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    VB6: All-code replacement of inet control?

    right now im writing a DLL. one of the functions i want it to have is downloading a file from the internet from any specified url. i know this is very possible with the internet transfer control, but I dont know how i could implement one into my DLL while still capturing the events. so, im...
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    additional ide controller?

    my dad just gave me 2 Dual-PIII servers. he had his SCSI drives in there but he wanted me to take them out. I had no problem with this, because im just putting together a file server for myself with 2 shitty little 40gb IDE hard drives i have laying around. so I open it up and it only has 1...
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    Mobo Choking on Boot (Asus A7N8X-e deluxe/nforce 2)

    I have just gotten I new computer (athon xp mobile 2200, aiw radeon9800 pro, 1gb corsair value select ram). I installed everything correctly, and it has been running fine for 2 or 3 days. But yesterday while playing farcry, my screen would randomly go black, so I rebooted. Now it chokes...
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    PLEASE HELP: Access is Denied message

    Alright, I have just recently gotten a new computer. I decided to take the hard drive out of my old comp and stick it in my new comp so I dont have to burn DVDs upon DVDs of my random shit. But when I go to access my old documents folder, I get an Access is Denied message. Tooltips say the...
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    AIW 9800pro power connector

    I just got an AIW Radeon 9800 pro. On the card, it appears to have a berg connector, but it ships with a berg-molex converter. The converter does not appear to have any resistors on it. Would it be ok to just plug a berg connector from my PSU into the card or should i play it safe and use the...
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    Switching from VB6 to VB.Net?

    I am an experienced Visual Basic 6 programmer, and have been working with VB since version 3.0. But I've heard the new version, VB.Net, has so many changes that it doesnt seem like the same language anymore. Would someone experienced with and vb6 point out major coding differences, as...
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    FreeImage VB6 Wrapper

    Can somebody point me to a freeimage wrapper for visual basic 6? The one that is on sourceforge has errors, specifically random *s in the declare statements. I dont know freeimage at all, so if someone could help i would greatly appreciate it.
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    NEEDED: 32bit XP icon to 24bit icon batch converter

    Help me find one guys, i cant seem to find a good batch one that ISNT shareware:( and i need to use some icons in VB6 but it doesnt support 32 bit thanks a lot
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    Firefox quicktime/ytmnd problems

    I recently installed firefox 1.0 like most of you have, but I cannot get ytmnd's working. Firefox tells me to install quicktime, which i did, and sites with embedded sounds still do not work, regardless of tag type (embed, bgsound, object). i also tried installing quicktime alternative but to no...
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    "gif" pronounciation

    is it pronounced: gif as in Good OR jif as in JIF peanut butter
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    Pop Goes the Gmail

    Hey, I've been having problems with Pop goes the gmail and I was wondering if you guys can help... First when I start it, it complains my POP3 and SMTP ports are being used. I am fairly certain they aren't being used, i'm only running AIM and I have no spyware or anything the like. Any way...