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    2600k or bust?

    My bad I should have elaborated on that. Mt CPU is running at about 20% - 30% most of the time while running ArmA 3 on very high settings. ArmA games are extremely CPU intensive. I do notice that at times the "0" core runs a little higher than the others, but when the lag occurs I notice my...
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    2600k or bust?

    So far I don't for example as I did when I played Crysis on my dual core processor. I play ArmA 3 and it's mods as well as DayZ, ARK: Survival Evolved, Elite Dangerous, and lately Fallout 4. I am getting on average 55-60 FPS on all games with settings on all very high or Ultra. I was always...
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    2600k or bust?

    Actually if you re-read my posts you will see that I don't think it is much better and I stated that I read gains of 12% max. most results netted less performance gains than that and it just seems not worth it yet.
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    2600k or bust?

    Thats what i'm trying to say ssnider28. I did not try all those chips, but I read benchmarling sites that compare them and the difference seems negligible at best for my needs which is gaming.
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    2600k or bust?

    So Araxie are you saying as many benchmarks have suggested that a 12% gain or less is more noticeable than the suggested?
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    2600k or bust?

    I understand that there will be performance gains, but after viewing many benchmarking results on various sites it seems that for what I am doing the gains will be negligible. I play games like ArmA 3 which are extremely CPU intensive and so far I run at about 60 FPS on average with all settings...
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    2600k or bust?

    I am in the exact same boat man. i7-2600k at 4.5 ghz and it will NOT overclock higher with any kind of stability. I really want to upgrade because my hardware is getting long in the tooth and i love to tinker, but I just cannot justify it yet. I looked on Toms and Anandtech as well as here and...
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    Intel Skylake Core i7-6700K IPC & Overclocking Review @ [H]

    I am planning to upgrade my PC as I have not since upgraded my CPU, Mobo (i7-2600k, Asus P8P67 Deluxe, 16GB DDR3 1600 RAM), and RAM. I have upgraded my GPU to the EVGA 970 FTW card. I have my CPU overlocked to a stable 4.6 Ghz. I tried to go higher, but could not achieve anything higher at all...
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    Samsung Smart Hub help!

    i Called Samsung 3 times and spoke with 3 different support techs. They all either pretended or out and out lied about knowing anything about Twitch.TV. The search features and developer mode have been locked out of Samsung Smart Hub at the request of the paying Smart Hub apps with the upgrade...
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    Samsung Smart Hub help!

    No one here knows?
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    Samsung Smart Hub help!

    I have looked high and low for this answer and apparently Samsung has removed the Developers options on all new Samsung TV's.
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    Samsung Smart Hub help!

    Hello [H], Question: I just purchased the UN75HU8550FXZA Samsung TV. I am looking for Twitch.TV on the Smart Hub and it is not there... I tried what was recommended by most and tried to make a new Samsung logon with the name "develop", but it just keeps saying "that user name is already in...
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    Concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs are used on the ASUS GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition.
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    Do You Have a Case on Your Smartphone?

    Yeah, but not sure which one, but it was about $50.00 from the Verizon store for my Note 4.
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    Amazon: George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set - $23.44

    I never really watched the show. i did try to give it a go in season 2, but I had no idea what was going on so i dropped it.
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    Titan X is Single Precision

    The funny thing is that however they decide to brand the cards; workstation or gaming, they have their work cut out for them since AMD's R295 x2 beat every single nVidia card in almost every single category of performance. In some cases if not most nVidia was being run in SLI and still fell...
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    New Surface 3 starting at $499

    Does look good to me. Go Microsoft!
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    Samsung plans to by AMD?

    I really like Samsung products and feel that are are top notch in electronics. If this story holds true then I believe it will put AMD over the top and Intel as well as nVidia will have a true competitor. This translates to a huge win for us, the consumer.
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    "Ghastly" EA new drm

    Not sure how long EA/DICE can keep re-branding the Battlefield name or live off it's once great past (BF1942, BF2/2142), but I guess if we keep giving into them and paying $120.00 for unfinished, shitty games then they will keep pushing them out. They are getting worse and worse with each new...
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    New Build - Ordered

    It turns out that you my friend are the reason posts don't end well. This guy was not looking for a pat on the back. He posted here because this is [H]! The last time I looked it a forums based on Hardware...Hence the [H]! It is also comprised of extremely helpful, tech savvy members that offer...
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    4K vs 21:9 monitors

    the Acer XB270HU looks very interesting....I plan on doing a trip display set up. But I think with the Predator I can run a dual display and it would be amazing. Now for the GPU since hardly anything can power those 34 inchers.
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    New TV Ideas 65" 4k or 1080p on up...NOT FOR GAMING!!!

    Ok I watched this thing get unboxed at BestBuy and plugged in and then connected to a feed which was 4k. This is best picture that I have ever seen bar none. It is very expensive for it's size though. I will wait a bit more to see if it holds up and then make a decision. Amazing set though...
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    New TV Ideas 65" 4k or 1080p on up...NOT FOR GAMING!!!

    Sorry for the late reply, but I think I am capable of making an assessment of what i witnessed and I hold to my initial statement so it proves anything is possible....
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    Speed Up Your Chrome Browser and Save Bandwidth

    I know that all of our search data is closely watched anyway, but I just don't trust this mess. It may be slower, but i'm leaving things alone and if I want real incognito then it's the TOR browser for me....
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    4K vs 21:9 monitors

    Not for nothin and just my 2 cents here, but this response fucking sucks. Who cares if the guy has tons of money and you don't? He asks legitimate questions and was depending on [H] for some help. If you don't have a constructive answer (as I am giving you) then shut the fuck up and go troll...
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    Amazon Cloud Drive Launches Unlimited Cloud Storage

    Is it included in Prime?
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    The Countdown To A Revolution In SSDs Has Begun

    Do you play video games or do graphical editing??? Some of these damn games take up huge amounts of GB's....BF3/4, ArmA 2/3, Elite Dangerous, etc....I have a 256 GB SSD and it is almost full all the time with nothing but games on it. I have another 256 GB SSD drive with photo and video on it for...
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    Why do you dislike Battlefield Hardline?

    I am in a unique situation as I was not going to purchase another EA/DICE game ever again as a result of the lies and greed that were fed to us PC gamers in regard to BF3/4, but because I run a very large gaming community where i review games in great detail I had to. This is a very small review...
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    Think I am done with DLC

    Most of the time the DLC is offered at a lower price with the pre-order of the game initially to suck you in and then the price goes up. So you feel that you may purchase it later if the game is a hit and then will pay more...Most of the time this is NOT the case as we know. I totally agree...
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    New TV Ideas 65" 4k or 1080p on up...NOT FOR GAMING!!!

    Yeah I think I will go with the Samsung 65" 4k. Not too sure though.
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    New TV Ideas 65" 4k or 1080p on up...NOT FOR GAMING!!!

    Thanks for the reply. I saw this model side by side with the much cheaper Samsung and as I said it was close but the curved Samsung did look better to me.
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    Project Spartan Isn't Here Yet: Test it Out in Build 10041

    I happen to support and like Microsoft. I am very excited about what will be coming out and it's about time they are building a viable browser to compete with the likes of Firefox and Chrome...It may be too late, but it can only mean good things to come for us in the end as i'm sure the other...
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    New TV Ideas 65" 4k or 1080p on up...NOT FOR GAMING!!!

    I am in the market for a new TV for my family room. I currently have a Samsung 61" DLP LED (No WiFi) from around 2007. It is starting to fail at this time and rather than fix a dinosaur I am going to upgrade. I have Verizon FIOS, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. I have been doing much research on...
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    Self-Driving Cars May Mean Fewer Police

    This all sounds like a bunch of bull shit to me. There are always bad apples out there, but by far there are more very good cops out there. When you get in an accident you are going to be questioned. Most of the time this is mandated by the insurance companies as well as making sure no laws were...
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    Dying Light Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    I ran the game on all high settings and still use an EVGA GTX580 SC 1.5. The game looked and performed very well. No stutter or lag at all. I really enjoyed this game even though the story was predictable the parkour abilities made this game feel very different then others within its genre. It...
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    2K Panel Advice Needed Please

    I am sort of in the same boat as the OP here....I have been torn on what resolution to get, so I have decided to give of on 4k and 3k and just stick with 2k for my FPS games and Elite Dangerous. I want to run an eyefinity set up as well so 2k should do me just fine. Some nice selections here on...
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    Man Arrested For Refusing To Unlock Phone At Border

    When I read stories like this all that comes to mind is God Bless America and Canada can do whatever they want as EricNS said so I say they can go fuck themselves...
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    NVIDIA Unveils The Titan X At GDC 2015

    Yeah but that was not what you said originally and the water solution on the AMD is 100% stock. You said to compare water to air is like apples and oranges and i feel in this case it is stock vs stock. I have used many water solutions for my GPU's over the years and the difference in cooling is...
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    NVIDIA Unveils The Titan X At GDC 2015

    There has been tests comparing both with water cooling (previous generation Titan X) and the AMD completely destroyed the Titan in every single category. i think it would be a better test now to see how far nVidia has come, but at the price they are looking for the AMD may still be a bargain. As...