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    Reccomend a book/website for Windows7 Networking

    I am going from WinXP to Win7 Home Premium. I mention this because I never learned the Vista way of doing things. I am looking for a resource to explain Win7 networking. I am interested in an explanation of personal file-sharing, how the built-in firewall works (including how to manually...
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    List of Win7 WinExplorer Search Filters

    I am looking for a list of permissible search filters for the WindowsExplorer search box in Win7. (It may be the same as Vista, I don't know, I've never used Vista.) For example, when you click on the search box (upper right hand corner of WinExp.), you get the options to restrict your...
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    Dremel sponsors home improvement contest (Sorry, usually I would have pasted in the contest rules, deadlines etc, but the website has it as text in the above graphic instead of as ordinary text. Lame.)
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    Note, installing X-25 in laptop

    If you are installing the X-25 in a laptop, write down the information on the drive (in case you need to do an RMA). I thought I could just use the serial number off of the box, but apparently not. Here is the information Intel wanted for my RMA: Model: (Starts with SSDS, this info is on...
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    People say Linux isn't user friendly
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    OCZ announces Vertex firmware 1.4 Feature-Set

    From the OCZ Support forum: "All i will tell you is the new FW is very stable, comes in 2 flavours...1 with TRIM the other with GC...BUT not together." The current FW is 1.3, there was a 1.4b that was pulled from testing and download after data corruption bugs were discovered. The new FW...
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    OCZ Colossus pricing leak?

    So, the OCZ Colossus is reported to be a standard 3.5in form factor, with two Indilinx controllers RAIDed (RAID 0) together in a single solution. ZipZoomFly (ZZF) has some initial pricing information. 120GB ($437.99) -
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    I know where all the Intel SSDs are going

    Where are all the Intel G2 SSDs going? Intel initinally started to ship them, about one month ago. They then stopped shipping because of the BIOS password bug. But they have had time to test and deploy a fix, and this time should have allowed them to build up a supply of the drives. And...
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    New SSD article is up on Anandtech And if you haven't read it, the first article in the series is here: and it is a must read.
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    SSD Price predictions

    The short supply of the Intel G2 SSD has driven prices up this past week. OCZ is offering a $30 rebate gift card on their Vertex drives. The vertex drives, which having very different specifications, are the only thing the Intel drives have in terms of direct market-pressure competition...
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    Two Lancool K-62 arrive damaged from Newegg

    I purchased two Lancool K-62 cases from They were $119.99 a piece, and I got them with a free shipping promotion. When they arrived, I saw that they had been shipped in their retail boxes, and had sustained the ordinary UPS abuse. Upon opening the packages and inspecting the cases...
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    System monitor software for 8in. USB display

    So people have probably seen the little 8in USB monitors that MIMO (and others?) are coming out with. I think I would like to have one as a dedicated system monitor display, what software can you recommend. This is for windows. In the past I have used GKRELLM...
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    Lancool (Lian-Li) K-62 photogallery I kept the pics big so that people could see the details, and plan for their build. Note, the acrylic cracked on both of the cases that I bought. I presume that this was due to UPS manhandling the boxes. Or perhaps it is a design flaw...
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    How does cashback work?

    Can someone explain Bing cashback? I'm under the impression that you search on Bing, click through to your vendor... but then what? Do you need to have a Bing/ MS Live account? Does MS cut you a check or does the participating vendor just discount your order? Are they generally able to...
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    OCZ / Idilinx SSD Garbage Collection Firmware update I didn't see a thread on this. Apparently this is NOT TRIM, but functionally similar?
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    MSI X58m mosfet cooling?

    So I have been looking at the MSI X58m motherboard for a Core i7 build. MSI decided to remove the mosfet heatsink that the include on their other boards. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this board and whether or not the mosfets get hot...
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    Win 7 RTM and TRIM support?

    So, everyone is saying that Win 7 will support the SSD TRIM command. Now that we have seen Win 7 finalized with the RTM release (release to manufacture), does that mean that TRIM is operational? Do we have benchmarks? Do we have to wait for the SSD vendors to enable this via firmware?
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    Amazon vs. Newegg for memory prices

    Wow, I hope people are shopping around. Example: OCZ Platinum 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) 7-7-7-20 1.65v Triple Channel Kit - OCZ3P1333LV6GK $84 -
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    SSD compatability with drive-imaging software, truecrypt

    My understanding is that because of wear-leveling and other SSD voodoo that there is another logical layer interspersed between the OS and the hardware. Does this have an effect on tools that access the hard-drive at a low-level? For example, if I image a 80gig mechanical hard-drive and...
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    Core i7 920: What to look for on retail box?

    Hey, I would like to leave within the next hour or so to go down to a local store and take advantage of sale on Core i7 920s. I don't have a lot of time to do the research. If there are several chips available, how do I tell from the outside of the box which one to choose? I believe I want...
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    Comparing Core i7 Bloomfield(920) vs. Lynnfield(870)

    Both Bloomfiled and Lynnfield are examples of the Nehalam micro-architecture. Bloomfield is available at the time writing, and Lynnfield is expected probably in the second half of 2009. The Lynnfield architecture will include core i3, i5, and i7 parts. Some people are wondering if they should...
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    Pre-built mid-level gaming PC

    Hello, a friend is in the market to purchase a mid-level gaming PC. I do not have time to build it for her, and I am looking for recommendations where to purchase online. This is funny because I have always built my own computers, so I have no idea how to go about purchasing a pre-built...
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    Adding a USB port and making it look clean?

    I need to add a USB port to a piece of flat plastic on the front bezel of my computer. What is the cleanest way to do this. I am thiking that after I cut my hole, there is another bezel or faceplate that could go over the rough cut hole and make it look clean... Anyone seen a product? -PHiZ
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    Equalizing pressure to minimize dust in the case

    Now we all know that having neutral pressure in the case is the best scenario for keeping dust from accumulating. You want to basically balance the CFM coming in with that coming out. Too much coming in, the dust will not be pushed out. Too much going out and dust will be sucked in. I...
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    Video out I see my desktop but media player is blank?

    I'm counting on that some of you have seen this problem before. I have run across it both using my All In Wonder RCA outputs, and on my laptop using my s-video out. You can see the desktop, and you see the window of your media player, but you don't get the video content. I believe that this...
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    Controlling SFAN1 and SFAN2 on MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum

    The SFAN1 and SFAN2 system fan connectors don't seem to change RPM with the Cool and Quiet feature like the processor fan does. I tried to use speedfan to control the SFANs but didn't seem to get it to work, am I doing something wrong? Can anyone confirm that these fans are controllable, and...
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    Why does everyone choose blue LEDs?

    It seems the majority of people choose Blue LEDs for their projects. Why do you think that is? It seems suppliers have followed the trend and it is hard to find products in other varieties of colors. Or do you think that is what has driven everyone to "build blue?" -PHiZ
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    Help me find a specific bay device to fit my needs?

    I need a 5 1/2 inch bay device that has an intake fan and USB ports, maybe firewire port too. I DON'T need a card reader built in. It's kind of an odd combo and I am having a hard time finding what I need. Thanks in advance. -PHiZ
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    Discharging the capacitors in a PSU

    I have a vantec that has been in storage for a year or three. I am building a system around it, the system is running burn-in tests right now. After I am convinced the system is stable I will be shortening the length of the PSU cables. I do this by cutting off the connectors and crimping...
  30. P 10% off weekend "Now" through 1 May 2006. 10% total order. Use checkout code "arbor" -PHiZ
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    Heat cycle regimen of new build

    I have a new Athlon 64 X2, new mobo, new heatsink. It is all installed with some AS5. I have it booted into the bios and I am looking at the system health monitor to monitor the core temperature. What procedure should I follow for heat cycling, to let the AS5 and components set? Leave it...
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    Suse is a good beginner's linux

    My computer lab at school uses Suse 10 and I sat through a couple installs the other day. Suse detected all the hardware (There was a weird BroadCom gigabit NIC that our XP install media choked on), and went off without a glitch. We installed win2k3 on some machines first (partiniong the HD...
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    $2.95 USB pin header to pin header cables Need to connect a front panel device to a Mobo header? USB/Firewire? This device comes with the cables. The are bundled together on the front-panel end. But if you dissasemble it (jewelr's screwdriver) and slap the pins into some old pc-audio cable...
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    3 year old Shin-Etsu MicroSI still good?

    I have had this tube of Shin-Etsu MicroSi since my last system build (3 years?). Does anyone think it may have gone bad. Looking at it, it doesn't appear to have physically seperated (you know like when peanut butter separates into a layer of oil...) So what do you think? -PHiZ
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    Use one onboard SATA controller or both?

    I am building a system around a MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum (non-SLi). I have 8 SATA headers. Four for the NV RAID (NorthBridge/Chipset?) SATA Controller and one for the onboard Silicon Images SATA controller. I have one small HD for the operating system and paging/swap file. And a larger...