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    I hate Intel but..

    Holy crap you actually clicked on the link lol.
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    Core i9 on Ebay

    If anything Intel expects this. This is pretty much free advertisement and publicity for them.
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    I just bought a VGA cable for my 360. I pluggd itin the VGA port and its actually worse than component. It's blurry and colors are very very washed out. Is it my TV?
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    X800XL issues at 1080p with GP1U

    I don't think a X800XL can handle 1080P. I tried playing a 1080P video clip on my computer and I got like 4fps.
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    PirateBay Hacked

    Wow. That sucks.
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    yate loon fans - buy 2 get one free (+5 shipping flat rate) and free grill w/led

    Took them a month to process and ship mine. I had to send them a gazillion emails to push them.
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    Nice minimalistic 1920x1080 wallpaper?

    They do not h ave 1920x1080. =[ They have 1920x1200. I tried some of the wallpapers out and it looked either stretched out, or scrunched in. ...and I'm horrible at photoshop to even try to make the right resolution.
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    Nice minimalistic 1920x1080 wallpaper?

    You guys got any links? Looking for some for my Westy 37W3.
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    Anyone have pics of Westinghouse 37" LCD??

    How come you guys have the "freeze" feature on yours and I don't? I have the last firmware on the 37w3. 1.0 I believe.
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    Possible [H]ot Deals: CompUSA store closings.

    The store down the street is no longer on CompUSA's list. I guess it's closed. The store closest to me now is 80 miles away. What the hell man. =\
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    Acid Lounge Invites!

    Private trackers are always good to have! Shoot me one please! u8myrice AT gmail DOT com
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    Free Oink Invitiations

    Not everybody is like that. But yeah, sometime one bad egg will ruin the whole batch. Someone send me an invite please? I always keep at least a 1.5 ratio on TD and Demonoid!
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    2 x 1GB Buffalo Firestix ddr2 800 RAM (D9GMH) - $199 @ newegg

    The 8000 set is up to 280. I guess deal is no longer alive?
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    TD Invites

    Thanks, you rock!
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    Free Oink Invitiations

    Can someone shoot me an OINK invite? Thanks! u8myrice@gmail(dot)com
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    8800GTS + COD2 $289.99 Shipped!

    Holy crap that's hot. 290 for this plus a free game. @_@
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    Stupid question about Vid card --> HDTV

    God damn that's an assload of connectors. My TV has like half of that. What HDTV do you have?
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    Best Intel CPU's

    Kentsfield and Conroe. That's about it.
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    upgraded from 8800 GTS to 8800 GTX

    A bigger e-penor.
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    What is the difference beteen pcie 8x and 16x

    Wow...that was. I didnt even know what he was talking about until I read your post. SMART ASS!!
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    Optical drive intake fan

    Is this what you're looking for? It takes up 3x5.25 drive bays.
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    New R600 info as Jan 18th

    If you remove the middle drive cage, you can.
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    Killer System - Horrible 3DMark06 Scores

    Damn that's a sweet rig in your sig. I'm jealous.
  24. U random watch 69.99

    A "woot" wannabe. Sad.
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    I need a website template.

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    Reappearing folder.

    I created this folder to store the music I ripped from his CDs for him. I uninstalled the program a while ago and deleted the folder in the Program Files directory. Might this be the reason it's reappearing? How do I do this?
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    Reappearing folder.

    I tried ending processes that I don't need then deleting it. It still reappears, even after being deleted in safe mode. I dont have any batch file that is running. At least not that I know of. I also downloaded and installed File Shredder but it doesn't work. Any other way I can permanently...
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    Reappearing folder.

    So I deleted a folder full of my grandpa's crap that he doesn't need anymore. The folder is named "Grandpa". The problem is that the folder keeps on reappearing. This is pissing me off. I don't know why it keeps on doing that. Everytime I delete it, it keeps on coming back. Are there any...
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    I have it hooked up to DVI through an X800XL. It looks great. I wanna upgrade my video card to something better. Probably a X1900 series for the superb IQ.
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    WD5000YS [HOT]!!! at newegg $150 shipped

    This drive isn't 7200.10 is it?
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Can someone answer my question with the firmware? I can't see to find it out under System Info. I get a 1.blank.
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    Wierd resolution problem?

    I have a 37W3 and I'm using it as a monitor. I have it on the highest setting 1920x1080. So here's the problem. When I turn my monitor off, and then on again the whole desktop gets "out of bound" I guess. I can't see the task bar, and all the 3 other sides. I only see the middle of it. I know...
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    Westinghouse 32" LTV-32w6 HD

    You got your griflreidn electronics for Xmas? Damn. You guys are both nerds. :D
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    What the hell. I tried to look up my firmware model and I got "1._". The "_" means its a blank. Nothing there. What in the hell?
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    *HOT* HDTV Complete Connection Kit $ 12.99

    It says that this package is in stock, but I can't seem to add it to my cart. Whats going on?
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    CPU compatability.

    Well, my mobo is dead, and I need a board to run my chip on. I don't really know when I'll upgrade, since the P-D does whatever I throw at it fine. I'll consider getting an mATX though. It sounds like a good idea turning this box into an HTPC later when I upgrade. Whatever it is, I need a...
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    CPU compatability.

    I have a pentium D 820. My motherboard just went to the pooper a few days ago. If I buy the Gigabyte DS3 conroe motherboard, can I slap this cpu in and use it?
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    Question about LVM-37W3

    So I found out this TV has been discontinued and wont be in stock for alot of retailers. I missed out on alot of deals on this TV because I didn't have enough money. Should I buy them through ebay?
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    [H]ard to locate 1800 Numbers

    Damnit. Why don't they have Intel?!?!?!
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    400 toshiba laptop @ bestbuy

    For the lazy ones. Product Details Warranty Terms - Parts 1 year limited Warranty Terms - Labor 1 year limited Product Height 1.5" Product Width 14.1" Product Weight 5.1 lbs. Product Depth 10.3" Processor Brand Intel® Celeron® M Processor Speed 1.6GHz Display Type WXGA...