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    Tekken Bowl Returns as Paid DLC

    Damn it, I read this as Tecmo not Tekken. I was more interested in Tecmo.
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    Amazon Patents Online Store Shopping Control

    Well just remember that ALL of this needs to be found, not just parts: 1. A system, comprising: at least one wireless access point configured to provide Internet access to a consumer device within a retail establishment associated with a retailer, and at least one processing component...
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    Net Neutrality Going down in Flames

    I honestly cannot tell if many of the posters in this thread just completely misunderstand the concepts of net neutrality, capitalist/free market economics, corporations and the laws governing them in America, etc., or if the posters are simply trolling. There are so many posts here that make...
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    Lost Account Access and Passwords Changed

    The new password Kyle sent me in the email did not work (checked and tried several times). However, since he also updated my profile with my current email, I was able to reset it this time using the site's automated process. This worked (obviously since I am posting). Just thought I...
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    Humble NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Bundle

    Why would you say these are illegal? SNK is getting paid.
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    G.SKILL Ares Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 2133 for $60 shipped.

    Deal looks dead. It is at $79.99 now.
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    I cannot figure it out. I just tried a different credit card, and even used IE instead of Chrome. Same error over and over and over. Apparently, they just do not want me to have one. EDIT: As a last ditch effort, I tried a check/debit card instead of the two credit cards I usually use...
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    The NEC website refuses to accept my billing information. No matter how I type it in there, it says I have the wrong address information. I even logged into to verify I had everything EXACTLY as entered in Discover.
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    Tribes - 20year anniversary free games

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    CAPCOM Humble Bundle: STRIDER, Resident Evil Revelations, Ultra SF4, and more

    Is Resident Evil 5 - Untold Stories worth the extra $6-7 to go from the average to $15? RE5 is in the beat average category, I have not played it.
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    Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Is Actually Getting Kind Of Serious

    You're body still acts as a pressurized container for your blood. Our bodies are not perfectly secure though. So eventually bad stuff can happen. But you will pass out and die due to lack of oxygen long before any of that happens.
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    Steam: Duke 3d + Shadow Warrior $2.99

    So.... Who wants some Wang?
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    Apple Scores Patent For 'Wrist-Worn Electronic Device'

    This is partially true (not exactly, but the basic point I think you are trying to get across). A recent Supreme Court case CLS Bank v Alice actually attempts to correct this issue. To be honest, our US Congress needs to step in and create a statute to help resolve and clarify these issues...
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    Apple Scores Patent For 'Wrist-Worn Electronic Device'

    EDIT: I made a typo in the post above. I said this: I just want to point out to those who think that the title of "Wrist-Worn Electronic Device" is all that needs to be found. I should have said this: I just wanted to point out to those who just think that the title of...
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    Apple Scores Patent For 'Wrist-Worn Electronic Device'

    This is what is what the patent actually covers: Note: I am not trying to say that this should or should not have been rejected. I do not feel like going through the analysis, or even really reading the actual claims. I just want to point out to those who think that the title of...
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    Apple Scores Patent For 'Wrist-Worn Electronic Device'

    You guys do realize the patent is not just a "Wrist-Worn Electronic Device" right? That is just the title of the patent. For instance think of a fiction novel. Is the entirety of what is contained in the novel summed up in the title of it? No. Neither is the case with this patent...
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    Steam Summer sale is up

    Fallout: New Vegas is probably my all time favorite game
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    Uber Sets Valuation Record Of $17B

    One of the major points of contention here is that taxi cab companies cannot compete with Uber is because taxi cab companies have to pay taxes and have certain insurance coverages, whereas Uber drivers do not have to pay said taxes or have the same insurance. The taxi cab companies argue that...
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    It was the lighting that killed you. The lighting will one shot you. What happened is that you failed the puzzle. [Very small spoiler to follow] To kill those golems you need to hit the columns in the right order (or something like that), and put the lighting rod into one of the...
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    Humble Bundle - 14 Days of Bundles

    Has anyone played this Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse game?
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    Humble Bundle - 14 Days of Bundles

    Crusader Kings II is a great game. But it is a different type of game. This is not a strategy game where you build and army and use it for domination. This game is much more about playing politics, making alliances, marrying off your children properly to protect your lineage, etc. Here...
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    Humble Bundle - 14 Days of Bundles

    Today's is pretty good if you like Crusader Kings. $20 for all of those DLC packs is a decent deal.
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    Humble Bundle - 14 Days of Bundles

    I jumped on today's big indie bundle. I have been wanting to play Dear Esther and Hotline Miami for awhile. I have heard some of these other games are decent too. Also, yesterday's Banner Saga bundle.... Banner Saga is actually a pretty good game. I thought the bundle itself was bit over...
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    Nvidia Shield: Portal and Half Life 3 Released in Google Play

    clicked because of HL 3
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    Warm: Bioshock triple pack - $15; Bioshock Infinite $10 on Steam

    Thank you for the responses. I was asking because I am really more of an RPG/strategy gamer, but I do like all games. So when it comes to FPS titles, I really only play a handful of them, and mostly it is because I like the story, atmosphere, environment, etc. For instance, I really like...
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    Warm: Bioshock triple pack - $15; Bioshock Infinite $10 on Steam

    I have all three already. I have only played the first one. Is it advisable to play the 2nd one before playing Infinite? TBH, I do not really feel like playing the 2nd one. But I would like to start Infinite, I just do not want to miss out on part of the story or some such, and will slog...
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    Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition - $25

    GW2 is only grindy if you try to play it that way. If your goal is to just level and grind as fast as you can until max level, it will definitely feel like a grind. But you are not supposed to play GW2 like that. It is not like other MMOs where you want to get to max level as fast as you...
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    Is 290 better than GTX 780?

    I thought the 780 was faster than the 290, but that the 290x was faster than the 780, and the 780ti was faster than the 290x? Stock speeds.
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 280X 269.99

    I do not see them mentioning the 3 free game bundle. I wonder if this deal is part of it. EDIT: My friend who bit on this deal just asked customer service. They do not. That sucks.
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    Powercolor 290x - $384.99 - Openbox

    They raised the price. I assure you it was $384 at the check out.
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    Powercolor 290x - $384.99 - Openbox

    I bit on it. Reference or not, that seems like a good price to me. I currently have a 670, and was in the market to upgrade to a 780 whenever I saw a good deal come across (new or used). But now I am back on team red I guess.
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    AMD FX-4130 for $39.99

    I am trying to decide if this would be a good CPU for a medium budget gaming machine. I was thinking about picking this up, a relatively cheap MB with crossfire capability ($40) and maybe 1 or 2 r7 265 (if can find in stock) or possibly a 270/270x. (perhaps even a better GPU) I am trying to...
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    Diablo 3 PC for $19.99 @ Gamestop

    I recently just came back to D3 (about a week or so ago). I have been having a blast, and I love the new loot system. I have not had ANY disconnects. Not a single one. So I am not sure why some of you are having problems. Everything has been great for me, and I have put in probably 40...
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    I would use a controller. The game automapped the buttons on my wired xbox 360 controller. It works great. I recommend buying one (it is a decent controller and pretty handy for other games too).
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    Need Help, got me a Titanium HD

    On the Titanium HD definitely use the RCA outputs into your amp. You may need to adjust the setting in windows to make it your default one, and disable the others.
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    HOT Sennheiser HD650 $319

    I am surprised to hear that. My Titanium HD sounds pretty good, and I have not heard anything negative about these cards. It is one of the few PC sound cards that actually gets consistently praised.
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    HOT Sennheiser HD650 $319

    If you want to plug the Asgard into your motherboard, then your motherboard will be doing the DAC. You said you were going to get a Modi. If so, then you will plug the modi into your computer via USB. Then you plug the Modi into the Asgard with an RCA cable.
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    HOT Sennheiser HD650 $319

    That makes sense from a cost standpoint. But, tbh, the amp looks like it was designed to be more of a portable amp. It looks like it was designed with plugging in an iPhone/iPod in mind. This would actually make sense with having all the ports on the front. It also makes sense why the sole...
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    HOT Sennheiser HD650 $319

    I almost got an O2 amp a couple years ago. I ended up going in a different direction because of the layout of the device. Why it was designed to have all the inputs and outputs in the front, I do not know. The inputs should be in the back, and the output in the front, like any other amp...
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    HOT Sennheiser HD650 $319

    You cannot have an amp that has an optical in (unless it is also a DAC, which most are not). An optical cable is only capable of digital signal. You need a DAC at some point to switch from digital to analog, THEN you can amplify the signal. If you want optical out of the computer, that is...