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    Best USB DVD Burner for Netbooks

    So I'm picking up the Lenovo S10e off newegg, and I want a burner to go with it. I'm looking for something that supports LightScribe and only requires USB for power. I've looked at a few from Samsung to Lite-On to Sony. I've never really had good experiences with Lite-On myself, always...
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    Mac OS X 10.4 Compatible PCI Video Cards

    I'm trying to upgrade the video card in my PowerPC G4 and I'm having trouble finding some compatible cards. Does anyone know of any PCI cards that work well or have any FS? Any info would be great, thanks.:confused:
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    WiFi Detection & Tracking Questions

    A friend of mine who lives down the street from me and I are going to have a little contest. We both setup small independent wireless LANs in our homes and the goal is to see who can cracks who's wifi first and muck up the connected computer. basically wifi leeching and such. i recently read in...
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    HELP: Installing XP Pro with no CD/Floppy Drives

    Here's the situation: I have this: Fujitsu Stylistic LT C-500 - It's a tablet pc running w2k Problem: How to install WinXP when the pc doesn't have any built in CD or floppy drive I need to install windows xp on it basically for the new network stuff, mainly wifi. All it has is one usb...
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    Laptop LCD to Desktop ?

    I have like 3 perfectly working laptop LCDs around and was wodering if there is anyway I can hook them up to desktops using some kind of crazy adapter or mod or something. Does anyone know is can be done?