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    Extremely high SMART failure rate in my FreeNAS

    ST3000DM001's are the plague on all your houses. ST4000DM000's have proven to be good, and don't succumb to pre-natal death or infant death syndrome. Do not whimsically buy drives from *anywhere* but your local shop and make a very safe drive home, take a cab with leafsprings if you don't have...
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    RAID Array problems

    Don't use HP softRAID for fast R0. PCIe-8x does 4.4GB/s - Let this ancient thread die, start a new one if you have Q's
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    Help me choose my 4TB daily drive

    Quintessential reports to end any questions about which drive to buy: ST4000DM000's have been good to me; Hitachi's are...
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    Any advice for copying 2TB of data? Heat or other dangers?

    Teracopy with check enabled in the settings.
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    Needing advice on RAID/Storage Options

    I strongly recommend Areca cards. Areca tunes their FW to handle consumer drives across many diverse brands. Depends what your budget is, but a used 1880 or 1640, or 1882 (if you budget permits) That way (even with a 2x SFF-8087 card) you can hook a SAS expander up and expand it in the future.
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    Any advice for copying 2TB of data? Heat or other dangers?

    Yes, absolutely. Even my consumer drives can take 40-90hours of consistent punishment during rebuilds and 1GB+/s transfers.
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    Trying to read a specific file crashes my RAID card

    Copy data back to the array once it is rebuilt on the same drives (if your logs show that these drives have not reported SMART or timeout/read-errors) Once data is copied back, defrag the drive - check disk it, extended benchmark it; go nuts. If it shows signs of failure or inconsistency (with...
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    How much power is your server drawing?

    4-600watts for my server, depending on load
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    wd red, ultrastar or deskstar for 24/7 NAS?

    Go Green, see sig, save a ton of money. 12x 2TB WD Green array pushes 2.2GB/s Read and solid 660MB/s Write (in RAID6 on 1882 Areca) Array has been expanded and gone through OCE torture five times, no drops. Stable 24/7 for 3 years now, no drops, one failure.
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    I would never recommend mixing drives from different manu's. And I would recommend against mixing drives of any differing attribute ever. It's like asking for a disaster. Especially on a PERC. A PERC 5/i will top out at 5-600MB/s anyway. It's proc can't handle more. RAID50 if you want a big...
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    RAID6: what is a good ratio for usable space to space used for parity?

    8 Drive max for RAID5 (six disks is the usual cap in the workplace) 12 Drive max for RAID6 (a fair amount of parity considering the disk size and rebuild time) (16 drives would be OK in RAID6 if you are a SOHO/enthusiast, but dangerous considering at least 90hours of rebuild on any top end card...
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    Areca 1880 - WD Red (Raid6 throughput)

    Hey, WD Fanboy here. Good to see some input here from other WD Red owners. I would suggest trying a RAID0 of 3 drives and a RAID5 of the other three, try different settings for the R5 array than you have right now (different stripe size, different partition/allocation unit size in NTFS)...
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    Bad idea. Replacement PCB's are freely available, all data is still intact. Final thought: DBAN or Wide drill-bit or Rip the drive open with a Torx and destroy the platters with gouges and/or sandpaper. Microwave is a silly idea, unless you hate your kitchen appliances. End of line.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Hey, This is a strange dilemma, there should be plenty of power to give in those 6x 2TB's. They should be putting out around 120MB/s reads and score aggregated speeds north of 650MB/s. I would suggest opening a new post for this, as I am not sure how many people are trying Red's on our...
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    1) Are all the drives connected to the controller directly? 2) Are there any SAS expanders or fan-out cables in use? 3) Check the drives in the GUI/CLI and see if they are all connected at proper speeds. My six 1TB Green's are around 2-3times faster, so there is a definite problem. A...
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    First rack. Stole it. Best deal ever.

    Niiiiiice. Must have been some expensive plumbing. Congrats!
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    Areca 1880 ixl-24 with sas expander in another system

    Absolutely, if power is dropped, so will the drives.
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    I am teh sadness :(

    You did wha.... Next time put it in a freezer for a few hours and try spinning it up again for one last read. Ohhh no.
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    Areca 1880 ixl-24 with sas expander in another system

    HP SAS Expander is the most popular, 32 ports after uplink, make sure you get a new Rev. green-PCB one: Intel RES2SV240 is good, though only has 20ports after connection. Bonus is it has a molex connector so you don't need a dummy mobo to turn...
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    Areca 1882ix w/WD Green disks (Server 2008)

    Hey all, I constantly gain intelligence from everyone here, especially the storage moguls who always have input and advice with higher-end RAID-HBA's and troubleshooting. I must thank everyone here for making this forum what it is. I recently posted about an upgrade to an Areca 1882ix-12 card...
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    Dell PERC 5/i performance issues

    I have six WD20EARS and four WD15EADS drives in an Areca 1882ix-12 with no issues at all. They hit 900/950MB/s and 440/380MB/s respectively.
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    Areca 1882IX-12 (+ SAS Expander) - Emergency!

    Pulled the trigger. Once I get it and the fanout cables for my 4020 - I will post compatibility with various drives and get more Hitachi's as the prices drop this year. I'll pick up some Hitachi Externals possibly, and post what drive is inside. I can't wait to adore this card on lots of...
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    Areca 1882IX-12 (+ SAS Expander) - Emergency!

    Absolutely - I agree 100.0% that my RAIDs are not a backup, I tell people the same myself. I have monthly offsite backups for my important data and daily's internally. I just like the idea of a card that will service 20-60 drives without breaking a sweat, I think the 1880 and 1882's can do...
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    Areca 1882IX-12 (+ SAS Expander) - Emergency!

    I am looking to invest in a solution that will last the next 10 or more years and allow me to continually add more 24port chassis via SAS expanders as budgets come and go. I also want to put my trust into RAID6 finally, as two day+ rebuilds are becoming far more apparent as drives get to 4 and...
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    Adding a 3TB drive into Windows Home Server v1

    No 2TB+ partition without GPT (instead of MBR, MBR has a limit of 2TB), - GPT is on 64-bit Windows. WHS v1 runs on Windows Server 2003 for Small Business, it is 32-bit and therefore does not have the ability to see 2TB+ partitions without special drivers for special drives.
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    Areca 1882IX-12 (+ SAS Expander) - Emergency!

    Thanks so much for the reply!!! I have always been a WD fanboy, but understand the need to switch to these fabulous 5K3000 and 7K3000 drives. The Deathstar name just rings really loud when I think of them, but with 1-2% failure rates, to Seagate and WD's 4-6%, I'll take them and love them. Is...
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    Areca 1882IX-12 (+ SAS Expander) - Emergency!

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to upgrade, and given the prices of HDD's I have saved up enough to pick a decent RAID HBA. A softRAID5 of six 2TB WD Green drives is on what appears to be a failing motherboard controller, as different drives are erroring and I have been re-rebuilding over half a dozen...
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    Norco 4020 Server Re-do

    Thanks for the info, checking them out. Which Chenbro expander are you using? Should I be overly concerned with compatibility between certain cards and expanders? Thanks!! I'm open to any suggestions, other cards, other manufacturers - I have spent lots of time with SCSI hardware RAID cards in...
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    Norco 4020 Server Re-do

    Hey Guys, I have a nice big server that is due for a tune up and would love to get some input on some of my forecasted improvements. I have a: Norco 4020 with a 750W PC Power & Cooling PSU 6x WD10EAVS on Intel Matrix RAID5 4x WD5000AAKS on Highpoint RAID5 and a dying/dead Dell PERC 5i...
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    Your oldest drive still in use?

    36GB WD Raptors, 40GB WD PATA, 250GB WD RE PATA's
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    Western Digital High Failure Rate Lately?

    My Western Digital farm below has had no failures since 6/23/2010
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    Most reliable drive for periodic backup purposes

    I grew to love the WD Blue's, especially the 500GB WD5000AAKS drives. They are still very reliable and most of mine have lapsed their 3 year warranties. The new versions of the WD5000AAKS drives are even better, have only a single platter (vs. 3 in the older ones) and last longer because of that...
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    Raid5 Controller card recommendations?

    Apologies! TLER does not function on EARS's drives and the later EADS's I have some WD20EADS drives I TLER'ed and that's why I got confused :eek: - The Caviar Blues I have have (AAKS's) never had an issue getting TLER turned on, but it's possible newer rev's have had the TLER capability...
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    Raid5 Controller card recommendations?

    Caviar Green's *DO* accept TLER Even the WD20EARS, which I own and have TLER'ed. Especially the Blues, WD5000AAKS, which I have owned over 25 can be TLER enabled. Same with the WD15EADS drives, and the WD10EACS, EAMS, EAVS, EADS. Not sure where you heard they couldn't...
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    RAID-1 with WD Green. Am I screwed?

    I have almost no issues to speak of with onboard controllers and Green's, I own and run over 16 in various different RAID5's on hardware cards and onboard Intel-based RAID5's. Turning TLER on manually on those drives would be an idea should one of them timeout on you.
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    Loving my revodrive x2!!! Question about steam apps folder

    Depends on your Motherboard, newer boards are better about allocating the lanes properly.Some boards can handle triple or quad x16 cards.
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    Most reliable drive for periodic backup purposes

    I have over 38 currently spinning WD disks, been using WD for 15 years. Each year I get more and have less failures. I had one failure last year, zero in 2009, two in 2008 and three in 2007 - maintaining approx. 40 spinning disks. Usually a bad disk will fail within the first three months of...
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    What is the fastest SSD/HDD for a primary drive currently available?

    OCZ Revodrive's and the X2 versions beat everything right now. They are PCI-e cards running on a PCI-X to PCI-e bridge with a bank of four SSD's in RAID0 via an onboard controllers. The X2's have very high IOPS and push over 5-600MB/s, but are tres expensive for the capacity compared to a...
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    Raid5 Controller card recommendations?

    Enabling TLER (on WD Green and Blue drives) using the command prompt isn't too difficult if you have the time to spare to turn each one on before using it on a error-time restrictive controllers. Saving hundreds on a small purchase of a couple drives. I am looking into a non-Windows...