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    Which drives for home RAID?

    Hey all, I've got some old drives in my desktop at home, which isn't a problem in and of itself; the problem is that I'm running out of disk space. So ... it may be time to get some new drives. As it stands, I have five hard disks in my machine: one PATA 250GB Seagate, two SATA 320GB...
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    Acer/Eten DX900 - is there an Android ROM available?

    ... so I posted this elsewhere last night, but didn't get any responses so I figured I'd try here :) My Nokia E51 is dead. Turns on, backlight works, buttons are backlit, I can dial, but the display is black. I'm using a Samsung N105 while I do research on a new phone. Carrier is T-Mobile...
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    trixbox not making international calls

    Hey all, have an interesting problem ... just moved from one office to another. We transferred our PRI from the old building to the new, keeping our existing provider. All of the DIDs and the main number came with us, as did the trixbox. All we did was shut down the trixbox, unplug it, move...
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    Promise FastTrak S150 TX2plus - no Vista for you?

    Hi all, I've got a Promise FastTrak S150 TX2plus in my system. Currently, there are two 500GB Seagate hard drives in RAID 1. The array is approximately 70% full. I had a 250GB Seagate 7200.8 IDE drive laying around and decided that I wanted to try Windows Vista. I disconnected my 6 SATA...
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    APC Back-UPS XS 1500 - display question

    Hey all, I picked up a Back-UPS XS 1500 from Best Buy today. This thing has display on the front of it that shows the load, charge, and input voltage. The display stays off unless I press the "DISPLAY" button on the front, and when it's on, it looks totally awesome, almost 25% as awesome as a...
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    A8N-SLI + FastTrak TX2 = :(

    Howdy [H], it's been a while since I posted in this subforum :D My main rig hasn't changed much in quite some time. The latest addition is an extra 2GB of RAM, bringing the total to 3GB. Windows XP only sees 2.5GB of this, but I'm fine with that for the time being, because I'm holding out...
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    How do I force iDVD to make >4GB images?

    Hey all, this is my first Apple subforum thread, w00t :D Anyway, I have a MacBook Pro. It's the 15.4" one with a 2.16GHz Core Duo, a 100GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, a 256MB X1600, and a SuperDrive. This past summer I went on vacation to Hawaii with my fiancee's family, and her brother made...
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    How do I grab this number with VBScript or JavaScript?

    Hey, all. I've never really worked with XML before, so I have no idea what I'm doing here :D <?xml version="1.0"?><xml xmlns:s='uuid:FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF' xmlns:dt='uuid:EEEEEEEE-EEEE-EEEE-EEEE-EEEEEEEEEEEE' xmlns:rs='urn:schemas-microsoft-com:rowset'...
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    Crystal Reports -- evaluate subreport specific number of times per page?

    Hi, all. I've got a report that contains two subreports. Both subreports pull the same number of rows each time the report is run. If the report's query returns 5 or fewer rows, the report is perfect; however, if it returns more than 5 rows, only the first 5 get displayed in each of the...
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    Need an inexpensive and reliable backup solution

    The company I work for has outgrown their 10/20GB Travan tape drive. Since I'm in tech support, I'm the one who has to sit here and change the tape in the morning so it can finish its backup :rolleyes: My manager has asked me to find something to replace the tape drive we have now with...
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    My label printer's shootin' blanks!

    Hi, people. I have an Eltron Orion LP2443 printer. Yes, I know they're Zebra now. I have tried Zebra's driver and Seagull's driver, but to no avail. It sounds like it prints labels, and it spits out the correct number of labels, but they're all blank. I've cleaned the head, I've loaded new...
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    XP MCE 2005: Recorded shows appearing twice?

    This is an odd one ... I installed TweakMCE, which allows you to screw around with some of MCE's settings (i.e. message timeouts, location of recorded files, watch folders for recorded shows, etc.). After reorganizing a large amount of data, I had a blank 160GB drive, my F: drive; my TV shows...
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    Quick MCE question: multiple inputs at once?

    Howdy, people ... quick MCE2005 question: my Radeon X800 Pro has VIVO. If I hook, say, a PS2 up to the Radeon so I can play games, will the thing still record TV shows properly through the tuner card?
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    Windows XP MCE2005 web interface?

    Hey there. I'm looking for a web interface for my MCE2005 box ... basically, I want other people in the house to be able to schedule recordings from their own machines. I've installed MediaXT, but it doesn't really do much, let alone what I want :D I remember seeing a screenshot of an XP...
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    Good times with VB and PocketPC

    Howdy, people. I'm trying figure out how to do something for PocketPC that, I hope, someone already knows. Basically, I need something that kind of mimics windows inside an application. I'd like to have an area on the screen in which boxes representing application windows appear. These...
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    Require video HSF, possible space constraints

    Here's a pic of the video card in the system whose specs are in my sig: Let me explain the situation ... the fan makes a bit of a grinding noise. The noise stops after I stop the fan by sticking my finger into it, and let it to spin back up. I hate...
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    Drag and drop over RDP?

    I have been searching for a way to drag files from my desktop to a server running Terminal Services on Windows Server 2003. I have tried AnalogX's TSDropCopy, but I'd like something a bit more intuitive ... I want to be able to drag a file from my desktop into the RDP client's window and have...
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    nView: one-button switch between displays?

    The computer in question is a Sony Vaio laptop in a docking station. I don't know the model number off-hand, but I know it has a GeForce Go 6200. The docking station has a DVI and a VGA connector. There is a 19" LCD connected to the DVI connector and an InFocus projector connected to the...
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    WinXP Pro: shortcut to TCP/IP properties?

    How do I create a shortcut directly to the primary network connection's TCP/IP properties? I want to make it as easy as possible for someone to be able to change his IP address when he travels.
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    How do I convert dvr-ms to something else?

    My main box has Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 loaded on it. I have it set to record certain TV shows that are on when I am not home or when I am asleep. I would like to make DVDs of certain shows (i.e. the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix practice/qualifying/race, and Iron Chef :D) so I...
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    What do I need to set up a VPN?

    A (relatively new, small-business) client of mine has a network in place already. He has DSL with a static IP and is currently running a mail server on the connection. He has been hiring salesmen like mad lately because business has gotten better, and he wants to set up a VPN. Off-hand, I...
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    Need the KNS1650/R config utility, anyone have it?

    Long story short: Kingston replaced my old 8-port switch with a 16-port switch that has a parallel port connector (yes, it's parallel, not 25-pin serial), and the config utility didn't come in the box. Does anybody have this switch's configuration utility available for me to download...
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    Inexpensive Athlon 64 laptop with nVidia graphics?

    One of my colleagues on campus is looking for a relatively inexpensive Athlon 64-based laptop, preferably with nVidia graphics. I looked at Asus, Sager, HP, Compaq, and Acer, and all but the Compaq have "other" (ATI or Via integrated) graphics. I'm not 100% certain about the nVidia...
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    2x "Unknown Device" w/ATI X800 Pro?

    I changed my system from an Intel D915PBL/P4 3.4 to an Asus A8N-SLI/A64 3500+ today, which meant I had to reload XP Pro. Yes, I tried to get Sysprep to work, but it didn't :( I have an ATI X800 Pro card. I know that, before I load video drivers, the system will report "VGA Controller" or...
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    Record demo videos? (not in games)

    I wrote an app that I would like to show a demonstration of via a video file. It's a sci-viz app that has a toolbox and an OpenGL window. I'd like to record the app running, as well as my mouse cursor travelling around the screen. What program will do this?
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    Intel D915PBL hi-def audio pinout question

    System specs are in my sig. The case has audio jacks at the bottom in addition to two USB 2.0 ports and a Firewire port. Despite the fact that the case's front audio plug matches the mobo's front audio header, it doesn't go. I know this is because of the Intel Hi-Def Audio. The mobo came...
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    X800 question re: multi-monitor display modes

    Do Radeon X800 cards allow you to span your desktop across multiple monitors in Windows? What I mean by this is, instead of having two separate 1600x1200 desktops in Display Properties, can it show a single 3200x1200 desktop? I have seen this on Matrox cards, as well as nVidia Quadro cards...
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    fltk question ... fire an event at a certain point on the screen?

    I'm writing a heightmap visualization app using fltk and vtk. It creates and deletes windows at will, as opposed to using SDI or MDI-style interactions. Think Photoshop (with all its palettes and stuff), only without the enclosing app. When the app is executed it brings up a "main toolbox" of...
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    Started folding on dual Opterons, looks a little wonky ... maybe normal?

    So I reloaded my work box today ... mobo decided to keel over, and I just so happened to have a dual Opteron 246 (2.0GHz) machine with 512MB of ECC DDR just sitting there doing nothing ... so I drafted it. It's now running Windows 2000 Pro. I created two F@H folders, called Folding0 and...
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    Perl is b0rked ... what do I do to fix it?

    I moved my website out of the back of the shop I work at a while ago, but I haven't had the need (or want, for that matter) to run Perl scripts on my website until recently. I want to get Greymatter (or a similar blogger that does not require database connectivity in any way, shape, or form) up...
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    Someone educate me on vtkLODActor and vtkLODProp3D please.

    I must be doing something wrong (apart from using C++ instead of tcl/tk to write a vtk app) ... whenever I use vtkLODActor, it never switches level of detail. I have two mappers: one producing an extremely detailed surface and one producing a simpler, quadric clustered surface. vtkLODActor...
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    Intel D915PBL sensor problem

    Specs are in my sig. Intel Desktop Control Center (a system monitoring app that comes with the mobo) reports that my CPU, "System Zone 1", and "System Zone 2" temperatures are fluctuating wildly between -12°C and 127°C. I find this to be monkeyshines. I have the most recent BIOS, Windows XP...
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    Adjusting CPU utilization for different times of day?

    I just upgraded to the specs in my sig. When F@H runs and pegs the CPU at 100%, the fan kicks up and sounds really loud. My comp is in my bedroom and I can't sleep when it's that loud. I'd like F@H to run at full steam during the day but to either drop its CPU utilization or stop altogether...
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    Want XP duals, how to do it again?

    I have two AMD Athlon XP 2200+ processors (AXDA2200DUV3C) and an Asus A7M266-D motherboard. I tried the pencil trick on the L5 bridge as was suggested, but it didn't work. How do I go about getting these two CPUs to work together in said motherboard?
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    9800 Pro died, back to 9700 Pro ... but going PCI-e soon

    I've had a Radeon 9800 Pro for about a week and it has been acting funky. Whenever I play games, my system locks up. I've used all versions of the Catalysts (the ones without the Catalyst Control Center) from 4.5 to 4.12, running Driver Cleaner between each load ... the thing always locks up...
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    Is gaim being a pain for anyone else?

    Lately, it has been disconnecting and prompting me for a reconnect at least once every hour, and now it won't connect to any of my IM accounts (2x AIM, 1x ICQ, 1x MSN). I can connect to my primary AIM account with AIM Express, though. I'm using gaim 1.02 at the moment. I upgraded to 1.03 a...
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    Half-Life 2 on sale at the Best Buy in Niles, IL

    Specifically, it's on sale at the Best Buy on the southwest corner of Golf Rd. and Greenwood Ave. in Niles, IL, across the street from Golf Mill Mall. I'm not supposed to know this, but my gf got it for me :D No pics, because she left here with it about 10 minutes ago and I'm not supposed to...
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    Just got an Athlon 64 box, any concerns?

    Well, I can't get to anymore (haven't tried in a couple months :D) so I shall turn to the DC forum for answers :cool: A new box has been added to the menagerie. Specs: Athlon 64 3000+, 1.0GB PC3200 DDR, MSI K8MM-ILSR, Seagate 120GB SATA, Pioneer DVR-A07, Antec Aria case...
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    Blitz3D beat detection?

    I'm co-writing something in Blitz3D. The soundtrack is mainly dance music, and it would be nice to have the project react to the beat. Is there any way to get beat detection in Blitz3D?