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    Home Workstation Build Plan

    So it's been some years since I've had to seriously research hardware, even more years since I've upgraded my rig. There are some drafting titles that I'd like to learn and I need a machine that's more than able to play with them. I'll do the "Asking for help" copy and paste and then post...
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    PS2 to VGTA adapt

    Hey, Just picked up a PS2 and ran it through my regular non-fancy TV and GT4 looks terrible. I haven't played a racing sim on the TV since GT1, everything else has been on the PC. So.. What would be the best adapter to use to play the PS2 on my CRT? There are many out there after searching...
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    Questions about Dell 2405, Video Input & Perf

    If some people would be so kind as to answer a few questions if you can about some things I wondered about this monitor. Concerning the dual inputs. Could you watch TV on one half and play a game/surf on the other? And if anyone has played NFS MW, does it ever ghost and or distort? I think...
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    PCMark05 wont do all tests?

    Hey all, So I finished up my build last week and finally got around to running the some marks. When I run PCMark 05 it seems to run almost all of the tests, but wont report them in the end. Nothing stalls out mind you, runs just fine, just no score. Here is my report if it helps...
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    Root_Kit virus on a 2k box. Cant get rid of it

    Need some advice please. Have a customers box that I am working on. Issues were spyware related at 1st and his Norton Corp. AV not being able to update. So I install the normal AS software and get rid of 834 pieces of junk on it. Then I start to troubleshoot the Norton issues, find out it's...
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    How does the Raid 5 Parity Algorithm work?

    Was talking with someone about computers and they made a comment about something they didn't understand. How the Algorithm in a Raid 5 parity set-up actually does it's job of restoring lost data that's... well, lost. The question goes well beyond what I know about Raid set-ups, but I can't stop...
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    Network a Wireless comp to a non wireless comp

    Hey guys. I tried hunting through here for this one, seems so simple.. No luck, close, but not exactly what I need help for. Here is the deal. Cable modem is dead for the second day ( thanks cable co ) and my machine up stairs has a wireless NIC in addition to a regular NIC. Had the...
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    Autocad 2004 to 2000 converter

    Hey, I remember on the front page there was a link to a proggy that would make Autocad 2004 2d files compatable with 2000. Anyone remember the link? thanks :)
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    110 Volt Computer fan ?

    Anyone know a place online that sells them? Or something similar? It's for a custom Audio/Video cabinet. Something along the lines of an 80-120mm case fan would work great, just need the different voltage. Thanks ;)
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    Any words on TFC for HL2?

    I was a HUGE fan of TFC for the original Halflife.. Played it for damn near 3 years. HL2 has me all excited to play and still I wonder.. where is TFC? Anyone know anything?
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    Making two LCDs into 1?

    Question. Is it possible or even worth it to buy, say, two 17" LCDs, stip them from the frames, make a custom frame and mount them together? Then find some usefull proggy that will split the image in half for each LCD? Or would this be an ugly mess to try out? Reason I ask is LCDs are really...
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    Small Network Back-Up

    Heya, Trying to figure out a small network backup solution and need some advice. I'm thinking about one of those Maxtor push button external backup hard drives. Would be connected to it's own PC and use the included software to (hopefully) go across the network to selected files and back...
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    Dumb Client, XP Home Ed Warez

    Before you kill this, this is not about helping me fix a Warez copy of XP.. A client of mine brought in his Sons PC with a plethora of problems. You don't even want to know about those. Upon talking to his dad about a few problems I couldn't fix, I asked when they installed XP Home Edition...