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    Left 4 Dead, offline, LAN co-op

    Normally my co-worker and I play a ton of multiplayer/co-op steam games here at work on our laptops. We don't have the ability to online with Steam but it has never been a problem before as we are basicallly connected via a LAN and use Offline mode. We both grabbed the Left 4 Dead demo today...
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    HIS IceQ 4870

    Anyone know if HIS has announced or has plans to release a 4870 IceQ version of their ATi card? I have the IceQ3 3870 and it is amazingly more quiet and cooler the the normal 3870. Google search didn't really come up with anything.
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    4870's in stock at TigerDirect

    Go go go Hmm, it says "Availability: Usually ships within 2 - 3 Days". Does anyone know if you select Overnight shipping that you still might not get it for a few days?
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    BioShock and forced AA

    So our Nvidia brethren are able to force AA in Bioshock. Any thoughts on when we'll see such ability from our ATI cards? The game of course is totally playable, but after having AA enabled in every game I play for many years now, not having AA makes the game looks rough. edit: Hmmm...
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    Always amazed at what Shuttles can do

    I have a SN25P running a FX-57 and a newly installed X1900XTX. Was a little worried if the system would be stable with such a beast of a video card in it, but low and behold it's been about 1+ week and the system is rock solid.
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    Stand suggestions for dual 2005fpw's

    Just wondering if anyone had some links for stands that would hold 2 2005fpw's. Atm my dual 2005fpw's are each using the oem stands that came with the monitors. Just think it would probably look cleaner with one stand holding both monitors. nm, found Ergotron DS100
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    Recommendations for a stand that will hold (2) 2005fpw's?

    Title says it all! Does anyone know of any good stands that I can mount the LCD's to?
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    help me decide on a ati card between these two options.

    x800 xt pe or a 1600xt?
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    So my x1900xt came.... had various problems and was a bad card. I filled out a form a few weeks ago on which is where I bought it from. They sent me an RMA number and last monday I see according to tracking they received it. Since then I havent heard a single peep from them. I sent...
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    Bad x1900xt card??

    So I slapped my x1900xt into my computer and all seemed well, till i started noticing little white squares flashing here and there randomly around the screen while playing games. The card has never been o/c'd, and while i thought maybe it was a driver issue (tried 2 sets) it happens in all of...
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    Question about sata power cable, pci-e power acble, molex

    My question is do they make a sata power --> pci-e connector cable? The other question is do they make a sata power ---> molex connector cable? I know they make molex ---> sata power connector cables as every time I search I get those. The reason I ask is my Shuttles PSU has 3 sata power...
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    2005fpw PIP Question

    Can you be using DVI and put the VGA input in a PIP window? or vice versa? Be using VGA and have the DVI input as the PIP? Does it not work or is it you can only put S-Video/Video in PIP while using DVI or VGA
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    Dell 2005fpw support quick question

    What the hell is their email address? I try and get a return going via the webpage and when it asks for customer number/order number it says it doesn't exist. I know they have a support email address I just can't find it was it
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    Recommend me a Good DVD or DVD RW Drive

    Looking for a new quiet (current Sony DVDdrive shakes/buzzes like a mofo) DVD or DVD RW Drive. Anyone have suggestions?
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    Options for replacing stock X1800 XT cooler?

    Title says it all! I should mention it needs to fit in a Shuttle :)
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    Help a intel user out

    So I want to try the way of the AMD action. I currently have a SB81P with a PIV 3.4 2GB DDR and a X1800 XT. I game alot, was going to grab a SN25P Shuttle which leads me to the processor. Should I go with the like a 64 4000, 64 X2 4400/4600/4800 or FX 55/57? Is dual worth trying out or...