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    Replacement motherboard

    That would be awesome. I haven't gone this long without a decent computer for a really long time. I've been using this POS vista laptop for the last year. We have pretty fast windows 7 machines at work wihch is nice.
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    Replacement motherboard

    well i pulled a bunch of stuff from the hard drives so I know those work. I also have replacement ram so I can use that if the old ram doesn't work
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    Replacement motherboard

    no I have not
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    Replacement motherboard

    Ok so about a year ago, some orange soda got spilled on my computer on the back of it while it was running, so it only got on the motherboard (i think and hope). I turned it off right away and tried to clean it up the best I could. The system wouldn't boot. Just shows the windows screen...
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    Looking to upgrade my system, whats the besit I can do?

    And if you decide you want to upgrade the board, let me know. I have the exact same board and mine is fried and I'd like to drop in the exact board so I don't have driver issues, etc. ;) I had an e8400 running on mine which was fairly nice and good speeds for that old of a system and you...
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    i look forward to getting mine in the mail on monday...not too concerned about the mic quality. That's the only "con" I found with this camera, but it's not a big deal to me.
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    at that point you gotta look at pricing. You can either buy a really nice high end compact like the z28 or, for a bit more, buy an entry level DSLR. Depends on what you want it for and how big of a camera you want to carry around.
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    they did a couple days ago yeah, but there's really nothing that fits as a successor to the fz28. Nothing with quite comparable specs. Definitely nothing with the zoom capabilities.
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    my bad..I could have sworn i cut and pasted the link in there last night...maybe I forgot to hit "copy" first...heh Regardless, it's there now! Enjoy. I bought one and I'm going to buy a Canon sx10 if they drop below 300...
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    The price of this camera dropped about 40 bux on newegg's site since earlier today, for anyone who is keeping an eye out. And if you bought it earlier today....that sucks, dude. You can find this camera a bit cheaper on some sites I've never heard of. We're talking like 10 or 15 bux...
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    Need New Gaming Mouse... Suggestions?

    When someone makes a mouse that's better than the mx518, I'll start recommending that one. Until then, it's still the mx518 I'll tell people to get. And the G9 is not better IMO.
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    [WARM] B2G1 Blu-Ray movies at Amazon

    Mariah Carey: The Adventures of Mimi FTW!!!
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    Killer NIC is $100 off at NewEgg

    I still can't afford one of these NICs after spending all my money buying every one of the Fatal1ty products so that I could be more awesome.
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    COD5 WOW... Not as good as COD4?

    I was in both the 360 and the PC betas and wasn't in a rush to get the full version of either. I finally got it for the PC at a LAN yesterday via Steam. Turns out nobody played it at the LAN so I spent a few maps playing online and the hit boxes still suck just like in the beta. However, the...
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    whats the big deal with GRID?

    I agree with everyone else...I dunno WTF you're babbling about. Game looks great and runs great on my system. The only way I could even get it to approach looking like NFS underground was to turn off all graphics options and set the resolution to 800x600. So maybe that's your problem :D
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    Counter Strike: Source

    I thought Left 4 Dead would be taxing on my 8800GT/ e3110 system but it's really not. Basically if you can play Half life 2, you can play L4D just fine. It's very well done and runs great. When I saw it playing smooth as hell on people's systems with new video cards and all that, I was...
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    Are you kidding me with NFSU

    I had alot of great races on HP2 and on the first Underground. Also, Motor City Online was the best one on the list. Underground 2 is where it's really taken a nose dive. I did sort of enjoy Carbon for a time. I had some great races there too. Just not worth my time when there are so many...
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    Anyway to use a PC mouse with L4D on Xbox?

    Well the XIM was already mentioned which requires you buy the XIM for 70 or 80 bux and the XFPs for another 80 bux or so. Then you said you would have to buy a portable laptop or whatever. Well, maybe in some cases. But here's my setup: XIM 2 (or XIM 360 as it's being called). Does not...
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    Space Game

    Space Rogue FTW!! :D
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    Gamers of Chicago, Inc.: World At War LAN.

    got a link to your page? I'm just coming for the hot tub. I'll bring some ladies. Ok mostly just my sister and her of her fat friends. Don't hit on them. They have diseases.
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    COD:WaW v1.1 Patch

    i'm sure people will find more map holes as they go...and they'll exploit them in online games...cuz people are lame that way
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    COD 5 beta?

    i did a preorder on around 11pm and i got my beta key emailed to me the next day at 5pm. I expected it to take a few days. I was so excited to see my beta key, that I had to poop. And then I did this:
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    best time to sell a Wii?

    around 4:32pm seems popular.....but yeah....make the ending of your auction like 5 days before christmas so you have time to get it out.
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    COD5 MP Gameplay Vids

    here's another video. The guy playing has an oddly similar name to mine. oooOOOOOOooooo!!!!
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    360 Fall update Mon 29th

    see? I told you it would be down longer than 24 hours...heh... And no, I'm not Nostradamus.
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    360 Fall update Mon 29th

    The message said it would be down at something like 12:01am pst for 24 hours right? Cuz that's 24hours microsoft time. It means XBOX Live will actually be down for around 38.71 hours if my conversion math is correct. Then, once this "maintenance" is complete, and we are all happy, they...
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    Force Unleashed = Big Steaming Pile of Crap

    oops..I edited what I said and forgot to fill in the gaps... my bad.. Make them happy.. :D
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    Fav COD4 Weapon...

    On the pc: p90, m16, m4, r700, G3. I use stopping power, uav jammer, steady aim, bomb squad, dead not all at the same time. It depends on the map and the game type. On the xbox 360, I like to use the G3, but I fire it so fast, people often accuse me of using a modified...
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    Anyone know you can use almost any XBOX controller on your PC?!?!

    In all fairness he did say "wireless". I think the only way you can use wireless devices for the 360 on your PC is with the wireless receiver adapter still unless there is something new that I haven't heard of. Where did you get that madcatz wheel for 20 bux? That's what I wanna know...
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    Force Unleashed = Big Steaming Pile of Crap

    Maybe they'll come out with another game called "Light Sabers Unleashed" that will make everyone who is bitchin' about the illuminated baseball bat in this game. :P
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    Good gamming headset

    Those look nothing like the .90s...or...were you joking or somethin'. Anyway, here are the.90s for $8.95. You can't beat it. I bought 2.
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    I'd love to be a console gamer...but

    I'm going to respond to this kb/m console thread the same way I responded many times before. Except the part about responding the same way. And sentence explaining. And this one explaining that sentence as well: 1) Open your web browser ( are part way there already!) 2) Type in...
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    If I were looking to buy a new mousepad right now, I'd get a Steelseries SX.
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    What mouse do you use and why?

    I use a logitech mx518 because my girlfriend broke my G5 2nd Edition.
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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed! Demo

    All the videos I saw for this game last year and earlier this year all showed a great framerate that doesn't exist on the 360. Maybe PS3 will be better, but I doubt it. That's why it should be for the PC. So that we can take advantage of our technology and not have to rely on 3 year old...
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    Best Racing Game?

    My favorite racing game of all time (and I've played all those mentioned here except iracing), is MotoGP 07. Not available in the US but you can usually find a copy on Ebay from the UK or wherever. Also, there are still people that play it online, but you have to be on during the right time of...
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    I used an S&S Steel series solo (i think) hard pad for about a year and a half. I won it at a LAN. Until then, I was using a custom made cloth pad. I had a Ratzpad that lasted about 2 months before it started getting shiny surfaces on it. My S&S pad is still in great condition after a year...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Not picking on anyone in particular, but it's funny when people post pics to be rated and they don't have any cables in them. they don't have their pci-e required video cards hooked up and sometimes they don't even have their hard drives or motherboard powered. nice..........
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    iRacing releases pricing information for new Simulation...

    With oil prices as high as they are, I cannot afford to spend money to gas up a FAKE CAR every month. My clever gripe over with, I think I may actually try this for a month and see if I like it. I enjoy racing games like Race Driver 2/3, Race 07, some others. I've been playing GRID alot...
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    Just picked up GRID...WOW

    when i got grid, I hooked my wheel right up. I have a sidewinder precision wheel. Still the best wheel ever made, IMO. I play just about every racing game out there. You have to have an open mind with different games though. Some games, like Toca 3, Race07, and other more sim type games do...