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    How to completely delete ati drivers?

    Greetings, I uninstalled the ati control panel and drivers, used driver cleaner pro and driver sweeper in safe mode, then deleted anything ati related I could find in explorer and the registry. However, I'm still getting this error in event viewer after every boot: The following boot-start...
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    What oil to use for tiny buzzy sleeve gpu fan

    Doing a quick cheap fix on a friends computer and the gpu fan is buzzing. Usually I would use engine oil and that has worked nicely for me in the past, but I don't have any right now. Can sunflower oil or WD40 do the job? (those are the only things I have handy atm)
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    Question about G.Skill RMA

    I received 1GB G.Skill pc3200 dual channel kit today for my father's computer, and one stick is dead. Looking closer at the stick I can see a small chip with 4 legs on each side that is out of place as if it was pushed to the side, with one of the leg not making contact with the pcb, so it's an...
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    What temperature sensors are these? ^^^this type of sensors have been around forever, but I've never seen this version with the dark background and blue fonts. Where can they be found?
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    3.5" LCD/VFD?

    This is the only one I've seen so far, but damn those buttons Is there a 3.5" lcd/vfd that is centered and doesn't have any buttons? Thanks
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    Dust at the back of the case

    Many case manufacturers put dust filters at the front and side of the cases, but then at the back they have big unrestricted vents next to the pci slots, vented pci slot covers, etc. What is the theory here? Do they assume not much dust enters there because there aren't people and pets moving...
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    Motherboard pretty much dead?

    At this point I'm pretty sure the motherboard is defective as I tried everything I could think of, but I would just like to get some confirmations before I go through the trouble of getting a replacement board off ebay. This is an old socket A board with an athlon XP1800+ that was working...
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    Sugo SG02B-F arrived at NewEgg - Fits 12" graphics cards

    This version has a plastic front panel and a steel chassis but it's $35 cheaper than the SG01B. The hard drive cage is mounted on the other side, so now it fits up to 12" graphics cards! I'm very tempted by this. :eek:
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    120mm blowhole cover?

    You have an unused 120mm blowhole that you want to close without any hassle or whithout making it look ghetto, is this the only store on the planet that sells something remotely close to this...
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    Smoked plexiglass?

    I have seen modding stores sell plexiglass in several colors, but have never seen 'black' plexiglass that's transparent enough to still let you to see through, like smoked/tinted windows in cars. Is there any store that sells this?
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    Aftermarket parts/alternative design for the SG03

    Does anyone know if it will ever be possible to get for example a solid side panel for the SG03 without the ugly mesh or if anyone is gonna come out with alternative designs based on the SG03 chassis? :)
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    New Lian Li PC-7 SE III

    I think this case is pretty new seeing as it's not listed on Lian Li's site, or maybe I've been living under a rock. This case has a removable HDD cage and a mesh on top of the PSU area to feed cool outside air to 120mm PSU's mounted upside down. Anyone here has one or seen one for sale...
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    Sygate local router solicitations

    Every other reboot, Sygate Personal Firewall bugs me about stuff like windows explorer/nt logon/svchost/imapi etc trying to broadcast a router solicitation to the address. Should I allow it since it's a local adress so it's safe or should I block these solicitations? Will any windows...
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    Is there a way to know how long XP has been installed on a machine?

    Is there a way to know the date when XP was installed? Thanks. :)
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    Which of these two fan filters are more effective?

    In terms of airflow/filtering capabilities, which of these two filters do a better job? FilterRight acrylic frame mesh filter or The regular aluminum fan filter The latter has been around for a while and does a good job in trapping dust with minimal airflow restriction, but what...
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    Source for mnpctech machined billet fan grills in Europe?

    These grills Any store in Europe that sells these? Or an US store that ships to Europe? Thanks.
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    Antec NSK3400 (NSK3300 Update w/ ATX PSU!)

    Antec is gonna come out with an improved version of the NSK3300 soon. Instead of the hard to replace SFX PSU, the NSK3400 now houses a regular ATX PSU, which will probably be even quieter. The PSU cables routing slot has been moved to the side and alot more vents have been added to the top panel...
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    Best place to buy mp3's online?

    Sorry if this isn't the right sub-forum to ask this, but I couldn't find the place for this. :confused: What is the best site to buy mp3's and download them from that has a large and diversified offer of artists and music genres (other than iTunes of course)? I want them in plain mp3...
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    Asus Q-Fan question

    I'm working on a P5B-VM mobo and I enabled Q-Fan with the Silent mode, thinking that the mobo would make the cpu fan only ramp up under load. However, it did not. In none of the other modes (Performance/Optimal/Ultra Silent) do the fans ever change speed, no matter how close to 60ºC the cpu is...
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    Which timing is which for these ram modules?

    I'm setting up a system with 2x 1GB of these memory sticks. The timings info on their site is somewhat vague, they just say: * CAS latency: 3, 4& 5 * Burst length: 4 & 8 The cas latency is obviously 5, but the other values, which is which on the Bios? This is my 1st time dealing with DDR2...
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    Removing thermal pad from C2D stock heatsink

    Greetings everyone, I see the stock heatsink that comes with the C2D E6600 has 3 stripes of thermal material stuck to the copper base. How difficult is it to remove them to use AS5? I don't have any special heatsink cleaning material, is this something that I can just scrape off with a sharp...
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    Question about applying AS5 to a C2D

    The arctic silver instructions say to apply a very thin line of AS5 across the heatspreader. Now how thin should this line be? Should it be paper thin like with the razor method used on single core cpu's? Or should it be "whatever squirted out of the syringe" thin? In other words, do I need to...
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    Am I the only one that finds the design of 120mm fan PSU's ineffective?

    The idea is that a big 120mm fan sucks air from inside the case and exhausts it through the grill at the back of the PSU, cooling both the case and the PSU in the process. IMHO this isn't true because: - A PSU is very cramped inside, no way all the air it sucks in can go out through the...
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    Alternative front fascias for the Qpack?

    One without the silly handle or the temperature display perhaps? Without opening for a 3.5" drive would also be great. This is such a nice case with a 120mm fan and all, too bad it has one of ugliest fronts I have ever seen. :( So is there some place that sells alternative front fascias for...
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    Can a syringe of AS5 go bad after a few years?

    I've had AS5 stored away for what seems like almost 3 years now. This is probably a dumb question, but If I use it now will it be as efective as a recently bought syringe would? I've been out of the loop for quite some time, I was surprised when I recently visited the arcticsilver site and...
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    How much improvement is a CNPS7000B-Cu over the E6600 stock HSF?

    Hi, Has anyone compared a CNPS7000B-Cu with the intel stock HSF? This is going to be for a non-overclocked E6600 in the not so big Antec Fusion case, so the big 120mm heatsinks are out of the question. I know the CNPS7000B-Cu with the fanmate will most likely run quieter than the intel...
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    Is the 430W PSU of the Antec Fusion enough for a 8800GTS?

    Hi everyone, I'm helping a friend build a system based on the Antec Fusion. Today I read that the 8800GTS needs a power supply with a 12v rating of 26A. Is this only for one 12v rail or for all the 12v rails combined? The Antec Fusion has a 430W PSU with two 12v rails rated at 16A, is this...
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    GTA Vice City in 16:10 aspect ratio?

    Greetings, does anyone still play this game? I still play around with the Ultimate Vice City v2.0 mod. :) I recently upgraded to a widescreen tft, I am able to select the 1680x1050 resolution in-game, then I enable the Widescreen option, but the game is stretched vertically. It's as if it...
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    What ram speed for a Core 2 Duo cpu?

    Hi everyone, what DDR2 ram speed is enough for a Core 2 Duo system? It's most likely gonna be the E6600 (but they all have the same FSB anyway) and the system is not gonna be overclocked. I've been out of the loop for a while, so I'm a bit confused with all the DDR2 speeds available. I would...
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    Test your banding with this merciless Screensaver!

    This is one tough screensaver, it will bring many LCD's to their knees. I tried it on a L204WT and it was banding all over the place! On a CRT there's no banding whatsoever, which is why this is the ultimate test for an LCD. Are you brave enough to try it? I present you the Plasma Screensaver...
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    LCD's break in?

    I read somewhere that lcd's can take weeks to fully break in, is this true? What exactly improves after the breaking in period? Contrast, colors, black levels stuff like that?
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    BeHardware Review of six 22" monitors

    I had been waiting for this for some time :cool: Which 22 inch to choose? Six monitors tested with reaction times from 2 to 5 ms The Asus is the surprise and disappointment of this review. While it has one of the fastest response times of all the current lcd monitors, it also has the...
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    LG L226WT 22" 3000:1 Contrast

    Check out LG's new 22" monitor scheduled to be released in January: MONITOR SPECS Panel type: TN Resolution: 1680x1050 Colors: 16.7M (8-bit) Brightness: 300cd/m2 Contrast: 3000:1 DFC Response Time: 5ms (g2g) Viewing Angles: 170/170 Ports: 1x D-Sub 1x DVI-D Power...
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    What monitors use the LTM201M1 panel? (The S-PVA panel from the 2007WFP lottery)

    Anyone knows of other monitors using this Samsung panel? Or any monitors coming out soon with this panel? An 20.1" 8-bit 1000:1 contrast S-PVA monitor would be right up my alley!
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    Calibrating lcd monitors with dynamic contrast

    Is it possible to calibrate a dynamic contrast monitor with the Avia dvd for example? Won't the calibration always be a bit off because the contrast constantly changes depending on the scene displayed? Or do monitors with dynamic contrast always show the same level of detail on dark scenes no...
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    Any new, better widescreen monitors coming out in the next couple months?

    Like any true 1500:1 or 2000:1 or HIGHER contrast, 8-bit 21"+ widescreen monitors with wide viewing angles and no video twinkling or backlight bleeding whatsoever and with a highly adjustable stand in any position imaginable and without gay speakers coming down the pipeline? Or are these just...
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    Samsung SyncMaster 225BW 22"

    Anyone here using this monitor? Unlike the VX2235wm, everything I've read about the 225BW seems to indicate it uses a true 8-bit TN panel. Specs: Resolution: 1680x1050 Pixel Pitch: 0.282mm Colors: 16.7M Brightness: 280 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 700:1 Response Time: 5 ms (GTG) Viewing...
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    How bad is the video noise on TN (and other) panels?

    I keep reading reviews where monitors get trashed for having noisy video playback, or 'twirling' like they say, specially at THG, many monitors get a beating there when it comes to screening movies. How bad is this noise really? Is it something you notice if you're sitting like 3 foot away...
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    205BW different specs?

    I've seen different specs for this monitor, some places say 16.7M colors and 700:1 contrast, others say 16.2M colors and 600:1 contrast. It seems to vary from country to contry but I've seen different specs on sites from the same country :confused: Is there really two different panels for this...
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    How common is the blue/red vertical lines on the 215TW?

    Hi everyone, my 1st post here. :) I've been reading these forums like mad trying to decide what to get as my 1st lcd monitor. I was set on going for the 215TW then I found some people here that had problems with blue or red vertical lines suddenly appearing and not going away. Also quite a...