the thing turn on, nothing is doing anything. Right now i'm flipping the switch on the back of the PSU. I've emailed ECS about it, I don't know if they will reply. I've played with the actuall switch with no luck.
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    FEAR is the hottest game out there!

    I was also really disappointed in FEAR, the graphics didn't hit me as amazing, and the game play wasn't fun at all, I'll stick to my HL2 and Oblivion.
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    Best mid-tower case?

    I agree the nine hundred is amazing, I don't like the flaps on the armor Jr. though.
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    Project: Spidey

    Go for it. :D
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    Computer turns itself on

    thats the first thing I checked, There is no one else here and the Ghostbusters don't have a branch in Canada. Its the weirdest problem, I've also tried disconnecting the LAN and disconnecting to make sure the power switch wasn't bad. I'm thinking maybe a trojan or some sort of virus, but I...
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    LOL! this is what u get when im board

    Yea, my understanding is now the original fan will do next to nothing and the extra fan is going to force air backwards through it rendering it useless.
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    I need to pay off a credit card, what should this computer sell for?

    Against forum rules, just to let you know. :rolleyes:
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    Computer turns itself on

    The only help I could find googling this was to change the BIOS power options to not boot on call or ring. All of the booting options are disabled in power management in the BIOS. I can't really think of what else is happening. All I know is when I turn off my computer, when I come back it is...
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    "Randomly" shuts off...

    Well, all of your other temps seem normal, it is normal for your PSU fan to be hotter than the back exit, especially under load. I've had PSU's die many times on me and this is always how I knew it was time for them to go. The only weird occurrence I've ever had was once the back power switch on...
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    The Best SNES RPG's

    Mario RPG was one of my favorite RPG's ever.
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    "Randomly" shuts off...

    Sounds like a PSU problem to me, check all the outputs to confirm if it is dying otherwise try changing it and see if you have the problem anymore.
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    DVD Shrink Slowdown *solved*

    I purchase alot of DVD's and I also backup every single one. Recently I had a problem with DVD shrink after it crashed trying to back up "remember the titans." I searched the internet for some results but only found people with similar problems and no other help than saying its your computer...
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    ATI Heatproblems

    As long as the GPU doesn't exceed 95 degrees its fine. They're designed to withstand up to 100 degrees. Most cards reach around 65-75 degrees under load. The fact that its restarting is still a problem though.
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    (Budget) Mouse pad for MX518

    I didn't read anything but the topic and one thing came to mind, if you spend the amount of money to get a MX518 why skimp on a cheap mouse pad?
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    is there anyway i can "lock" my wii?

    Leave gory picture of a dead person beside the wii with the inscription. "what happened to the last person to touch my wii" also leave a hammer with red paint on it just to make sure he gets the idea.
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    Just how bad is the X1900 heatsink?

    I don't find the fan on my 1900Gt loud at all... :confused:
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    Need help choosing an ATI GPU

    I have the X1900 GT and I have no complaints, if you just wanna play older less demanding games go for whatever is cheaper.
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    is there anyway i can "lock" my wii?

    Then wii have a problem... :p
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    anyone interested in a Lan in the southern california area?

    If someone buys me plane tickets from Canada I'm good to go. Seriously its freken cold out. :rolleyes:
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    Bigger QWERTY keyboard needed!

    I really wanna see someone wearing that wrist keyboard. How cool would it be to bring that laser keyboard to a LAN. :D
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    Keeping pc on all the time.

    If my computer isn't downloading a large file overnight or something its always off. Why would you leave it on just for no reason, its a huge waste and bad for the environment.
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    Hyundai L90D+ burn-in?

    One of my friends had a similar issue, he downloaded 'dead pixel buddy' and left the screen blank white for a few hours and it got rid of his discoloration. Don't know if its the good way to do it, maybe someone can confirm or disprove this method.
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    Damage the CPU by dropping it?

    Where is your reasoning that a bad CPU will "take out" any other hardware, use logic, it simply won't work if its broken.
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    christmas bonus! what will you do?

    I don't get one. :(
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    Catalyst 6.12 released

    Cool, thanks.
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    Bigger QWERTY keyboard needed!

    I assumed it had to do with fat fingers, and pushing more than one key at a time. What else could it mean... lol :confused:
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    One of my FX60 cores is dead/dying!

    FTW Damnit you beat me. :p
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    Best $400 card?

    x 2
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    Bigger QWERTY keyboard needed!

    Tell him to lose the weight. :p
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    Floppy Drive stuck 1/2 way into P-180.

    LOL @ this thread.
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    are these symptoms of a fried video card?

    From my experience it sounds like your card overheated, with ATI it gives you the same warning and the same thing happens with 'VPU recover' if you have another card or can borrow one i'd swap it and see if it fixes your problem, then you'll know.
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    Now that abandonware is legal in the USA...

    I don't think it is completely legal, its really the fact that the company isn't going to do anything about a product they don't sell or make anymore being distributed illegally.
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    how do you create a folder in terminal? Or, how do I hide my porn from others?

    I'm telling all your parents!!! :eek:
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    Now that abandonware is legal in the USA...

    This isn't going to change anything, It just means that you can download some of your favorite games from the 80's and early 90's and not be breaking the law. Really it just means you can download and distribute the game after the company that made it decides to abandon it, meaning not for sale...