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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 600 Ohm Headphones

    These headphones are incredible! Some of the best on the market for music or gaming. These are the Premium version with 600 Ohm impedance. They are ready for some serious amplification, so beware. Sounded great with my Asus Xonar Essence STX. Comes with original travel case, gold adapter, and...
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    Ben Q XL2420TE 1ms LED Gaming Monitor

    Used in great condition with original box, cables, accessories, and documentation. This is one of the best gaming monitors out there! NEW! ZeroFlicker™ For Visual Ease and Comfort 24” Widescreen LED Monitor Native Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution 144 Hz, Nvidia 3D Vision™ 2 Ready 1 ms (GTG)...
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    NEW (Beta) Nvidia 301.24 Graphics drivers

    New Unified drivers (found HERE) have the new features like adaptive V-Sync and New AA modes and such. Give 'em a shot!
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    Xonar Essence STX crackling in games

    Hello all, I have an Asus Xonar Essnece STX and I get crackling/stuttering at the Nvidia Intro in Batman Arkham City. I have also heard it elsewhere, but always in this intro. It's not occurring in-game that I can tell. It's not that this particular anomaly bothers me as much as I want to...
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    Will it fit?

    I have a Gigabyte Z68MA D2H B3 motherboard, and I will be getting an AMD 7970. I was wondering if I will have room to put in a Xonar Essence STX PCIE x1 sound card next to the graphics card, or will it not fit due to the graphics card being dual-slot?
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    Modding the Silverstone GD-04 for an H100?

    Anyone mod an HTPC case like THIS one to put on an H100? I would like to overclock my 2500K, but have a need for a very low profile HSF, and no room inside the case. Which leads me to using an H100, but I was wondering if I can put it on the outside of the case where there are 2 120mm intake...
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    HELP me please!

    OK, I have THIS case. And, I recently purchased the Scythe Big Shuriken 2, so I could possibly overclock my 2500K, but the damned thing blocks two of my RAM slots. So, my question is this: Can I use the Corsair H100 and attach it on the outside of this case, or am I really just S.O.L. as...
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    Only $2,525.99
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    Top 100 [H]ardest rigs thread

    Well, I am not certain that this is the correct subforum for this thread, but I have looked all over and haven't seen a thread which composed basically of reader's rigs and their benchmark busting custom PC's. What I mean is, we have 'show me pics of your rig', and 'post your multithreaded...
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    23 MB/s Down good?

    My buddy's bandwidth test at 23Mb/s. Is that pretty f'n good or what?
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    X-Fi issues

    I recently did some failed overclocking and had to reset my CMOS. Afterwards, I calmed my PC down a little and everything was fine except I had no sound (I think I might have touched the top of the soundcard during this process). Device manager showed a yellow arrow indicating the device was...
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    New Forceware 169.21 drivers out; I think just added support for 8800GTS 512 in the .ini
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    Anyone mod their X-Fi like this?

    I just found a couple articles on modding the X-Fi like this and I was wondering if anyone on here tried it. I have already put a heatsink on my cards chip beacuse I got popping and I thought it might have been a...
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    Yes, another Abit IP35 thread..

    Well, I have been experimenting with my new build, and I think I decided to go aftermarket cooling on the PWM, northbridge and southbridge. I will either modify the existing cooling mechanism (through heatpipe mod or other mods) with Arctic Silver 5 and/or thermal epoxy; or, I will just buy...
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    So how high do these go?

    Just wanted to see if anyone is pushing these sticks, and what voltages they needed. I am running an Abit IP35 and an E6750. I am running two instances of Prime95 as I type this. I have my CPU at...
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    E6750 or Q6600

    I just purchased a Q6600 from Newegg, but I had a problem with my credit card (put in wrong exp. date), so the order didn't go through. I fixed it then I did a little research and decided on an E6750. Well, long story short, they are BOTH on their way to my house for my new build. So, which...
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    What's the difference?

    Between this board and this one. Big price jump for a newer rev? What advantages would there be to the more expensive version?
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    Looking for Graphic Artist

    I am looking for a graphic artist for a book cover design. It's not going to be anything extremely difficult, and I know exactly what I want, but just don't know how the hell to make it. To give you an idea of what I want....Imagine the All Seeing Eye, with a child's eye in the center in...
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    Stupid question

    How the hell do you make a link, a word. Like for example: I could say click here and it would be a link. I see people do it all the time, but my links are just the actual addresses. I no this is pretty noob stuff, but I was always too shy to ask. Hey what'd'ya know...I taught myself how to do...
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    Fastest PC Ever !!?

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    How does an LCD support 1080i and 1080P with a resolution of 1680x1050?

    I was just wondering, how does an LCD support 1080i and 1080P with a resolution of 1680x1050? I just bought the Sceptre 22' and I would like to know if it would be beter to run it at 720P or 1080i from Comcast digital cable. Also, what resolution should I output for a software upconvert on...
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    Vista Gamer? (Stripped version of Vista for gaming)

    I would like to see a version of Vista that isn't a resource hog, doesn't use like 512 Mb of RAM with no running programs, has Direct X 10, and doesn't ask permission to do everything. I was reading the Maximum PC article on what versions will have what features, and it seems that I would...
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    Anyone catch this in today's review?

    "Our system consists of an eVGA 680i SLI motherboard, an Intel X6800, Corsair DDR3-PC9600 running at its rated 1200MHz, two 150GB Western Digital Raptor hard drives, one Maxtor 40GB hard drive, one Koolance Exos water cooling system, and of course the video card noted. We think this will...
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    Answer to the "mystery chip" on the 8800

    From today's review article "NVIDIA has moved the TMDS logic into a custom, discrete ASIC that you will find toward the front of the video card. Their reasoning was to simplify package and board routing and to speed up manufacturing efficiencies. All GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS GPUs are HDCP...
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    Attention all Asrock owners....

    Well, since Asrock has been the motherboard manufacturer to make the most boards that support Conroe and AGP (as well as DDR), I would like to ask all Asrock owners to list their experiences with their Conroe setups. Explain overclocking, tweaks, mods, tips, tricks, advice, and other...
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    So what's the deal here?

    Hey all. I was gonna buy a 20" lcd this week and use it not only as a pc monitor, but also to watch HDTV from comcast digital cable. Should I just hook the cable box up to it directly (in the condition that it has DVI out) and hook up my pc through VGA, or should I pass it through a tuner card...
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    Which one to get?

    Hey guys, like most people here, I am shopping for a 20" gamer's LCD. I like the Sceptre (seems to have nice specs), but I don't know which one. Here is the x20WC-Gamer: and here is the x20WC-Naga...
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    To OC. or Not to OC, that is the question.

    Hey guys, thinking about overclocking my desktop at work (HP). What do you think? It is sometimes slow when I have a lot of apps open because it is just a 1.5MHz P4. Wonder if anyone would know if I managed to fuck it up. I could probably OC it a couple hundred MHz right?
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    Joining two partitions

    Hey guys, can I use the Disk Management to adjoin two different partitions on the same drive? I have one 18 Gig SCSI disk and two different partitions (C: and D:). I would like to just have one partition for the full size of the drive. Thanx
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    Best LCD for around $300

    I am looking to replace my two CRTs with a decent sized LCD. I have seen the sceptre 22" at Costco, and that looks to be my first choice. Also, the new Dell E207FP or whatever looks pretty good too. What do you guys recommend for a gaming PC that will also be used for watching DVDs?
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    The " Big things come in small packages" contest

    Hey guys, just had a pretty damn good idea. Why don't we have a contest to see who can make the fastest, most productive pc, in the smallest form factor possible. We can set up a list of benchmarks to run, and you can run these benchmarks, measure the dimensions of your whole case, and then come...
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    No More "ATI has better image quality" arguments?

    From the review of the 7950 GT " With this and what we experienced in Half Life 2 we can conclude that the farther in the distance the object is then the NVIDIA GPU will potentially render it better with transparency supersampling. However, the closer the object is to you then the ATI GPU may...
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    Lost My FEAR Combat cd key

    I have recently reformmatted my drive and I have lost my FEAR combat cd key. Is there anything I can do? I went to the fear combat download site and the said " we have already sent you a cd key through this e-mail address .. game over" Anyone know what I can do to have them send it again?
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    how to access nvidia control panel under vista?

    I just installed vista pre RC1 and I cannot find the nvidia control panel. How do I access this? In XP I just right-clicked on the desktop. Now, I can no longer do that, nor can O find it under the stat menu or through the device manager. edit: found it, nevermind.
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    Can it be the Drivers?

    I have recently been having a problem with Windows Media Player. Everything I watch is really dark and really reddish. Could it be the drivers I am running. nVidia 91.47 I think. I cannot figure it out. Games are fine. Seems to only be windows media. ANy suggestions?
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    Hey Brent...Gotta Review?

    I wanna see some x1950xtx reviewage. Anybody else? Brent, do you have one in your hands right now and you are just teasing us, or what?
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    can't view the benchmarks!!

    Anyone else have trouble viewing the benchmarks on hardwarezone and/or vr-zone? For some reason, vr-zones text or images doesn't show up and hardwarezone's is impossible to find. What's the deal?
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    Only booting from cd rom

    I just reinstalled XP pro and everything is working great....except the fact that I cannot boot from my drive that I installed xp on. It says DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. The only way I can boot is if I have the XP pro cd in and the BIOS boots from cd. Before I did...
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    ATI Tray tools for nvidia cards.

    I have seen some guys talk about using this awesome program for Nvidia cards, but I can't seem to get it to work. Do you have to trick the software somehow to make it believe you have an ATI card or something. I have a 7800 GS AGP, and last time I tried to install the program it just said that...