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    User name and account questions

    I really hope someone will have the answer. My home computer is networked via VPN to my office. So I have to log on the domain on my home computer with my user name being "user1" for example. Now, at the office, I had to switch domain username to, let say "user2" At home, I now have to...
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    What software do I need to...

    I currently have a seagate sata 120g HD. I will be buying a seagate sata 320g hd. What software do I need to copy all of the content of the 120g hd to my new 320g hd, without any data lost, like it was always a 320g.
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    Network attach storage

    Can I get a recommendation for a Network attach storage (NAS) device ? How does network client access the nas ?
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    Need recommendations on exchnage 2003 server

    I need to know what is necessary in terms or hardware ressource to have a windows 2003/exchnage 2003 server. We have 20 users at the office.
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    System monitoring software

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    WMP Embed video not showing/displaying

    I hope I can find an anwser here. On my pc every website that have windows media player video embedded in the website, I only see a blank page where the player is suppose to be. I have compared settings of my pc to my laptop, the laptop does play and show the player, and I cant find some...
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    USB hard drive locking software

    I have a USB hard drive, that I wont to protect by being only accessible if you enter a passsword. Does any free software can do that ? Thanks
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    Palm based PDA, looking for wifi finder

    Im looking for a good Wifi finder for a palm based pda. It has OS 5 and is a Tungsten T5. Any suggestions ? Thanks
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    Searching for a video player (wmv and DVD)

    Im looking for a video player wich support WVM as a minimum and maybe DVD. There is alot out there, but the one im looking must do this trick : Play in full screen on a TV hook up to a PCI video card with Tv-out and have is control box (Play/stop/next etc...) able to display on the main...
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    Windows Media Center 2005 vs XP pro

    Hi, At the ofice, we have a win98 computer with two video card. An AGP with no tv-out and a Pci radeon 9250 with Tv-out. The AGP is used for the monitor, with the PCI as a flat panel television hook up to it. We are trying to display DVD/movies on the tv-out in full screen, and still use...
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    Need a Free VPN client

    I need a free VPN client as an alternative to SonicWall VPN client Any suggestions ?
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    What do you use to test cpu stability ?

    Once you have O/C, what software do you use to test your cpu ? Prime95 ? Hot cpu tester ? Super PI ? Etc... Do you avoid Prime 95 because it always fail while other software dont fail ?
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    How do I convert 2000 files to Arial 11 text ?

    How Do I convert a database of wordperfect file, around 2000 files, so they all have arial 11 text ?
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    File manager question

    I have to do a small work for a porfessor at the University. Basically the work is : renaming and adding extension to some database file. The prof as two distinct database with around 1000 files in each. The first database, I have to rename all the files to have the extension .wpd...
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    P4 3.2C Wich sspec should I look for ?

    I want to buy a P4 3.2C, wich sspec should I look for if I want good O/C result. My choice : LMK
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    3.2E @ 4.0ghz ???

    I just got myself a 3.2E. My goal is to have it run at 4.0ghz @ 250fsb. I havent seen alot of O/C database on the 3.2E. Do you think it's a possible goal ?
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    Identifying an Intel Confidential ?

    How Do I identify an ES P4 PU. The marking on the chip are : Intel Confidential QHL5ES MALAY L139A396-0808 IMC01 80532PC049512 Let me know Patrick
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    Intel P4 478 MicroATX OC beast ?

    Im looking for an Intel base motherboard, in the micro-atx form factore that is an overclocking beast. Well by beast I mean all the standard features, like : AGP/PCI lock, fsb+DDR+voltage adjustments etc... It's for a P4 2.4C socket 478 Let me know So far, I ve found Gigabyte...
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    Intel P4 478 MicroATX OC beast ?

    Im looking for an Intel base motherboard, in the micro-atx form factore that is an overclocking beast. Well by beast I mean all the standard features, like : AGP/PCI lock, fsb+DDR+voltage adjustments etc... It's for a P4 2.4C socket 478 Let me know Any idea on the : Asus P4P800-VM ...
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    Looking for a specific sff

    I tought I ask here to simplify my research. I Want to transfer my to a SFF case. I have a P4 2.4C cpu, so a P4 intel 865 base mobo is needed. I want the case to have two 5.25 drives with no door. (ONe for DVD-R the other for an LCD) Either black or Silver. So far I have found just...
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    System monitoring software

    I once saw in a thread some people discussing about system monitoring software. Beside Motherboardmontior wich other software can be use ?
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    Playing with LCD, Voltage on parralel port ?

    Im playing with an LCD display, Im trying to put a led in the circuit and a switch. When the circuit is on by the switch, the led will light up. But im having a problem, in the circuit there is the printer port and and 5v supply coming in. My problem is, the led is always light up when my...
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    Radeon 7000 PCI ??? Composite synch ?

    I need a PCI video card that can have composite synch enable. I want something cheap. So im looking at a radeon 7000 PCI. But How can I know if composite synch can be enabled ? The only thing I can find on ATI website is : Is this of any help ? Does it mean the card does not have...
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    Program to make electronics diagram

    What are the good electronic diagram designing software. Are there free one ? This is kind for a one shot thing so I dont want to spend 50$ for only one or two use. LMK
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    Wich apps to OC AIW9700 pro

    Wich apps to OC AIW9700 pro ? I have used Rage3d, but are there a better one. Which one do you use to OC your Radeon ?
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    Dtek JR-120 based on what heater core ?

    Does anyone know on what heater core is base the JR-120 from Dtek. It's the samller version of their Core radiator wich mesure: 5.5"W x 6.38"H X 2"Thick
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    Safe P4 voltage ?

    What is the maximum safe P4 2.4C voltage for O/C? 1.7v ? 1.8v ? LMK
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    Artic silver, cooling overclocking question

    I currently got Artic silver 3 , a thermalright slk800 hsf with a 80mm 50cfm fan. My P4 2.4c is at 3.6ghz. I can run Prime95 for about 15 mins before it fail at that speed. If I were to upgrade my current cooling solution with : Artic silver 5, Thermalright SP-947 or SP94 with a 92mm...
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    Ram timing not corresponding

    I come I set ram timing in the bios and when I get to Windows and check my Ram timing with cpu-z or Aida32 the timing are different ? I got an MSI Neo2 I865 mobo.
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    Pat for i865 mobo ?

    I got an MSI Neo2 I865 mobo. PAT is enable by setting the performance mode to : TURBO ULTRA-TURBO PAT is enable in Cpu-z reading when im everything is stock but as soon as I overclock PAT ; performance mode ; is disable. Any idea why or how I could remedy to this ?
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    Give me 3dmark 2k1 tip

    Im at 19676 3Dmark 2k1 point and want to break the 20000 milestone. Give me some pointers. I already have max oc my cpu , my gpu, I have used Rage3d 3dmark 2k1 optimisation. Any windows XP related trick Any hard drive optimisation trick Let me know
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    Evercool aluminiun fan question

    Are the evercool aluminium fan worth it. Does the 80mm really push 38cfm @ 27dba or those spec are just marketing hype. If you consider Panaflo fans as being the most precise on their spec, how does the aluminium fan compare. ?