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    Musings on Browser Memory Use

    While I generally prefer Firefox, I've accepted it as axiomatic for some time now that Chrome is generally "better" when it comes to memory use. Imagine my surprise when one boring day at work, I did a google search for "web page that takes up a lot of memory" and then opened the first 10, 20...
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    120Hz and random jerkiness/stuttering (Nov 2011)

    My original thread no longer seems to have the most appropriate title or residence, so I'm creating this one and will quote my previous problems/findings here: The problem presents itself randomly during normal usage @ 120Hz, but also seems to manifest at 60Hz - though it's much more...
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    Radeon 5850 / Catalyst 11.x random 2D slowdowns

    I've tried everything I can think of to duplicate this issue, but it just appears to happen at random... I'll be surfing the web, using photoshop, SSHing into a webserver, or just anything, and suddenly, performance drops to the point were zooming, scrolling, or even just moving icons around on...
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    Can't find overdrive in catalyst 11.6, am i missing something?

    title says it all... don't normally use overdrive but i wanted to adjust my fan speed and I'll be damned if i can figure out where the overdrive section went. google was surprisingly unhelpful
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    noobish 2600K OCing question (voltage)

    Is there no way to put an upper limit on vcore without using static vcore? In other words, I'd like my OCed CPU to idle at 0.95v or whatever the stock idle voltage is, but ramp up to a voltage I specify under load and NOT beyond that. As far as I can tell, the options are: -"let the cpu...
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    Intel DZ68DB overclocking options?

    I'm interested in this board but am wondering if it has any overclocking ability with K-series chips. I know the Z68 chipset is supposed to combine the ability to use Intel graphics with the ability to overclock, but this isn't exactly a high-end board, and there are plenty of Z68 boards with...
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    720p vs 1080p for DVD5-sized HTPC library?

    Recently purchased a BD-ROM for my PC and have been making MKV's for my media center. I had initially planned on going with DVD5 file sizes and downscaling to 720p, but while experimenting I generated a handful of 1080p/DVD5 files as well, and I'm honestly having a hard time telling the...
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    Help with dead (or not?) USB flash drive

    Plugged 4 gig drive in, BSOD. Static I thought, no big deal, reboot. Flash drive no longer shows in my computer. Attempts to assign drive letter with diskmgmt.msc or diskpart both fail with odd errors. Tried flash drive in two other computers, works fine. Reformatted, copied data, etc...
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    Question about Mass Effect (1) download via EA Store

    Saw the promo code for 5 bucks and have been told by several people that the game is worth playing, so I bit. Not particularly fond of the download manager, but what worries me even more is that it appears I may have to keep the damn thing installed in order to play the game... can anyone...
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    Need comp-stomp game recommendations

    My brother and I usually play an hour or two here and there throughout the week and go up against as many comps as we can handle in older games like StarCraft, UT2k4, and Supreme Commander/Forged Alliance. The problem is that we've played these games pretty much to death and need something else...
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    Is this typical for an X25-M G2? (questions about used performance, TRIM)

    First shot is after a secure erase with HDDErase 4.0: Second shot is after installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (RTM) on a 30GB partition and ~30GB worth of games on a secondary partition: I'm using AHCI mode and the generic MS AHCI driver - does anyone know if TRIM is enabled yet in...
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    Moving from T-mo BB Curve to VZW - what phone?

    Been using a BB Curve with T-Mobile for the last year or so, am now switching to VZW so I can get on my family's, er... family plan, and save some money. Spent most of the day looking at the HTC Ozone, BB Tour, LG Env Touch, and a couple of others. None of them hit the ball out of the park...
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    skulltag mod for Doom/Doom II - officially the most awesome thing ever I'm currently playing Doom at 1680x1050 (OpenGL rendered) with free mouselook (up and down too), jumping, and so many customization options available that I can't begin to describe them all. Sorry if this is old news to some, I just discovered it. Sheer awesome.
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    Is there any way to exclude a section rom "new posts" results?

    There's a particular section of the forum that spawns a lot of stupid thread titles, and it'd be nice if those threads didn't show up in my "new posts" searches - anything I can do?
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    (Totally unconfirmed) Rumored Changes in Windows 7 build 7140

    Just passing this along, could be totally bogus, but interesting if true.
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    Question for anyone running WD 640 blues in RAID 0

    1) Any chance you could post an hdtune read bench screenshot, or at least your min/max/avg? 2) Do the 640 blues still have that problem with TLER that older non-RE WD drives in RAID always had?
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    Dedicated Intel NIC recommendation (desktop)

    Any favorites out there? All I'd really be using it for is surfing, gaming, and occasional large file transfers over a GigE switch. Is it worth it over Marvell onboard? And which cards are good without being too expensive? More or less looking to stay under 60 bucks, but I might stretch it...
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    Dell S2209W 16x9 22" 1920x1080

    Anyone know anything about this display? My local Best Buy has them and I'm thinking about checking them out later.
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    Does Mass Effect ever get any less boring?

    Do they ever stop fucking talking? I WANT TO KILL THINGS. I'm about 4 hours in and I think I've shot a handful of robots and a couple of aliens. The rest of the game so far has been blah blah blah blah blah council blah spectre blah conspiracy blah. Actually reminds me of ES IV:Oblivion a...
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    48x0 Fanfix broken in Catalyst 8.8?

    Can't seem to get my fan fix profiles working again. Tried totally uninstalling and reinstalling 8.8's and still no go. GPU-Z isn't even reporting a fan speed percentage anymore, just the RPMs. Anyone else?
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    Recommend a good SP game.

    I need something to play with a good SP mode. Preferably something that someone who likes RTSes and UT-style FPSes would like. RPGs are OK too. Stuff like CoD that's too "realistic" bores me, and things like Sins of a Solar Empire take too long to get going for me. So preferably something...
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    48x0 Crossfire Display flickering/wavy?

    Posted my initial impressions of 4850CF yesterday in this thread - I've noticed that there is an odd issue with 4850 CF where the display sort of flickers or is "wavy" when crossfire is enabled, especially in Oblivion. It's much easier to spot on...
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    My 4850CF (P45) P5Q Pro Results, and CF in XP v Vista

    All results below are under Vista Ultimate SP1 x64. Crossfire seems to be quite broken in XP for me (both 32 and 64 bit XP) as you can see by the below shot: No the bottom two results are NOT backwards, I get significantly WORSE performance under XP with Crossfire "enabled." This is...
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    Post your 4850 auto-tune/manual overclocks

    Sorry if this or something similar has been posted already: auto-tune gives 690/1138 for me, core/mem vs 625/993 stock card still idles at 500/750 for power saving, which is nice :cool:
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    Are they for real? Is it even remotely conceivable that this could be anything but complete bullshit? Here's a dead-on closeup of the card -
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    YMMV BB Visiontek HD4850 $149

    this sale ended June 21st 25% off all Visiontek cards this week, and there was a tag out for the 4850 marked down to $149 accordingly. None on the shelf, so I asked customer service about a rain check. They should be able to do it since there's a tag out and the item is covered by the sale...
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    *yawn* Rate my $700 Wolfdale gamer build

    A picture is worth a thousand words: I'm using an existing HDD, in case anyone noticed the conspicuous absence of that particular piece ;) The final order price ended up being $695 due to a $5 hardocp promo on the RAM, and a further $5 increase on the 3850 instant rebate. It would've been...
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    2007 - Most Disappointing Year in PC Tech Since... ?

    2006 finshed with a bang after the launch of the GeForce 8800 series, and then... a solid year of turds. -2900XT was late late late and failed to beat or even match the 8800, especially when AA was applied. It was also power hungry and loud as hell -I'm not even going to comment on the...
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    UT3 for PC... can't do anything without an online profile?

    I started to suspect something weird was going on when I noticed that the game would ask for my CD key again every time I switched between Vista and XP (playing from the same install of the game) Now it seems like I can't play a LAN game my brother either. Do you actually HAVE to have an...
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    P5B/Deluxe Owners Question about EIST

    EIST for my E6600 CPU is supposed to run at 1.050v, and I remember it doing so in earlier BIOS revisions. I also remember EIST working even when OCed, but now it doesn't, and to make things worse, even when running stock with EIST enabled, the vcore only drops to 1.125v! Also, the lowest...
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    wtf... P5B Dlx / ICH8R RAID 0 fails on every power cycle?

    I've been running a 2-disk RAID 0 on my P5B Deluxe with some leftover drives recently and running Windows off of it. Hadn't had to turn off my machine for several days but I recently installed a new storage drive so I powered off for that. Upon powering back on, the Intel RAID BIOS reports...
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    Question about Beta SMP client and dual quads

    We just got dual quad-core Xeon workstations at work and I figured I'd get mine folding since I haven't folded in a long time, so I went over to the F@H page to see a lot of different options... I remember when I first got a dual-core back when they came out, the trick was to run two instances...
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    Vista slow file/network copying fixes

    Sorry if this is old news or a repost, but I've been looking for solutions to these problems for a while and thought I'd share. These two links are for the hotfixes that are supposed to fix slow file copying/moving:
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    Oblivion hitching badly in Vista?

    I currently dual boot XP and Vista x64, and I have a lot more problems with bad loading hitches in Vista than I do in XP. Has anyone else experienced this or know if there's a fix? Are nvidia drivers to blame or is there something else? I'm using the same installation of Oblivion in both OSes...
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    RAM is so absurdly cheap right now

    And it just keeps getting cheaper!!! I already upped to 4 gigs for no particular reason other than the price, now I almost feel compelled to just start buying and hoarding out of a knowledge that this can't last forever. I know they say there's oversupply because of Vista, but jesus...
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    No 5/6 FSB:DRAM divider for P5B Dlx (P965)??

    I'll admit I'm something of a noob when it comes to Intel stuff b/c this is my first Intel rig in years, but I recently flashed the BIOS on my P5B Deluxe and one of the updates included was 1333 FSB support. Well I've been running 1333 FSB on this board since I got it, so I thought (perhaps...
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    SupCom crash/disconnect rant

    Why the hell can't any freaking dev program in a simple auto-save on disconnect? Especially with a game this magnitude where matches can easily last 3-4 hours or more, it's completely incomprehensible that there is NO mechanism for picking up a game that was interrupted other than periodic...
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    Are there any good mATX boards with Coax Input?

    Long story short, I want my htpc-to-be to double as an audio receiver, but my tv only has coax digital out, so I need a board with coax input (or a decent cheap add-in card) Any recommendations?
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    P5B Deluxe users, have you flashed to 1004 yet?

    How's your experience with it going? Good? Bad? I'm a little reluctant to flash to it considering it says on Asus' website that it can't be reverted to an older version once flashed...