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    SBS 2003: Migrate user profile from another domain (with the old server dead)

    Log into the old domain profile, run the transfer files and settings wizard to copy the profile to another location on the drive (like C:\profiletrans). Then log into the new domain profile, and once again run the transfer files and settings wizard to transfer the profile from its new...
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    Inspiron 9300 - Will a Socket M Core2Duo work?

    nope. c2d requires a different chipset.
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    Comcast HDTV on Vista

    You would probably have to buy a new vista pc that includes one of ati's new hd tuners. Unfortunately, you cant buy them separately. Due to all of the DRM restrictions vista has on cable hd, you're honestly better off getting a cable company hd-dvr.
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    IPhone Sales Will Disappoint?

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    Mobile-ITX showcased

    wonderful. more via vaporware that will never make it into consumer hands.
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    new amp time. what's good.

    I have absolutely no gripes about this receiver, it sounds amazing, and is every worth every penny.
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    new amp time. what's good.

    recently bought an onkyo tx-sr604, very happy with it.
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    What's in your 360/PS3/Wii right now?

    360 - Gears Wii - Bust a move PS2 - Guitar hero
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    Need some help deciding on these two Acer's

    both of those configurations are going to run poorly on vista home basic. i would spend the extra cash and get better hardware.
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    Guitar Hero 2 DLC on market place

    if you like the game, just buy the songs and stop bitching.
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    Dells, CableCards, and TimeWarner...oh my!

    this is exactly why i went with the hd dvr offered by my cable company. With all of the DRM restrictions and installation hassles, there is NO real benefit to getting a cablecard enabled pc.
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    When will DIY CableCard be available?

    not going to happen anytime soon. i ended up deciding not to get a cc enabled pc from velocity micro for one reason: you cannot play back hd recordings on any pc other than the one it was recorded on. because of that, i decided to get the hd cable box from my cable company.
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    Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

    i think that combo is supposed to restart the X server. Strange that X doesnt restart itself...
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    My Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 review

    i bought this kb/m at frys this weekend, and i can attest to its greatness.
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    Lumines made in Flash 9

    sucks. controls are awful.
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    Wii Modding (WiiKey)

    and just how would that happen?
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    A heads up to all Wii owners

    same bullshit happened to me. as of right now, im waiting on the rma label from nintendo. what a retarded oversight on nintendos part... how could they not know the network adapter was getting so hot in standby mode?
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    Windows Vista on Dell 700m slow or ok?

    you will want more ram. i am currently running vista business on a toshiba portege r205. 1.2ghz pentium m ulv 1.25gb ddr2 40gb 4200rpm 1.8"hdd it runs just as fast as xp. i also put in a 1gb sd card for readyboost, which was a HUGE improvement.
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    What is it worth?

    Im going to sell my current htpc and buy one of those cablecard ready machines that velocity micro is selling. im having a hard time determining a decent price for the machine i have now, and if anyone feels like giving me an opinion of its worth, i would appreciate it. the specs: black...
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    Vista Business back to XP

    thanks for letting us know all that. i will sleep better at night knowing that your camera works now. :rolleyes:
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    Can't install Adobe Reader 8 in Vista

    no, you have to turn ON uac for acrobat reader 8 to work
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    HTPC... OS choice?

    the latest purevideo works just fine in vista, and is a whole lot better than microsofts codec.
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    Please tell me if I am infected.

    hmm, if the drives are passing diagnostic tests, then i am inclined to think that there is a problem with either your file system or your or winxp install. either way, i would just reinstall windows at this point. edit: oh, and i would also try getting rid of that zone alarm shit. i have...
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    First PS3 ISO Loader v1.0 by Ferrox

    i really dont see how it inconveniences anyone, especially when you can get a 9mb cable connection if you live in a metropolitan area. mine carries a monthly fee that costs the same as a ps3 game.
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    HTPC... OS choice?

    i use windows vista ultimate, and like it very much.
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    Vista Buisness Upgrade Install... How to tell 32 or 64 bit?

    you are correct. vista business requires you to order the x64 dvd
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    Win Mobile 5.0. No Desktop?

    i know that on my treo 700w there is no desktop. You either access the files through the program that uses them (i.e. word or excel), or you access them through the file manager.
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    Vista works fine but OFFICE 2007 issue

    does it give you an error message? we are going to need more info. for all we know, your pst could be corrupted.
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    Who has the WD Raptor X?

    holy shit, do not remove it! thats what seals the drive!
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    windows XP trying to access files

    no network admin worth their salt would give you access to a domain admin account, thats why they put you in limited admins. and with an attitude like that, i'll be suprised if your problem gets solved any time soon. what they really should do is copy all of the users documents into your...
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    New Mac Advertising Campaign, Deja Vu?

    I think the important thing to remember here is that this Mac advertising campaign is not targeted toward us, the high-end PC user. It's targeted towards the average idiot who compulsively clicks on things like the flashing banner ads on myspace. These people are mentally and physically...
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    How to play XviD in Vista

    just install ffdshow and never need another codec again.
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    Question about using Vista Ultimate as my HTPC OS..

    ive been using vista ultimate on my htpc for at least 3 months now without any problems. The latest nvidia purevideo codec installs without any problems, as do the sse builds of ffdshow. i like it much better than mce 2005.
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    Vista Premium & MCE05 remote

    it works. been using the ehome reciever with my logitech harmony on vista ultimate for about 3 months.
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    [On Fire!] 30GB Creative Zen 164.99!

    ive had this player for about a year, and its a lot better than the ipod. and i paid double that price.
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    No more clean installs with upgrade media

    Thats right. Check this out: Now you have to install windows xp first, then upgrade it to vista when you want to do a clean install with the $260 upgrade disc you just bought.
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    Vista Sync Center for desktop to laptop

    without an intermediary server, thats probably the best way to do it.
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    Final Fantasy XII help!!!

    have you tried using bubble to give your party 2x hp?
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    Final Fantasy XII help!!!

    if your party is really lvl 94, you should have no problem beating him. my party was at lvl 70 when i got there, and i beat him within 3 minutes. and i only used physical attacks. what level is your party really? its almost impossible to level to the 90's before hitting giruvegan.
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    DFI-Street Gives DFI the boot

    I have to agree with this post. Angry Games was not the kind of guy dfi needed as the face of their support team, and i for one am glad to see him gone.