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    Sabertooth Z77 with >2 sticks of ram won't work!

    Hi guys, I've been running the Z77 with 2x4gb for a couple of years now fine. Recently, I bought another 2x4gb to add to it. Same model ram, I think slightly different timings but nothing big. The motherboard won't utilize either stick in the 2nd channel. It just picks up the Channel 1 8gb...
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    How would I amplify this cable into my home?

    Hi guys, I would like to amplify the signal coming into my home since I'm now using Cetons using a +15 dB amplifier I already have. I checked out my box outside and would like a little guidance on how to install this amplifier. I'm not sure what kind of cable that is running into the...
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    Saving files from dying MBP

    I have a 2008 MBP that is biting the dust. I have a dead nvidia 8600 GPU so I can't get any display. The HD is fine, but the graphics are not. Before I take it to the store and explore possible repairs (if any, wouldn't be surprised if it's time to buy a new MBP) I want to try to retrieve the...
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    Can't CTRL+ALT+DEL to log in to WHS computer with any keyboard

    It's really weird. I've tried several keyboards with both USB and P/S2 or whatever but once WHS boots, I cannot login. The computer recognizes the keyboard during boot and I can get into BIOS fine. But once WHS loads up, no more keyboard. I CAN use a mouse though. To top it off, the dumb...
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    New Win7 Install, no permissions now on storage HD

    This is weird and I've searched and searched and could not find a solution. I have 2 HDs, an OS drive and a storage 1TB drive that has programs and files on it. I just upgraded the OS drive to a 120gb SSD and figured I would grab some important folders off the 1TB and then reformat it, clearing...
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    Can anything help with FRAPS fps?

    Hi guys, I have a question about the fps drop when using fraps. Basically, what is the main hardware reason it drops fps? I'm not sure there's much I can do to help my situation, but maybe there is. I record WoW raids at 2560x1600 resolution on the rig in my comment and I drop down to 25-30...
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    Wireless antenne question

    Hi guys, I was wondering about this antenna: Can you put this on the wireless router itself to boost signal broadcast? Or is it strictly for the receiving adapter? Also, would there be any...
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    Weird powered USB hub problem

    Okay, so I got a second powered USB 2.0 hub of a different manufacturer because I thought the first one I had was broken. Apparently, it's something I'm doing wrong or elsewhere. I have both hubs plugged into the wall and computer. When I have my mouse and keyboard plugged into them, they come...
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    From 37" Westy to 30" 2560x1600, DONT HESITATE!

    This post isn't about a specific 30" (although I do love my new w3000h, SC2 is killer on it) but moreso about the transition from 37" 1080p to 30" Just wanted to throw this out there since this decision was tough for me, I thought others may have the same trouble. All I can say is, do not...
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    What software can draw in movies like this?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a method or program that would allow me to draw on some HD video of mine frame by frame. Basically, I have my golf swing recorded and I'd like to add a line that follows the golf ball in flight. It's pretty neat. For you golf fans, I'm talking about Pro tracer...
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    Post pics of your LCD TV computer setups!

    I searched, honest! Didn't find a thread like this yet. Could we start one specifically for LCD TV setups? Talking about those 32"+ behemoths!
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    Are my conclusions about 27" and 30" monitors correct?

    I've been reading up quite a bit and it seems like 30" monitors, although neat, are definitely not the most cost effective. For the same price as a single 3008wfp, 3x27" samsungs or practically any 27" from newegg can be had. Is this correct? Would you guys recommend the two or three 27"ers...
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    Export MS Access DB data to Outlook or MySQL

    Hi guys, My buddy's small office has about 20 MB worth of database data (mainly contact information for about 5000 people) in an old, lousy MS Access database. He wants to pull the data out and into something like Outlook or even MySQL. Is there a way to do extract that information and place...
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    What other games are like Alien Swarm?

    This game gave my buddies and I a really good time and now we're looking for some other stuff of similar nature. Coop, some RPG elements, etc. Anything else out there kind of like this besides Diablo? We like the 3rd person MGS aspect of it too.
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    Questions about my HT Audio setup

    So I recently purchased my first home theater audio system. I've always used built in speakers before this. I got a 5.1 Energy speaker system and a Polk center piece and a Yamaha receiver, all from Newegg. My question is about how I have it configured. Right now I have everything connected to...
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    Weird problem with XFX 5870, what to do?

    I just upgraded to an XFX 5870 from a Geforce GTX 260. My system was rock solid and stable with the GTX260. With the 5870, every time I turn on the computer, the fans on the card run at 100% and I get one long beep followed by 3 short ones. Then, I switch off the power supply and jiggle the card...
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    Weird problem with XFX 5870, what to do?

    I just upgraded to an XFX 5870 from a Geforce GTX 260. My system was rock solid and stable with the GTX260. With the 5870, every time I turn on the computer, the fans on the card run at 100% and I get one long beep followed by 3 short ones. Then, I switch off the power supply and jiggle the card...
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    WoW, Bad fps, good hardware, weird

    Hi guys, My buddy's computer is getting some pretty bad FPS and I can't figure out why. He gets about 26-29 fps in Dal and 15-20 fps during 25 man raids. His specs are: Q6600 OC'd to 2.7ghz 4gb ddr2 800 320gb 7200.10 16mb geforce GTX 260 Windows 7 64 bit In the game, his affects bar is set to...
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    Supreme Commander performance nowadays

    My game is slowing down with 5 bots and myself set to 750 max units on 10x10 km maps The FPS is great, so I can tell it's the cpu or something other than the graphics card. I have graphics settings on medium with 2x AA. My Vista x64 is on a 150gb raptor and my game is installed on a seagate...
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    240 Core nVidias, are these new? Nvm!

    EDIT: I'm such a smart cookie I just noticed all the reviews on the 240 core cards. From that I derived that they were indeed not just added. I'm sorry guys, it's late and I'm cramming for finals so anything nonacademic gets me excited. ----------------- I just noticed on Newegg they have 240...
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    How to backup 30gb files for an office

    Hi guys, I need some suggestions. The small business I work for (11 employees) put me in charge of their file server. They have ~30gb of files, and are not expecting to grow tremendously. It's taken them 10 years to accumulate that much. Right now, they have a file server with 1 250gb HD and...
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    Is it difficult to secure a MySQL database?

    Hi guys, My small office (11 employees) has a small 30 MB MySQL database. We need quick and regular access to it, so ideally we'd like to keep it on our LAN server. However, an application on our website hosted outside of the office needs access to it too, but does not require speed or...
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    When will new Ipod Touch actually hit shelves?

    I'm not really familiar with Apple's product release times. I'm planning on grabbing one of these new ipod touches that were just announced today (9th). Will they take long to actually hit shelves at the Apple store? Thanks for the info guys.
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    Can this printer be fixed?

    Hey guys, This Canon IP4000 has been giving me problems and I'm wondering if it's a common issue that can be solved myself. The paper keeps jamming at a certain point, it's like those particular rotary things are broken. Can anything be done about this? Thanks guys!
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    Weird issue with MS Access, files keep copying

    In my office, we have a 9 MB Access database file. Only about 2 or 3 people actually use it (not including me) and it's stored on a file server. We're having a weird problem where every day that Access file (called official.db) is duplicated. It's really weird, just that one file. We'll have...
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    Do MBP's resell well?

    Hey guys, Do penryn MBP's resell well? Will they after the rumored refresh around the corner? My old laptop just isn't cutting it for school anymore and I need something pretty soon. I'm taking classes year-round so I don't really have the luxury of summer deals. I don't need anything crazy...
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    Are the refurb MBP's on penryn?

    I've decided to get a 2.4ghz 15.4" MBP and was wondering if the refurbished ones on apple's website are penryn? They have 8600gt's in them, do any MBP's without penryn's come with 8600s? I know there are rumors about a new refresh around the corner, but I'm not going to be using this for much...
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    Would this be caused by static electricity?

    Hey guys, If a mobo was damaged by static electricity, would the fans still power on and beep codes still initiate? Or would it be completely dead as a doornail? A mobo at work had just that, fans turned on and there was a beep code not listed in the manual. I only had a minute with it, so I...
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    XP Pro: understanding the 10 connection limit

    Hey guys, The small office I work at has 11 computers that need access to a very simple file server. They have only about 25gb of files that they need to share across the network, and that's it. They need nothing else, just access to those files on the small file server. Now, before you go...
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    Robocopy, how to create dated directories every run?

    Hey guys, is it possible to have robo copy create a new folder for the copies every time it runs? Like: C:\backups\3-1-08\ C:\backups\3-2-08\ C:\backups\3-3-08\ C:\backups\$date etc. instead of just overwriting the same directory over and over? Thanks guys
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    Backup software that can do this:

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what you would recommend for my situation. I have three storage locations total. 2 file servers and an external hard drive. I would like the software to fully backup server A to server B every night. Then, do a full backup from server A to the external HD once a week...
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    What are transmit/receive buffers?

    My file server's buffers are Transmit: 512 Receive: 512 and my computer's: Transmit: 128 Receive: 256 What do these mean? Can they be optimized? Thanks!
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    Identify this wallpaper!

    Hey guys, I've had this wallpaper for months but like an r'tard, never actually saved it to my hard drive. Instead, I did the "set as desktop background" which only made it temporary I guess. Well, I foolishly set a new wallpaper which deleted this one. I loved this one and would like it back...
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    RAID5 slow write at ~3MB/s

    Hey, I have 3x 300gb PATA, 7200 8mb Cache HD's setup with an LSI Logic MegaRaid i4 with the settings: Raid5 3 Stripes, 32kb stripe size Writethru DirectIO Should I only be writing about 3 MB/s? That seems kind of slow. The other spare 80gb on the system gets ~50MB/s across my gigabit network...
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    Best way to communicate data.

    I have an situation that I don't know how exactly to display this data. I need to display lists of posts made by users. These posts have about 25 fields each, stored in SQL. I don't want to show all 25 fields at once for each post. Instead, I want to show just the basics of the post (date...
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    Thermalright Ultra 120, 2 fans better than 1?

    Just curious, does it help or impair? I was thinking, 2 of the Scythe S-Flex's (the 1600 rpm ones) but want to make sure 2 is actually better than one in this case. If two is better, what's the best way to set them up? Fan1 -> |_| -> Fan2 or Fan1 <- |_| -> Fan2 or Fan1 -> |_| <- Fan2 Thanks...
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    Did my COD4 profile just get erased??

    So I came home today and booted up my comp. Started up COD4 and all my settings are off (Not widescreen, low graphics, etc) and my profile is gone. Is my profile gone or am I doing something wrong here? Was so close to 48 too..... edit: sorry, just found the other thread...
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    Coding with a 13" screen

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about a laptop I can take around with me to class and work, so I'd like it to be nice and small. The 13" macbook really sparks my interest. My main concern though is how it would fair for short/medium periods of coding with a <15" screen. Not talking more than a few hours...
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    PHP: grabbing SQL data and converting to XML

    This is a tough one for me. I'm trying to fetch SQL results as XML to be used in a PHP document. Right now, I have 2 files: page.php and xmlgrabber.php The "page.php" has a template and stuff powering it, so I can't modify the headers in it. The "xmlgrabber" page connects to MySQL and displays...
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    DirectX DirectShow crashing everything

    Crysis and GoW are crashing regularly now (1 minute into Crysis and at the freakin menu in GoW, can't even play). When I try to access dxdiag, I get a popup: If I click Yes, it crashes dxdiag. If I click No I it works. So, I think that's what's causing my games to crash. I reinstalled the ATI...