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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Same here. Been playing singleplayer to pass time.
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Would like to join the group, I play as PolishNorbi
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    Facebook Only Has 5 Years Left

    Welcome to the age of ADD. Facebook is at its peak currently, the most thing. Slowly and surely people will try to create new hip things, and it will last only a few years. 3-4 years at the most.
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    Gang Made Millions in Biggest-Ever eBay Fraud

    Wouldn't be suprised if the real one cost 4.50 instead of 3. The fact that he was getting away we selling replicas as real for four years means they were damn close.
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    Court Confiscates Kid’s Wii

    So they took away something that kept him occupied and away from trouble?
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    What To Do When Denied A Loan

    Devil's Advocate: Something is not right here. In one part of the article it mentions he has 190k, then mention he has 200k. Either way, if that's all he has and he wants to use it all as a deposit where is his monthly payment going to come from? What if he doesn't sell some paintings...
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    Augmented Reality Magic Trick

    Ace as 1, King as 13 * 4 = 364 Maybe if you add 2 jokers as .5 then you get 365
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    Responsibility for Twitter Worm Claimed by Teen

    Or get a job offer for finding security flaws.
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    Disabled Claimant's Facebook Time Checked

    I hope my sarcasm meter is off. I hope neither one of you two experience an life changing event that puts you on disability. There are so many wrong things in those statements. How about the simple fact is if they don't do anything then they can't rehabilitate but I am nothing to say anything...
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    Work E-mail Use Creeps Into Off Hours

    I used to be "on call" 24/7 because I was a salesman. However, unless I get into a high position at any company I refuse to do anything related to the company during off-time.
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    3M Launches First Pocket Projector

    Um... Mitsubishi released the PK20 in 2007. It measures 4.8in by 3.8 by 1.9 inches. While this one is probably a little more pocket friendly the pk20 definately isn't big either.
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    A Picture I Took - 2008

    I got this picture yesterday at a Spring Training Game. No modifications. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Logo Request for my Soccer Team

    Well, thenix personally, I like your logo alot.. However, looking at my team and the fact we are really just a bunch of drunks playing, i think Jaded logo fits us better
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    Logo Request for my Soccer Team

    I believe we are going to go with Jaded logo, but I need to run it by the team on Tuesday and will let you guys know Wed.
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    Logo Request for my Soccer Team

    Great entries so far, I will print these out for the team to decide by the weekends end hopefully
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    Logo Request for my Soccer Team

    Well, if it was for a professional use like a company, I would definately pay more. IE; do some research and realize I paid $150 for a corporate logo a year ago. But this is for a recreational team, that makes no money.
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    Logo Request for my Soccer Team

    There are no set team colors. Location is Phoenix, AZ No mascot There isn't much to the team except 10 players showing up to the co-ed games and drinking. We always joke around saying "Will Play for Beer" should be our slogan. Either something following suit of other soccer logos or...
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    Logo Request for my Soccer Team

    Hey everyone, My soccer team is need of shirts, and we don't have a logo. The team name is Sorry Robbie so either that or Sorry Robbie, F.C. is acceptable. For the logo aspect, I just want something that can be used either as a huge logo on the front of the shirts, or as a logo that...
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    NEC Black 37" LCD -TV (720P)

    Frys also has a 720P ViewSonic for $649.99 after Rebate.
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    NEC Black 37" LCD -TV (720P)

    For the Lazy its $829.99 After Rebate
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    Supreme Court OKs Retail Price Floor

    Here is what I see; Manufacturer does not benefit from a price floor at all. The price floor directly won't effect the price they sell at. If they want to sell higher, they could before. The only ones that will do a price floor are the ones that want to keep a "prestigous" name. Most of the...
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    Auction Site Sells Itself on Ebay

    If I was an investor, I would NEVER buy this for more than $100 I took a quick glance at to see how it ranks. Reach for Percent of global Internet users who visit this site Yesterday 1 wk. Avg. 3 mos. Avg. 3 mos. Change N/A* 0.00055% 0.000245% 75% (Decrease)...
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    Schools Banning iPods To Beat Cheaters

    Damn no edit, its write not right. And yes, if there is a will there is a way.
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    Schools Banning iPods To Beat Cheaters

    My method for multiple choice was rather simple. For example; It was ABBBCDABCDABDACDDCD I would right Math Hw: Pg 122 #2,3,4 (ABB, BCD) Pg 123 #4,12 Part 4 (ABC, D,AB,D) Pg 134 #4,34 (ACD,D,CD) Teachers would always look, not think anything of it because i had notes on my hands all...
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    Starting a New Project

    I think Im going to rework that part to something that will be unique and exciting. Just wait until I start the project
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    Starting a New Project

    I am building a server for my office. Well a 3 in 1 system I have (3) PII 400mhz. They are going to have their own tasks. System one will be the internet provider. System two will be the data storage of all the pool information such as scans, spreadsheets, etc. System three will be the...
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    [Luke Warm] Westinghouse 32" 720P $469.99 Refurb $469.99 Free Shipping. Amazon and BestBuy have them at over $650 even though are new. Roughly a 30% savings.
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    my deep black Silverstone with "power rails"

    Im confused on what the copper blocks do. As in why is there contact and no contact? Can you explain that part just a little more? Thank You.
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    Best Buy Closeouts - HDTVs and Misc (YMMV Big Time)

    Yeah, I saw those I think $500ish or so.
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    Best Buy Closeouts - HDTVs and Misc (YMMV Big Time)

    There is a thread over at fatwallet. There are open boxes at discounts of 20-50%, some come with Instant GCs back while others come with instant discounts. Some guy grabbed a 58X60U Open Box for $3000 with $2000 of GC back. Alot of people are there bashing...
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    Warm? Westinghouse LVM-42W2 refurb $1049 (

    Look right below you, its already been posted.
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    [H]ot Lava : Westinghouse 42" 1080p 1055$ shipped (woot)

    Great Deal, Im in the market for the 37" though :-(

    i did please, never showed the discount though.. so I thought it was wrong
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    recommend a good cd burning program

    Speedslayer agrees with Uzor on BBQ investing in Visio even though BBQ charts are rather good for a Paint Drawer. Speedslayer came to this thread because Uzor was Sad and complaining in the GenMayhem IRC Chat
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    HOT! 10 Reams of paper = ~$15 Shipped NO Rebates

    Already dead. I tried to do it, and they say they only have 7 reams left.
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    Which DSLR?

    Here is the best suggestion I have ever heard and will pass it along; The different types of brand really in the days end don't make a difference. Find the camera that fits your hand well and is in your budget range. Also make sure you can find good lenses for what type of photography you...
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    Nikon D80 + $100 GC + Printer

    or ill get a 2007 lexus is350. (ps, for people that dont know its the H3D Hasselblad, and its 32-39k ish)
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    Ballance Ball

    Hehe, jerk, j/k.. but the ball picks up speed with time. Unless you get that perfectly lined up, its impossible. And yes, Its because I didn't do it
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    Free Xbox 360 core system with purchase of BenQ W100 Projector ends 12/31

    I jumped on this deal because I wanted the Xbox 360 and needed a new projector anyways. I picked it up when it was $699. There should be a thread already on it