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    EVGA 780ti Superclocked ACX cooler

    My second time selling on ebay (gtx 680) and third time posting a sale on [H] (gtx 480). Have a look if you are interested, all original items unopened, including the poster and those giant ass stickers. Thanks. And free shipping to the US...
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    EVGA GTX 680 SC-2 Sold my 480's in FS section but decided to be lazy this time and do an ebay.
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    Crucial M4 drives failing in droves at 5200 hours of cumulative operation! This is not a happy day. Anyone with an M4 at 5200 hours of operation? Mine is at 736 hours. However, it looks like a software error. Crucial is currently soliciting anyone with the F4 BSOD to RMA their...
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    Weird crackling noise during cutscenes in games!

    I'm having a weird issue that I thought was isolated to my old headset (Corsair USB H1) that would happen every once in a while, maybe 20% of my games. Cutscenes and menu sounds would cause crackling in my headset at every volume. The crackling was always kind of loud and would increase in...
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    2D Surround problem!

    So I'm all excited and want to try this out and I get home fast from work. Turns out there's a problem. When I activate my monitors in surround, the monitor connected to my second 480 artifacts on the desktop with rainbow colors. So I begin troubleshooting and the first thing I do is turn...
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    LIAN LI PC-7FN black/aluminum $79.99+FS

    Saw this deal on logicbuy and thought that anyone looking for a good aluminum mid-tower might be interested. Currently $109.99+FS Coupon code: CASE6223 to get an additional $30...
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    XFX Black 5970 #68 missing, RED ALERT

    Received in the e-mail. Did one of you guys do it? *Oops someone posted this in ATI forums, someone close or merge this.
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    BFBC2 DX11 Load, 197.41

    Why is it so damn slow? I saw this gem on afterburner, why the hell does it do this. It also downclocks in the menus but that's understandable. My load takes literally 4 times as long as my brother's 5870 on the same settings, even when he turns off eyefinity.
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    GTX 480 3D clocks not increasing in game

    My GTX 480 2d clocks at 405 Mhz core outside games on the desktop. I'm running 3 monitors with a 8400GS adjacent to my 480. Idle desktop temps 78C. For some reason, the core stays at 405 Mhz in BFBC2 during gameplay, not just menu. In Metro 2033, it immediately ramps up to 701 Mhz when I...
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    GTX 480 SLi, massive scalability (maingear) Maingear test of GTX 480 SLi. I think that [H] reached the conclusion as well. In terms of performance, GTX 480 SLi is clearly the way to go...
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    Best airflow?

    So I've been looking at cases in preparation for the GTX 480. After reading some first hand consumer accounts at the EVGA forum about how some people's cases were failing (Silverstone Raven rv-02 and Thermaltake level 10) I've decided that my old case (Thermaltake armor) is just not going to do...
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    480Sli+possible WC PS

    Hi I've lurked but haven't really posted on this board. I'm planning my most ambitious system ever power wise and have never purchased a powersupply over 550W. I'm looking at this 850W powersupply (since Kyle suggest at least that for 480SLi) on newegg...