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    8800 GT 512 vs HD3850 512

    8800 GT 512 is 275 CND and HD 3850 512 is 220 CND. Which would be a better buy?? The HD 3850 is mildly overclocked and core clock is 720MHZ. It has the cooling solution where it exhausts the air outside the case, 8800 GT doesn't. The 8800 GT has effectively the stock cooling solution as well...
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    Intel Plans Dual Core Celerons.

    As the link below shows. Much earlier then I anticipated before the introduction of Intel own Native Quad Core, we have Native Dual Core Celerons!!
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    AMD October 8th Pricing on Desktop

    Athlonx2 BE-2400 Brisbane 2.3GHZ/2x512KB 104US DC S940 (AM2) 1.15V 45W Athlonx2 BE-2350 Brisbane 2.1GHZ/2x512KB 96US DC S940 (AM2) 1.15V 45W Normalized Competitor: Pentium E2160 Athlonx2 BE-2300 Brisbane 1.9GHZ/2x512KB 91US DC S940 (AM2) 1.15V 45W Athlon 64x2 6400+ Black Edition Windsor...
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    Samsung HD501LJ in Canada for good price.

    Does anyone where I can find a HD501LJ for a decent price?? Say about 120 CND or so.
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    Intel Q2 2007 Financial Results...

    Intel 2nd Quarter Financial Results. Well here they are, things are looking better at this is better then Q2 2006. Revenue of 8.7 Billion, Net Income of 1.3 Billion.
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    8600 GTS/GT only has 32 Stream Processors! :( This is a bit of a let down, this means performance would be at best 45% of the 8800 GTS 320.
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    AMD Price cuts Now Official (April 9th)

    Processor line up which you can consider from my perspective: Notice the pricing leaps when you go from x800 to (x+1)000 SKU's. Athlon FX-7x carry about ~60% premium per processor over Uni-processor configurations.. Athlon FX-74 ($799 per pair) or ~$400US per processor. Athlon FX-72 ($599 per...
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    Good deal for 6800 GT?

    Ok, I have a problem and am looking for the opinions of the members of this board, so bear with me. I am looking for a minor upgrade for my video card, Geforce 4 Ti4200 is getting long in the tooth, and was looking at a 6800 GT PCI-E for 100 CND used. Would that be a reasonable deal, would be...
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    AMD's Soft Price Cuts.

    There is a disparity again between the official charts and the current prices on the 3600+, 3800+, 4200+, 4600+ Dual Cores from AMD. From what I heard there is a rumor floating about that AMD will accept the challenge of Intel's price cuts on April 22nd by cutting prices on April 9th. Check...
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    Ordering parts for a system upgrade.

    So the titles says, I want comments and opinions on my system upgrade. ASRock 775DUAL-VSTA 73.44 Sunbeam Silent Wisper...
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    Intel Demos 4P Tigerton system As the link says, this is the first Core based processor the MP segment, and what is most interesting is that it is slated for Q3 2007, and will have a direct connection to the chipset for each Quad Core implying the use of CSI.
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    K8L on desktop not to arrive till 2008? Link above and discuss.
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    ES of Kentsfield out in the wild.... There you go, topic describes it all.