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    Over heating cpu

    System specs mobo: GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H LGA 1155 cpu: Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge Quad-Core 3.4GHz heatsink: Antec KUHLER H2O 920 Liquid Cooling System ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 The system has been running great since mid 2012...
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    Windows 2012 Server option question

    Trying to figure out the best server software to get for my needs..... I built 2 mini pc servers using the following parts below.
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    Win 2012, Hyper-V, VM resolution question

    So I built a system using the following barebones pc with 16 gigs of ram and an i7 3370S. I put on Win 2012 server and setup Hyper-V with 3 VMs running on 4 gigs of ram each. Each VM resolution can only go up to 1600x1200 but the host machine can go up to 1920x1440. Is there a way to up the res...
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    Newbie VM questions

    Boss had me build a small pc for testing purposes. I stuck an evaluation copy of windows 2012 and got 3 VMs up and running smoothly. I dont have the server aspect running, just logging in each one via logmein for now. What Im wanting to know is, Im really only interested in having a system that...
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    Building a mini win 2012 server w/ Hyper-V and VDI?

    Im in the process of building a server for running a 3 VDI, possibly a few more then 3. Im not in IT but I am comfortable building pcs and want to learn how to build a VDI server. My company doesn't have a IT guy, Im the closest to one and they are giving me the opportunity to play around with...
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    Need help finding a vented panel for server rack

    I purchased a 9U server rack cabinet but this cabinet doesnt have a back panel. Im trying to find a vented panel, prefer similar to what the box already has, to mod onto the back. I need to be able to lock the back but still open it for access so ill be adding hinges, or something similar that's...
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    Looking for best possible router money can buy

    My boss is been looking to expand his side business of trading online. He asked me to look into finding him the best and fast router possible that would give him the best speeds possible. He is currently using the asus black diamond router and the Motorola SB6120 modem but would like to know if...
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    I need help fast

    Im running windows 7 home, out of the blue I got a BSOD and now on reboot it says "Bootmgr is missing, press Ctrl/alt/del to restart". Iv come across a basic fix but it's not working. When I try Method 1, #5 "choose the drive of your Windows installation and click Next.", the drive doesn't...
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    I feel like Im running to hot...2600k

    Running asus p8z56-v pro gen 3 with 2600k and 16gig vengeance and a Antec KUHLER H2O 920 cooler. I feel like my temps are to hot for the OC Im getting. I used the Auto Tuning feature in the AI Suite II software. @ 4.7 it restarts, @ 4.6 I can run Intel burn test on "Very High" with positive...
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    Trying to figure out my best option

    I dont know what the hell Im doing, ATI or Nvidia 1 of these 3 Id rather not spend 500 on a video card but how much better is 580 over the 570? Playing regular games like Batman, AC, Skyrim and BF3 and such. I do...
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    Need to edit a saved web page

    I saved a web page, a report I needed, and I need to edit out some information. When I try to do a basic edit in firefox, edit selection is grayed out. I cant change anything in the page source and if I open in word it says read only. What are my options? It's currently saved as a firefox document.
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    Is my video card kaput?

    Getting all sorts of artifacts out of the blue last 2 days. Started while Im gaming and it seems to be getting worse. While doing nothing my desktop will flicker for no reason. Iv tried redoing the drivers but nothing seems to fix it. Just want to know all my options before getting a new card...
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    Hard drive spindle motor ???

    Anyone know how to teardown a hard drive spindle motor? Trying to get the following result
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    Where can I get these wire connectors

    Where can I get these wire connectors and can you buy them without the wires already attached to the connectors? Thanks
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    Custom pc cabinet

    Im not sure where to put this thread so I put it here. Im looking to clean up my computer area and Id like to make a custom cabinet for my 2 pcs and battery backup. I measured that the over all space to enclose them needs to be at least 22" high x 24" wide x 23" deep. I left a few inches over...
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    7900GTX issues

    Vista Ultimate 7900GTX (drivers 175.19) 4gigs ram Im having issues with my 7900GTX and not sure how to fix it. Im using 175.19 drivers right now but Iv had this issue with many older drivers to. I get these lines sometimes like in the image and sometimes off players as well. Im clueless how...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. key found that link, gets you a stalker key from fileplanet. not sure how many they giving out but get it while its hot.
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    Why does my Wii @ 480p look like crap compaired to 480i? Iv tried it on 2 different hdtvs and both times 480i looks better then 480p. 480p is all lines while 480i is pretty clean. How can I fix this?
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    Buying vista now question...

    I heard that you can buy a M$ Technet subscribtion for $350 and get Vista Ultimate with a legit key...If true is this worth it?
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    Looking for a 1080p hdtv

    Im looking for a 1080p tv between a 42"-52" for less then $2k, what do you all suggest?
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    Looking for good 120mm fans

    Im looking for some really good quality 120mm fans but I need them to be quiet if possible. Thanks
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    Need a new router

    I have this router but its been giving me some issues last few weeks. My comp is connect by wire but my wife uses the laptop wireless. Im fast but she is slow as hell. Any way I was thinking of getting a new router and a friend said he has a gaming wireless router. I was wondering if the gaming...
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    Any other good Vista related forums?

    Any other good Vista related forums or sites?
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    Best Oblivion mods

    What are the best oblivion mods out there, Im looking for one to make the game look better in all aspect and any other fun mods. Thanks
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    Windows Media player 11

    I was trying to watch a vid and a popup said to get windows media player 11, well I d/l and installed now the vids play back with a purple color over the do I fix this? Thanks
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    Need help please

    I messed up windows activation in regedit for windows XP on drive C:...I cant get into XP any more. I can log onto drive D: that has xp64 on it. Is there any way to get into regedit for XP on drive C in xp64 on D? Thanks or do I have to reinstall windows?
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    bios update screwed up

    I was flashing my bios with Winflash, well I thought it went through it but froze everything up at the last sec. Now I cant get anything working not even a boot. I tried clearing the cmos but that doesnt work either. How do I fix this? All I get is a black screen. I have the Foxxconn 6150.
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    2405 burn in

    my 2405 has burn in, I remember reading somewhere that you can get rid of it pretty easy on lcds but dont remember how...any help please...thanks
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    Help me build a system

    I need help picking parts, I have around $2000 to spend on this, I can go alittle over but want to keep it close to 2k. Im going to start getting some of the parts now but want to get all by the end of Jan. So if a new mobo is expected out by then then I can wait. I know I want these 3 parts...
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    will this work in an SK41G? will this vid card work in an SK41G? Right now I have a geforce4 in there an want to upgrade it but dont want to spend alot on a decent card for this shuttle...If not what can you recommend..Thanks or is this card...
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    No new games will install

    I have a Shuttle SK41G with a GF4 and 512mb ram. I have no known issues other then no new games will install. Quake4, New COD demo or BF2 demo will install on my system. I know the BF2 demo wont play on my system but it wont even install. Install goes through to about 75% or alittle more but...
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    Shuttle SK41G question

    I have an older SK41G with 512 of ram but I need to upgrade the ram as my system is running sluggish, can someone recomend me the best ram to get for this system. Im hoping for 1gig not sure if 2 will work with this. Thanks
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    is this a good deal?
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    SFF + X2 + GF7800...or wait for SLI?

    Im looking for a SFF pc that would use a AMD x2 with a geforce 7800...I would prefer to have SLI but I need to run a min of 2 monitors and sense SLI only works with 1 monitor now would a SFF, x2 and 7800 be the way to go?....If so what SFF would you pick? Thanks I want to be able to play my...
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    Looking for dual AMD and SLI...please help

    Im looking for a dual AMD cpu with SLI system and want your best thoughts. I would prefer to have a SFF but if thats not possable then so be it but I was looking into this ( ). I am a trader and a gamer and like to game while I...
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    How do u hide ur desk cables

    So how do you have your cables hidden? Show pics if you got them?
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    Need some LED help

    I mod cases for my friends, I plan on working with the Sunbeamtech Tri-Laser LEDs. I would like to know if there is a way to work Sunbeam meteor light effect, (the Knight rider, pulse, ect) into working with the Tri-Laser LEDs. Is there some part that I can buy and add to it to get a similar...
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    Finished Half-Life 2

    I beat Half-Life 2 and I feel real story, not one movie action scene, feels repetive, and crap it possable for a game to have a good ending? Im feeling like no one in the game business cares two shits just as long as they can continue it to make more money for more...
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    How would I cut this

    How would I cut this material into clean exact same cuts every time?
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    beat Maker software?

    Im looking for a beat making software thats some what easy for creating beats and songs. thanks