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    seagate hdd error, need advice

    I have another SATA harddrive already, i tried switching their ports, and the cords, neither worked, so i doubt its the MoBo
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    seagate hdd error, need advice

    I just bought a SATAII perpendicular HD 250 gigabyte version Whats happens is i'll install windows with a copy of windows xp, and when the computer restarts i get an error that basically says //windows/root/ hal error, or something very similar to that. I've tried reinstalling windows about 6...
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    sata 2 controller performance

    mmk, thanks
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    sata 2 controller performance

    so i might as well just buy the sata 1.50 gb/s?
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    sata 2 controller performance

    I have the ASUS A8N5X and it only supports up to sata 1.50 gb/s or whatever. My question is if I buy a sata 2 controller such as this would it allow me to gain the performance benefits of the newer standard? Also, is there any...
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    HOT HOT HOT AMD Opteron 144

    : [, yes i plan on getting a new MoBo, PSU, vid card. moving from 7800GS+2x512 generic+1x1024 corsair value select+Epox s754 mobo to 7900GT+same rem+like dfi/msi Mobo.
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    HOT HOT HOT AMD Opteron 144

    not to go too far off topic, but i pulled the trigger and ordered it. would you guys say moving from a64 3000+ newcastle s754 to this is a good upgrade? i could have my 2.0@2.4 with venus12 cooler, noticeable improvement should be expected (gaming at least ) y/n?
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    School Poll

    evga 7800GS agp
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    agp 7800gs underperforming? low benchmarks / oblivion fps - help!

    i have 2.4 AMD athlon, and 7800 GS and i get much better perf. i suggesst messing around with drivers
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    Need advice Geforce 4 Ti 4800 v Geforce FX5200

    x550, maybe the nvidia 6200?
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    Bfg 7800 Gs Oc

    a few weeks ago on a particularly cold night (desktop near window) i got it up to 530/1.45 with stock cooling. open case fan.
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    what games use a 512mb buffer

    Gambino, that is great and all but that only helps show that MORE pipelines will RENDER the same scene/game at a faster rate than a neutered, fewer-pipeline version of the same card. That is all there is to it.
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    9800 Pro to 7800GS?

    I did that. I went 9800 PRO->7800 GS and i do not regret it one bit : }. Def worth the money for me although i got an eVga so i can step it up to a 7900GT when i have the money for s939 PCIE
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    ATI OpenGL performace?

    There used to be a lot of people talking about the complete rewrite of their OGL drivers by late 2006.
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    ATI Readies Massive Price Slash

    this is getting fiery.
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    Card to run Oblivion everything highest

    werrd yes it is first person, but the crosshair for a fireball, or arrow isn't going to be as hard to hit as crazed aliens in quake 4 for example. The enemies will not be jumping around or nearly as difficult to hit as they can be in the typical fps game. The radius of damage for magic is also...
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    Card to run Oblivion everything highest

    Something many of you forget is the gameplay. COD2 runs fine on my way OC'd 7800GS at 1280x960, with settings pretty high. I get 30-40 fps and lower with the nades, but 60fps is only important for the fast paced DM games, you don't need that kind of fps for most war games especially not COD2...
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    More HDCP back-pedalling from ATI

    Firewall, hanging? You've got some serious problems if you think people should be murdered on account of business strategies and mishaps.
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    Differences between EVGA's 7800GS "superclocked" cards?

    it has something called the evga plate, aka ez 10 dollars for evga : }.
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    7800GS - Should I use eVGA step up?

    You'll be fine for med settings for at least six months, I suggest saving up some money, get a nice job and get the whole shabang come summer man.
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    X1800 XT PE!!!! watch out 512 7800!!

    :O x1800xt PE is a marketing thing thats all : ]
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    *HOT* Radeon X800 GTO PCI Express $159AR

    diamond viper actually used to be a "house hold name" they aren't bad though ^_^
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    do you guys think the new x1800xt sucks?

    yeah there is a thread i believe in the Ati forums about it. It drops temps 30%~
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    Firegl Vs. Quatro

    i was under the impression that Sli's can't run multiple monitors.
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    Do You think the x1800xl will surpass the 7800GT, with new drivers...?

    Also some things seen on extremesystems, shows them being able to reach 700 core clock+ with software voltage adjustment abilities, with the x1800xt's cooler. That is to say when aftermarket coolers are released, or the zalmon 700cu (sp) are used on it, it will be badass.
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    Carmack's Final Verdict: XBOX 360 > PS3

    It does boil down to the games but take a step back, many developers base the console they make their games for based on ease of development, and if MS' devkits are much easier as has been said before, than more games will be made for (and at lower cost) than they could be for the ps3.
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    History repeats itself...

    Well even if ATi doesn't have any sort of advantage in the market they are defenitely forcing nVidia to work harder, and to constantly improve and add features. Win&Win
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    Name some current games with awesome story lines for PC

    As said before Return to Krondor <- find it somewhere great storytelling. Morrowind, and to parts of the games quirkiness aside Vampire Bloodlines
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    Video card under $180 that can max guild wars? this x800gt looks damn sexy.
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    "The market is screaming for a solid third supplier....We are that company"

    About the mobos+integrated video, they don't manufacture the boards. Companies that do make motherboards don't want to add 100-xxx+ to the cost of a board, who wants to buy a 400 dollar card when the midrange performance on-board will be useless in 6 months? Not myself. You can't sell an...
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    prerelease benchmarks r520

    Don't know : ), sanders did say he sent them a script, so you have to wonder why he wouldn't include a normally clocked x1800xl in addition to the pro/
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    prerelease benchmarks r520

    I believe in the article it said cards "clocked" at pro/xt speeds, implying that it was probably the x1800 XL downclocked and overclocked to clock match pro/xt.
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    Direct X 10

    the only thing that really impressed me was the leaf moving in very real manor to the shape of the body, that was neato : )
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    hehe. Nvidia powerpoint presentation on crossfire...

    Yeah right, even crappy crts support 16x12 75hz? My 1 year old monitor does 1280x960@72hz.
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    Zalman VF700-Cu vs NV Silencer

    v1 looks pretty good too
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    ATI Radeon X1800 graphics card expected to cost US$599

    Deja you didn't take into account 5600 versus 6xxx series, in that the g6 had a large set of new features whereas there is only transparent aliasing, and not much else different other than performance with this new generation.
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    ATI Radeon X1800 graphics card expected to cost US$599

    Firstly, the 7800GT is not mid-range, it is high-range just not the highest and you are ignorant for thinking otherwise. You could keep paying $350 every 1.5 years, and get close to double the performance, so what is the point whining about this? Prove that they are getting better yields...
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    **Help W/Upgrading Video Card!**

    or the x800gt that is a bit cheaper, and in many games faster
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    why does it take ATI a high clock speed to be on par with Nvidia?

    it isn't exactly like amd versus intel seeing as both 6800U and X800/x850's have similar temperatures and thermal output. You could also say nVidia generates more heat per clock, but it doesn't say much about its performance, or how "good" it is.
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    News about the R520 Core AKA X1800.

    I think by better to buy is it was much better performance for the dollar considering many of them if not all could overclock to 9800XT speeds and even be bios flashed to 9800xt depending on memory/pcb.