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    Nvidia Surround vs Eyefinity

    I can't seem to find a thread here that compares some of the real world issues with both types of surround gaming. There must be people who have tried both and I'm wondering if there are some clear pros and cons of each system. I've been using a 5970 for the past year and I'm going to upgrade...
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    Flawless Eyefinity Support in Assassin's Creed 2.

    I hadn't heard much about this game as most threads get crapped on by Ubisoft DRM drama. Anyway, I bought it today at retail (as it's been missing from the UK Steam store). It has flawless Eyefinity support, in case people were wondering. It runs very smoothly as well. A 5970 was pushing a...
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    10.3 CrossfireX Application Profiles are out.

    Link to the thread. Some issues with flickery lines reported on BC2 for some people so read the thread first.
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    Settlers 7 Demo out!

    YouTube vid of the tech in the game engine. Looks gorgeous! Demo here! Capped at 250kbps and the website is in German but the client is all languages. It's on Fileplanet now. Game comes out next week. So excited! :D Early reports are that it's like S3/S4, with a strong focus on multiplayer...
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    Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising patching now (Eyefinity support)

    The expansion is released in some territories and Steam is patching up the original client. It's a zillion GB and going slowly though. Reading through the patch notes reveals this little gem! • Support for screen resolutions with a wider aspect ratio than 16x9, such as those used with AMD's...
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    Eyefinity + Crossfire + Vsync = does not compute!

    So some games are clearly framerate limiting at 60 with this combo and there is definitely a massive improvement in tearing but it still looks like something that doesn't have vsync enabled. Dirt2 is an example. 60 fps and very reduced tearing but FMV tears horribly and 3D still seems to have...
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    Crossfinity Dirt2 much more playable today.

    ..with the Dirt2 patch. The notes mention something about optimising triple buffering so perhaps that was it. The controls feel much more responsive in Crossfinity mode with barely any stuttering. They also mentioned optimising shadows. General performance seems to have skyrocketed. Between the...
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    Abysmal Eyefinity performance in Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    Well the UI is centralised and the loading/menu screens all work perfectly but the in-game performance makes it a no go with the current client. It's very similar performance to Dirt2. 5970 running at stock speeds. 1920x1080 with everything on max, 8XAA, 16xAF = silky smooth, clearly...
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    amBX is cheap as chips and looks great with Eyefinity!

    Not viral marketing but I thought I'd mention it here as I just picked up some old stock of these amBX kits and was very impressed with the immersion/price ratio. Hadn't even heard of them until Christmas when I was looking for some kind of mood lighting for my PC room and they came up on a...
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    iTunes for 64-bit Vista.

    FINALLY! WOOT! No more syncing my phone with a dying PC, louder than a jet engine.
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    Replacing the gaming PC with a Mac Pro?

    I've always envied Mac owners and always felt trapped into Windows simply because I'm a gamer. Not just a casual gamer but a gamers gamer with all the consoles and nightly play, lots of MMORPGs and a long history of gaming on everything right back to the Atari VCS. Sorry for the long winded...
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    64-bit iTunes imminent?

    iTunes 7.5 comes up with a different error message on plugging in the touch or the phone on 64-bit Vista. It used to say... well basically, "use a 32-bit operating system" but now it says, "uninstall iTunes and reinstall the 64-bit version of iTunes". So, any day now? The EU phone launch...
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    Osu Tatakae Ouendan 2 !!!!!

    Pure comedy, great tracks, great stories and a finale that tops even Ready Steady Go! I was in foot tapping, head bobbing, rhythm action, J-Pop heaven all night! Bliss! Import now! Cracking title. :D
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    Games for Windows! what?

    I really like the idea that Microsoft is trying to standardise certain features of games across the Windows platforms. Multi-core support, Widescreen resolutions, Input device standardisation etc. All good. It was touted as a reason to switch to Vista and Live is on its way soon. But is it...
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    DX10 Cascades Demo

    I dont see any other threads about it but it's on H's front page news and I just tried it out. Wowzers is all I can say. I can't wait till games have effects like that. Even the lighting alone blew me away and that's before I got into making waterfalls. As far as customisation goes, I...
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    Microsoft Live Nowhere

    So... where is it? Where is this thing they were pushing Vista with back in May 2006? I can't find any official info more recent than May. Where is the XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Adapter for Windows? It isn't even available here in the UK yet. What happened to Games for Windows and Live...
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    Wider sidebar in Vista?

    Does anyone know of a way to expand your sidebar in Vista? At 2560x1600 it seems awfully squished and certain things like the calendar and news feeds need to be squinted at. :(
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    Can I activate Vista retail now or 30th?

    So anyway I picked up a copy of Vista Ultimate Upgrade today (the chap was getting them out of the boxes as I was browsing the store and I convinced him to sell me a copy) and will backup my game saves and Steam stuff to my second drive tonight. However... I'm dying to install it! The...
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    CPU FSB Voltage on E6600+680i

    Ok after weeks of reading up on the subject and finally getting my new PSU, HSF and case fans I have taken the plunge and overclocked. Ok so 3GHz isn't terribly exciting for an E6600 but the sky didn't fall in on me so I'll keep going bit by bit. Temps haven't even changed by as much as a...
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    The best reason to look at multi-core processors next Autumn

    ..or 'fall' if you are American :D Anyway... ZOMG etc. etc. A quote from Sanya Thomas, of EA Mythic, regarding technologies in Warhammer Age of Reckoning, the Warhammer MMORPG in development from the Dark Age of Camelot people. Huzaah! Multi-core source HL2-E2 will surely provide a few...
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    680i + E6600 woes

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with a querie I have about bus speeds and multipliers. I just assembled my new system of C2D E6600, EVGA 680i, XTX 8800GTX and Corsair Dominator 800MHz 4-4-4-12 2GB. It was a fresh assembly with a new hard drive, Win XP Home SP2 and the new chipset...