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    Industrial switch to be installed on factory floor

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a switch that meant to be deployed in a harsh industrial environment. We need a switch that can be installed in a factory that does graphite milling so the switch cant have fans, but needs to withstand 100_ degree temps. Im looking for something that has...
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    Run Backup Exec in a VM with SAS pass through

    Does anyone know if it possible to run Symantec Backup Exec in a VM? I take nightly snapshots of all my vm's on my NetApp and want to back them up to tape. We're trying to consolidate servers so I dont want to have to dedicate an entire machine to running Backup Exec and would there for like to...
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    Sub 300 dollar build advice

    A couple of days ago my beloved mac book pro finally bit the dust and now Im left with only a kindle fire for a computer. I've been out of the custum build scene for around 8 years and really have no idea whats what any more and as much I'd love to spend the next month meticulisly researching...
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    Control shape, size, and color of individual google maps markers loaded from database

    Bit of a background to touch on the "dont ask us to do your homework" sticky. The final deliverables for this project dont really include a working example. We are allowed to, and it is recommended that we make some kind of static mockup of what our front end would look like in photoshop or the...
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    The absolute cheapest SAN solution possible

    As the title says Im curious as to your opinions on how to go about building the cheapest possible SAN. The goals for this project are in order of importance: Spend less then 800$ Have a lot of storage, at least 1TB Fast transfer/access speed Fancy software features This is for my...
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    connect 3d x1800xl

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    free quake 4 with evga 7800gt

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    new to water cooling

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    program to check video card temps in Vista

    title says it all. what program you guys use to check video card temps in vista. i used to use the thing in the nvcontrol panel or w/e but now thats not there when i left click on the desktop? i tried speedfan but couldnt figure out what temp was what.
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    what the heck us up with my ipod

    when i plug my ipod into my windows computer vie useverything starts to get screwy, everything runs slow or freezes. the latest version of itunes said it was corrupt so i restored it, only to ahve the same thing happen again. i tried using vpod but that doesnt work either. my ipod works fine by...
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    what to do with a wet video card

    while draining my loop i somehowe maneged to get a good cup or 2 of koolence liquid mixed with distilled water all over my video card. i searched everywhere on what to do, but to no avail. so far i dried it off with a paper towel and scrubed it with a tooth brush and nailpolish remover. what...
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    can some one tell me what i need

    i have 2 pairs of wires(4 total) and want to be able to detect a current on each wire and then light a string of leds in a row. i also need to pass the current on to the wires. basically a current will be on the oange wires, i want to flash the red leds starting with the one closest to...
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    325 cfm with and 0dBA iconic cooling

    quick search and nothing about this came up so i figured alot of you would like this, saw it on digg edit: spelled ionic wrong, thanks for the heads up
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    anyone interested in a Lan in the southern california area?

    if enough people are interested i might set up a lan around the southern part of orange county. hour from both LA and san Diego. the place has a t 3 line and maybe spots for ~30 people. if there is any interest pehaps we can talk about dates
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    my new master peace

    i call it che trooper
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    money to your paypal if you can fix my problem, 7800gt problem

    the problem first started when i was trying to play bf2. in bf2 i can login select a server, laod the mpa select my spawn and then spawn in. i can then run around for maybe 5 seconds in a super super laggy inviroment, even though my ping is below 50. then everything freezes, i cant alt tab...
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    you wanna see super super super small

    check these things out. they are the size of a buissinus card/credit card.
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    my bf2 shat itself any suggestions

    well after installing bf2 last christmas and installing xeveral patches, i decided it was time for a reinstall. so i unistalled and then reinstalled. that worked fine, then came to patching. i couldnt get the patch to donwload from 5 different sites. i finally chalked that up to my bad...
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    new side pannel design

    si school ends on thursday this week and i need something to do while im not at work, i have always wanted to change the side pannel to my tsunami dream. here is the idea. everyone has seen those roll up wharehouse doors i plan on modifying the design a little thouhg, instead of having the...
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    MUGSHOT invites

    doea any one have any mugshot invites they would be willing to share. it looks like a really cool project how you can basically do anything you want with it. anyways i would like to kick the tires a bit if someone has some invites id love one lozaning [at] gmail [dot] com
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    maze4 from tiger direct

    so tiger direct has the maze 4 gpu block for 38.99 they also do not charge sales tax in ca shipping comes out to 6 bucks. this is best price i have found. the question is weither or not what they sell comes with the hardware to mount to a 7800gt. does the mounting harddware of 6800 series work...
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    what to do with 100's of nine volts

    any one have any interesting ideas of what i can do nine volts. i have like prolly around 200 at around 3/4 charge. i need to find seomthing usefull(halfways usefull atleast) as making big sparks and shorting them out so they exlpoad got old
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    help me play this map in counter strike

    i made this map for css or 1.6 in sketchup any way i can import into hammer or whatnot. i have the free version, but my sister uses the pro version for school if that would help at all. right now the file format is .skp
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    sony receaver is on the fritz

    my sony receaver is on the frits its a str-av 250if that matters. it will power on and play sound for no more then 10 seconds. after 10 seconds the sound stops but it stays powered on. if i turn it off and then back on the sound will play for another 10 seconds. this happesn with all the imputs...
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    composite in on 7800gt

    ok, i have a 7800 gt and i i wanna hook up my ps2 and dvd player to the composite(sp) in on my grafix card. i can watch whatever is hooked up to the comp in thorugh VLC player. my queastion is what do you guys use to watch video, or whatever is hooked to the comp in i have searched google...
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    program to copy, paste, and count words

    can some one point me in the right direction as to how to do this. i need to wright(or if you by randomly have one, that works to) a program that would take the first 4 words of every syntence, and the number of owrds in the syntence, and put that into a exel, or other spread sheet. so that...
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    3dmark score goes down with another 512 megabytes of ram

    ok, i added another 512 megabytes of ram to my sytem, bringing my total up to 1.5 gigs, but out of dual channel. is it really better to only fill 2 dim slots and keep my dual channelness. in bf2 everything seems smoother, but why would my score go down? with 512...
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    7800gt oc through coolbits doesnt seam to take effec

    been playing with my 7800gt in cool bits and benchmarking in 3dmark06. in the drop down tab i have the 3d settings selected. when i set the mem speed to a higher clock my 3dmark goes up, not the same with my score. i moved the core up to 520, from the 430 factory oc it came at. i tested the...
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    problems with my 7800 gt

    looked arouned and i did not find anything like this. i installed bf2 and my new bgf 7800 gt. i have the altest drivers and the bf2 patch applied. i was able to play the game for hours on end, then i had to turned off my computer and came back after a while and and wanted to play again. now...
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    video podcast

    i have searched high and low on how to make a video podcast. so far i have signed up for a blogger account and a account. i still dont get how to make it so people can automatically download my movies in i tunes though. do i need to create a folder for all the movie and then link...
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    best place to buy mini itx stuff

    whear is the best place to buy cases, boards and other stuff. i know about, and are there any other good places to but from, i would really prefer a one stop shop place. i have a really sweet mod planed with one of these...
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    automatically inserting numbers in exel

    does anyone know how to auto format in excel to automatically insert numbers 1400 thorugh 1800 in the first row going down?
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    exos initial install questions

    i just gutted my cases and installed all the exos parts and cut the tube and connected the cpu block and what not and now i am in like the 2 hour of leak testing, i still have some questions though. there are a lot of those little tiny tiny bubbles in the hoses, will those go waya ever? will i...
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    connect 3d x1800xl

    so i am looking for a gfx card and this looks to be a good deal only thing is never heard much about connect 3d, their website is kinda shoty and it looks like you have to pay for phone tech support...
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    are we ever going to see something that can do sli and crossfire

    i am just wondering if some company like gigabyte who makes both ati and nvidia cards would ever come out with one. i would think that is someone came out with a good stable one they would pull in the cash, as people wouldnt be as cemented into an upgrade plan
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    free quake 4 with evga 7800gt

    first of all im confused, some people say the card comes with the game and others say you have to send off for it. if you do have to send off for it, has every one that has done so receaved it, as this could be the deciding factor between purchases
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    500 hundred dollars for an upgrade

    my birthday is on the 2nd and my dad said i could have 500 dolars in computer stuff. what i have now is amd 64 3200 @2.4 1 gig corsair xms 2 x 512 gigabyte ga k8nf 9 (nf4 with pci-e slot) a tnt riva 64 with 16 mb of ram so my question is what would give the best proformence i dont...
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    agp 9500 to x800gto worth it

    one of my friends wants to know if it is worth the 200 dollar upgrade to get anew gfx card. the one i told him to look at is here. is there a card around that price that would be better. the card...
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    usb/firewire/serial fan controlers

    what is the best and cheapest fan controller than can be controlled thorugh sometype of software in windows. i know coolermaster kames the cooldrive 6, and sunbeam makes the Theta. what other options are there. i would like to keep cost to a minimum