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    Trouble setting up MST display with firepro card

    I wasn't sure if i should put this in the video card section or monitor sections. I just got 2 new dell 4k monitors (up2414q). I'm using a firepro v4900 from AMD, with the latest drivers from their website for firepro cards. In the physical display settings i have DP 1.2 enabled. Currently...
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    FS: NCASE m1 silver w. optional no odd never used and other stuff

    Ncase m1, no longer have a need for it Out of the box for 5 minutes for pics and admiring it. No dents nothing, perfect condition. No oil on it either, unboxed wearing gloves. Will hash out a deal with a H member if the price is right, won't be able to ship till the 1st of January (auction...
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    Buying a korean; which one?

    I am buying a new monitor soon, and i would like it to be 1440p and cheap. So a korean. But which one. Basic requirements: Glass screen, ala: NO MATTE. Im not sure what tempered glass is and just a full cover, but i would like to be glossy screen. I would like it to OC, if it could get to 120hz...
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    Nikon d90/50mm lense/Ends 9.24 Ends the 24th. Willing to cut a deal for a [H] member on the buy it know to 510 shipped.
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    Silverstone ft04 question

    Hi [H], I have decided that my next case will be a Silverstone ft04, but i had some questions before i pull the trigger. 1. I saw in a review China that it had adapters if you wished to install 120mm fans for watercooling. Well, i do. I have a monsta rad sitting here, and i wanted to use...
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    upcoming build, need advice

    So i plan on doing a build featuring 2 7970's, and one 4670k. I am very limited on space, and only have enough room for 2 rads, one of them i can probably manage to do P/P, but as i dont have the case in my hands, i cannot tell you. For those wondering, it is a parvum s1. So here is...
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    so i have about $450

    So i have about $450 dollars set aside to upgrade my audio. Right now, i am running creative t20's 2, and an asus xonar DG. I like this setup, but i have been getting complaints from family members over loud music/gaming. Typical, right. So i need a good pair of headphones/soundcard or DAC...
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    min. power supply for 4x 7970's for a ltc

    Hello all. As the title says, i will be using 4x 7970's ideally oc'd to the point were i can get near 800 kh/s a second from it. The rest of the system is a sempron sargas 145, 2.5 laptop hdd, and 1 8gb dimm. I plan on going with the seasonic x1250, but i wanted to know if this would not...
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    Pre-order titan from NCIX I don't think this has been posted yet, but pre-orders are accepted now.
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    Outdoor air cooling mod idea/question/concern

    Hi all. I just had an idea the other night about making a vent from my computer 200mm intake to my window which goes directly to the 25 degree f. air. I was looking on line and heard of condensation being a problem, but i am not water cooling this build. I would just be making a vent that...
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    What (free) software do you use for different wallpapers on multi-moniters.

    Hi [h], Over the past couple of days (since getting a new monitor), i have been looking for a free utility that will allow me to run different wallpapers on different monitors. Right now, i have a 30 inch (2560*1600p monitor and a 1080p monitor, the 1600p one as the main display) and a 1080p...
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    Any one ever used a CNC aluminum machine? Question about cost.

    Hi [H]. I'm making plans for a future case project that i will be doing in the summer and i had some questions about cost for a CNC machine since i dont trust myself doing such advanced cuts. The case itself is 100% aluminum, and will look a little like this...
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    Worth it to wait? Future 30 inch monitor buyer

    So, Christmas is coming up. Right now, im on a pretty good 27 inch monitor (1080p, 60hz, nothing special). My question is, is it worth it to wait. I was looking to add a 30 inch monitor to my desk, ideally something like the dell u3011 etc, especially with the 400 dollar cyber monday discounts...
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    Speakers not working on Win7; working fine on mac.

    Hello. last night, i re-built my machine (only for aesthetics, as well as taking out some storage drives), and cut some front panel cables that i wasn't using (USB 3, FW400, and Front panel audio [i was not using this for my speakers, they were there as a formality]). So i plugged everything...
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    Hard drives not showing up in Windows 7; showing up in bios/disk managment

    Hello. Today i finally switched from Mac to Windows on my hackintosh. I installed everything correctly, yet their is one problem. It wont show any other hard drive other that my Corsair force gt in Finder. I have two other Hard Drives installed, yet they only show up in disk management and the...
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    Recommend me an awesome mechanical keyboard

    Im looking for a PS2 keyboard, mechanical of course. Id use it for everyday use, and some gaming. Main requirements are 100% mechanical, or close to it. Macros, not all that important. Also, i would like to have a usb hub, although that too, is not all that important. Black color...
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    Hi All. I plan on buying DCS black shark 2/a 10. I know that i need the trackIR, but i dont know which one to get. Please give me a link for it as well as if it is compatible with win7. It says on amazon it is only compatible with vist,m2000, and xp Thanks
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    Any one used the Sapphire 6gb 7970?

    Hello. Has anyone used the 6gb 7970 by Sapphire? I use a 3x 1080p rig with a 7970 oc and im just not really seeing the desired performance. I dont want to go crossfire because of the issues and support, but i would rather just upgrade to a 6gb version. I would oc it past its stock to the...
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    Best SSD for raid 0?

    Im looking to buy some new ssd's to put in raid 0 for some of my applications and a small amount of games and win7. Ideally, it would be two 120gb ssds, but which ones? I have been looking around, unable to decide as their are a gazillion on the market. I dont want intel (as they cost way to...
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    Bezelless monitor setup advice/questions

    I just purchased a new gtx 690 (loving it btw) but I need a new monitor setup to go along with it. I'm looking for 3x 1080p, 27 inches (preferred, they will be in portrait), and have the ability to remove the bezel to achieve super slim bezels. I don't need nor am I looking for 120hz, as they...
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    Asus direct cu2 7970 power/eyefinityquestions

    Hello. I plan on buying an Asus 7970 direct cu2 top card in the foreseeable future. Whilst researching it tonight, i came across the fact that it requires two eight pin power connectors. My question is, will a 650w psu power this without any problems? I know it is extremely efficient and low...