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    Is my setup possible?

    So I got this grand idea to attempt to build the perfect bowl game setup in my basement this holiday season. My wife has given me a $200 limit to do this. Equipment I already have: (1) Dell 2405WFP monitor (1) Sharp 32" 720p TV (1) Circa 2005 gaming rig (1) Unfinished 800 sq basement at...
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    Need your help with no audio though HDMI

    I have a Dell laptop hooked up via HDMI to a Phillips tv in my office and I cannot for the life of me get the audio to work. When I move the laptop to a different tv it works fine, also when I hook something else up via HDMI to that Phillips tv it works fine. I have tried paying around with...
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    Network Bridge question

    Long and the short of it is I use to have a Netgear N router and I bricked it (it sucked anyways). So I am back to two Linksys WRT-54G's (One is a V1 the other is a V5). My primary router (the V1) is running Tomato firmware, the second that is going to be the bridge (the V5) is running DD-WRT...
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    What to match a 2405FPW with?

    I am finally setting up my home office again and have a Dell 2405FPW that I use to use and would like to again but since it does not match anything Dell currently has (as far as esthetics's are concerned) I am going to be looking on ebay for possibly a 17inch monitor to have in portrait mode...
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    Stupid GT4 Question

    Sorry guys for this stupid question but I just picked up GT4 again last night after not paying for about 5 months or so. Anyways I am trying to get a car that fit a few criteria for upcoming races and settled on a Mustang Mack 1 from 1971. Anyways on the first race it will not shift out of 3rd...
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    Give me your thoughts on my plan

    Ok, I was contacted by my Vet's office because they had a "serious computer problem." I have spoken with him in the past about upgrading some of his hardware (I use to do IT work but now are an HR Manager). This is how they had it setup: Computer 1: Ran Quickbooks Hosted Avimark software...
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    Thoughts on my theory of building a new gaming rig

    So after a few year hiatus of not computer gaming much (only on my laptop with an Nvidia 9500m not bad but cant play any new games) I decided to look into building a new gaming rig since my old "gaming" rig is a P4 3ghz with a gig of ram and an Nvidia 7900GS. So I put some numbers together on...
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    I really hate Game Stop

    Every time I go into that store it reminds me why I never buy anything at those stores anymore. I am not a hardcore console gamer so I probably only pick up a new PS3 game about twice a year (usually NCAA Football and some other random game). Anyways I wanted to get back into the NFS series and...
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    Need opinions (Corp. Espionage)

    We have received orders from the managing parter to start monitoring a specific employees internet behavior (most notably email and IM usage), and this also complies with our technology manual that each employee signs that all activities on a work computer or on the work network can be...
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    Anyone use a Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall 100?

    We are considering getting a Barracuda 100 because GFI is causing all sorts of issues on our Exchange server and wanted to come here and confer with you to see if this would be a good solution? Thanks!
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    Best way to get Win7 licenses for the office?

    We want to upgrade out work computers from Win XP Pro to Win 7 Pro. We have requested some volume license quotes from places like Dell and our local IT consultants and each has been over $300, I look on Newegg today and see that the full retail version of Win7 Pro is $274...
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    Home Network Refresh (need opinions)

    Hello everyone. I am going to finally be getting a new wireless router and wanted to know if the setup that I am proposing will be the best. What will be connected: Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptop (N) Dell Stuido XPS 13 Laptop (N) Dell Mini 9 Laptop (G) Roommates Laptop (G) PS3 (ethernet)...
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    Thoughts on this N router? (NETGEAR WNDR3700-100NAS)

    What are your thoughts on this router? I am replacing an old Linksys WRT-54g v2 that is running Tomato firmware. What I am looking for is a faster router, I know my aged wrt is most likely the one that is slowing me down when I have more than one computer downloading a high volume. I like this...
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    BF2 Mods?

    Anyone know of any good Battlefield 2 mods? I have searched and it really does not seem to be alot of them, at least compared to BF42. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Print Kiosk?

    Anyone ever do anything like this? In our office we have a lot of people that are out of the office a lot and check their email mostly from their blackberries. What they do is they run into the office really quickly and go to their computers in their respective offices and print off what...
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    Best way to share files on a home network?

    After my server died last week (actually it had been off for a month and only realized that it died when I went to turn in back on) I am in search of how to best share files on a home network. Here is my setup. Server is an old Asus laptop (yay built in battery backup!) and the storage drive...
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    Server Shelfs..

    Why are server shelfs so expensive? I mean seriously why are they $40 for a piece of metal that bolts to a metal frame? Any ideas on where I can get some that are reasonably priced?
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    What crimper are good? Coax and Ether

    Hello everyone, I am about to dablle in my own crimping of coax and ethernet cable. My project is going to be to wire two of my upstairs bedrooms with coax and ethernet cable as well as my living room. My plan: For the upstairs I would have to go on the outside of the house, in the corner...
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    SageTV, MythTV, Slingbox, Hava, HDHomeRun.... Help me out of the woods here...

    Alright, Ill start off by saying that I don't really know what I want, and because of that I have basically done nothing. I use to have an WinXP MCE machine setup with dual NTSC tuners. It was nice, but I didn't really like having a compute running 24/7 even though it was a celeron...
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    Power consumption of an Asus Eee Box vs old HP Laptop

    Hello. I am searching for a low power home server. The primary function on this machine will be to host files, and secondary functions will be to run an ftp server and possibly a few other things. Currently I have an old HP Pavilion DV1040 laptop that has a P-M 1.6ghz processor it in. Which...
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    Stupid question about Win7 and how many times you can install

    I know this is a stupid question, but I remember hearing somewhere that the new version of windows would allow you to install on two computer, say desktop and laptop. Is this true? If we were to purchase "Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit Media Set on DVD" from my University could we install that on...
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    Home VOIP options...

    Does anyone know of any pay per use with free incoming calls VOIP providers that work without a PC connection (wifi is available though).
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    Looking for a Nagios plugin

    Anyone know of a plugin for a Nagios server where I could ssh into it and run some plugin to show me the state of the monitored services through the command line?
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    Question on Quickbooks Invoices and Past Due Amounts...

    Hello everyone. I have a question on how to show past due amounts on an invoice in Quickbooks 2k9. From some of our vendors we get a little report at the bottom of the invoice that says "current" "1-30" "31-60" "61-90" and "over 90 days past due"... How do I do this?
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    You ever have that "scare" every now and then?

    So I am installing PuTTY on my phone and try to connect to my home server, and it keeps giving me an error that it is the incorrect password, so I try to SSH in from my desktop and same thing... I start to think to myself...WTF, so I try to log into my router... incorrect password.... and I...
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    Anyone know how Quickbooks works?

    We use QB Pro 2008 at work, and I need to format the computer, does anyone know how to or where the information is saved. Supposedly the information is saved on our network drive, but I looked at the date of the backups and they are over 3 months old, so I don't think the office manager is...
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    How do I pin a network drive to the start menu?

    So in Windows 7, how am I able to pin a network drive to the start menu?
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    Question about archive arc in Outlook and Exchange...

    Yo, We have an Exchange server here at work, and when you restore an account from the server it saves damn near everything, but I am concerned about the auto archive feature in Outlook, do those emails get recreated by the server if we have to format the computer?
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    GFI Mail Essentials... how to stop bounce back spam?

    We are running Exchange 2k3 and GFI Mail Essentials. We are getting slammed with fake bounce back spam... How do I stop this?
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    What do you think of the Dell Mini 10?

    Im starting to look for a birthday present for my wife, and she always complains about how slow her computer is (even though its not really, Dell Latitude D420). She only does web surfing, listening to music, etc. So I am looking at for a netbook. I am a hardcore Asus fan, but my new laptop has...
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    Strange problem with printer defaults and Win7

    Alright I have encountered my first problem with Win7. We have a Canon iR-C5185 at work that does color printing and collate and staple. So I want to set the default to black and white, collate and staple in the upper left corner. I can set the settings hit apply then ok close out then open the...
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    Can I get a Dell Windows ISO from somewhere?

    Its coming up on the time where I have to start formatting some of the computers here at work and the only Dell Windows cd's that I have only have SP2 on them, and would like to get one with SP3 on it. So does Dell offer anything like that, or will I have to call them and request a disk?
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    I got a great story for you guys...

    So a little background, I have been running Ubuntu since Edgy as my primary OS. So we dont print a lot of stuff so we dont keep a printer upstairs (its in the basement disconnected) and both the wife and I have laptops. So she needed to print something this weekend and brings the printer up...
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    Any way to make Vista take up less RAM?

    So, purchased a new laptop about a month ago. it came with Vista Home Premium 64bit and I used it for all of 5 seconds before installing Ubuntu 9.04 64bit. I do dual boot into it to play games every now and then. I have done a fresh install of Vista to delete all the bloatware, but want to know...
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    How do I delete the "show desktop" button in Win7?

    I want to delete the "show desktop" button off of the task bar in Windows 7, how do I do it? Thanks
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    Options for work machine...

    Ok, so here is my deal. I run Ubuntu 9.04 64bit on my new laptop and have been loving it! I have to run Windows at work, because of some of the applications I use (Microsoft Dynamics CRM). But I think I have come up with a solution, I have been toying around with running Windows in a VM (Sun's...
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    Question about IR port on laptop and MS MCE keyboard/mouse

    Alright, so I got a new laptop that has an HDMI port. I would like to use this as a semi HTPC to watch missed network shows from Hulu or what not. I have an old MCE remote and keyboard from my previous MCE PC and was wondering if they would work with the IR port I have on the front of my laptop...
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    Second Monitor/Laptop to the left or right?

    I had my office setup with my main monitor right in front of my chair with a laptop stand to the left of the main monitor. I really liked this setup, but everyone could see what was on my laptop screen. Today I switched it to the left of the main monitor and switched everything around on my...
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    Is this a problem with the LCD screen?

    My bosses laptop has a screen like this: You can usually get this by moving the laptop screen. The output is fine when connected to an external monitor. What do you think, bad LCD screen or something worse? Im looking at LCD's on ebay for the Gateway M-5816 and they are about $50.
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    TV tuner vs slingbox...

    Alright guys, help me decide here what to do. I recently purchased a new laptop (Dell Studio XPS 13) and I would like to be able to watch tv on it, but I am torn between two completely different options. The first is getting an express card tv tuner and pulling in QAM/ATSC from where ever I am...