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    MSI P67A-GD65 LGA1155 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Greetings from a fellow officer from Portugal :)
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    MSI P67A-GD65 LGA1155 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I have a question regarding this mobo. Where do you put the memory sticks? The blue or the black slots. The reason I'm asking is because if it's the blue ones, installing a corsair vengeance kit with some aftermarket cpu cooler becomes impossible (Venomous, Noctua D12...)
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    I have two powercolor hd3870 Built By ATI cards and both have powerplay and speed fan issues. Powerplay issues tranlate to gpu clocks going down to 300 in the middle of games or not even ramping the clocks at all on certain games. The fan speed issues translates in high temperatures (>90ºC)...
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    Catalyst 8.1 beta for Vista
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    How to clean a glossy LCD

    I have a samsung 226bw and the plastic of this thing scratches easily, but I use i-cleaner (the stuff to clean ipods) and it's very good for removing the light scratches and leaves your monitor really shining.
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    PhysX Card

    Pirates of the burning sea don't support the ppu, only software physx.
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    Why does crysis look better in 64bit?

    If Vista was faster I won't do this question. I have both OS on different partions and Vista is slower, slugish and less responsive.
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    Why does crysis look better in 64bit?

    How about XP64, anyone tested crysis on that OS, to see if it's faster than XP32? I'm thinking of buying 4GB of ram but I don't want to use VISTA until it matures and offer equal xp performance.
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    Triple SLI benchmarked...

    TRI SLI is worthless, three cards to gain 2x performance WTF! Not to mention the money you have to spend and the amount of heat it produces. I think I'll pass :)
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    nvidia: old tech is old

    The only reason right now to nvidia release a new high end card is crysis, because there's no game that a GTX can't run on max detail. Nvidia don't need to release a new card because there's no competition, they are only competing with theirselfs.
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    Severe hitching with UT3.......

    Are you running Vista? If you are that's your problem.
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    Crysis Performance?

    Expect crap performance. Don't bother spending money on this, but if you wanna try it, download it for free.
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    Physx games, list, links, comments.

    Try Warmonger, it's great. Apart from that, no one knows, AGEIA don't provide much details about upcoming games.
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    AGEIA official forum

    Ageia is not unusable in a non lan enviroment! Just try warmonger and see for yourself.
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    AMD says GPU physics is dead until DirectX 11

    And still, when people hear the word AGEIA, they cannot stop the insulting and the bashing. Physx is the best physics engine available, because HAVOK is dead.
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    Another crysis performance moan. GTS to GT

    Let's all buy the fastest car ever invented now and wait 10 years for the fuel to be invented, so you can drive it.
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    Another crysis performance moan. GTS to GT

    I have an 8800GTX and in vista it auto detects to very high, but as far as I know no one can play with those settings on a single GTX, expect the guys at crytek (Yeah right...)
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    Another crysis performance moan. GTS to GT

    It seems you understanded my above post all wrong, I was beeing sarcastic. But, mentioning the autodetect feature, as long as you have a 8800 card it automaticlly detect the very high settings, and it don't mean it is playable that way.
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    Another crysis performance moan. GTS to GT

    yeah, crysis have great auto detect, putting very high settings in dx10 is very playable indeed.
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    Another crysis performance moan. GTS to GT

    Just wait until you reach the ice levels, you'll see a significant drop in performance, but when you think it can't reach any lower you get to the final level and see your framerate to reach single digit numbers :) The first part of the game have reasonable performance, but you can forget the...
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    UT3 physx mod levels

    I posted a lighthouse video on youtube but the quality is not very good but you can see some effects in action. The tornado video you can see on ageia site.
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    Ageia Update : UT3 levels, mod-kit, & price drops, oh my

    Don't talk without knowing what you're saying :)
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    AMD + ATI + ...AGEIA?

    This is a question of money, if ageia profit more selling themselfs to amd they will, I have no doubts about that.
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    AGEIA official forum

    I don't understand why this anti-ageia movement. Nobody forces them to buy the card. The card is now very cheap, and if it brings more realism to the games, why not have one. People invest hundreds of dollars building a computer but are too dam cheap to buy an ageia card. Pass by the forum...
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    AGEIA official forum

    That's right, ageia created an official forum. Link:
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    UT3 physx mod levels

    I have a physx card and it run that levels pretty god, but there's some ocasions that the framerate drops to the 20's. Running with a cpu is worthless because it don't have the power to process that amount of physics.
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    Physx games, list, links, comments.

    Add Shadowgrounds Survivor.
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    UT3 physx mod levels

    Anyone have tried those?
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    Crysis - Designed as a trilogy

    Crysis is a disapointment, it's a very short game. It have good graphics, but there's no hardware to run that, so when hardware come out with enough power to run it, better games came out and we lost interest on crysis. There's no point releasing a game that run like ass with existing...
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    Physx games, list, links, comments.

    And those were?
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    One year later and the 8800GTX/Ultra is still top dog with nothing out to beat it

    There's no point in releasing a new card because there's no competition from Ati. Nvidia would be competing with itself.
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    Crysis Review

    Are you running vista or xp, dx9 or dx10?
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    Crysis Review

    If you are having that, something is wrong with you system ;)
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    Crysis Review

    I have the full version and it runs the same as the demo. You can forget Vista + DX10, the game runs like ass. Even if you choose dx9 mode with -dx9 command you still have worst performance than using XP. Unless nvidia or microsoft release some sort of driver or patch to improve performance I...
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    Anyone have a 680i motherboard with SLI that works with Ultra 120 Extrme HSF?

    Both revisions have resistors that can be an issue with the backplate. AR have two resistors and A1 have one. The easy and safe solution is to put a pad between the backplate and the board to avoid crushing the resistor and avoid a short circuit. I had that cooler on both revisions using this...
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    Crashes in Warmonger RC4 Release?

    describe your hard crash better?
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    [EVGA 680i] New computer won't turn on, kinda freaking out, please help!

    I bet it's the motherboard. My 680i crap out. One day I pressed the power button and the computer shutdown itself within 2 seconds, and never boot again. I bought an asus maximus formula, and the performance it's amazing, and excellent for quads.
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    Warmonger Multiplayer Test

    This is the most demanding game I ever tested. I thought I had a stable overclocked system, which ran hours of prime and never freeze on any game. I ran this demo and my system freezed in less than 10 min. I had to lower my cpu overclock just to run this game. It's a true stability benchmark...