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    Repair a FAT16 USB drive with no disk space?

    Dug up a USB flash drive that has a FAT16 partition but Windows Explorer sees files that are corrupted (file name, timestamps, size discrepancy, etc). Chkdsk says that it can fix it but there is no space in the drive to actually do so. I cannot delete any of the files since I do not know which...
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    Upgrading from a Logitech Z-340, next best upgrade for less then $100?

    Don't know that much about audio, other then plugging speakers into the jack and using it, so be gentle! The Z-340 that I have is beginning to have problems and I am in a mood for upgrading my current audio setup if the sound quality is vastly improved. I play a mix of music and games, but I am...
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    Need recommendations for bang-for-buck computing!

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Moderate gaming (World of Tanks), Adobe CS5 suite (Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver), Engineering software (Matlab, Xilinx, LabView, etc.) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping...
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    Another ESXi storage server! (ZFS + WHS)

    Heres a quick rundown: Xeon X3440, 4gb ECC (for now), 8x2tb LP Seagates (those new 4k sector drives with 64mb cache), Supermicro X8SIA-F, 4x Br10i's Being new to ESXi, it had to fool around it until I got it to do what I want. For now, I want to migrate my data from the old WHS machine to the...
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    Computer failure for unknown reasons

    Me and my brother have built a PC for a friend of ours. 2 weeks ago, the PC just dies out of no where, no POST or beeping. Removed every component except for the bare essentials. Long diagonistic story short, its 90% chance that the motherboard is shot with no visible damage/smell (budget...
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    Forcing WHS to mirror duplicated folders on ALL drives?

    As the title says, is there a way for WHS to copy duplicated folders to all drives? I was surprised that when I looked at Duplication Info that only one drive has all of my duplication folder data and my other 5 drives have only bits and pieces of it. To me, it feels like inadequate...
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    Trying to clone a dying drive

    Trying to clone a dying drive The laptop drive went tits up, showing a sizable amount of reallocated sectors in SMART. It has gotten to a point where it can boot to windows fine, but you cannot use Windows Explorer to look at the drive or even open folders, as the drive would click furiously...
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    GA-P35-DS3R cannot start anymore

    Problem happened today while waking up the computer from S3 standby. When it finished waking up, I noticed that the desktop didnt load but the mouse was movable. Keyboard controls are dead so I cant alt-ctrl-del, so I hit the reset button and it completely freezes up during memory detection...
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    Extremely slow gigabit network

    I recently bought a D-link DGS-2208 8-port gigabit switch to help improve network transfers. While it was good from a gigabit-capable computer to another gigabit-capable computer, when I transferred stuff from my gigabit Vista computer to my bros non-gigabit computer, the speed is extremely slow...
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    Made-for-DVR hard drives

    So I scavenged 2 EIDE drives from an unused DIsh Network DVR that was left out on the street. A 250gb and a 120gb Maxtor Quickview drives. After quite a bit on searching, I only found scraps of conflicting info about the hard drives being used for normal operations like a PC or backup storage...
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    GA-EP35-DS3R vs GA-P35-DS3R

    Seems like the only thing new in the "E-" suffix is that it has a new feature: "Revolution energy saving design with GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver(DES) technology" Is there any 'gotchas' for getting this motherboard over the non-E revision? (which is somehow more expensive)
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    Time to start the new year with a bang!

    Literally, a bang (or not). On 1/1/2008, I popped in my new video card into my GA-965P-S3, made a friendy beep at me and a second later, a loud sizzle filled the room along with magic smoke (in which I accidently inhaled most of it since it was shooting towards me). Nonetheless, I do not have a...
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    E2160 max temperature?

    At 9x300 and 1.25 vcore, during load, the cpu will hit the high 60's C and possibly spike into the low 70's with 26C ambient. The cooler is an ZEROtherm CF900 and the mobo is a GA-965P-DS3 with FSB and G(MCH) voltage bumped up to 0.1v. HSF link...
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    Which q6600 info to trust?

    This is the Q6600 I have recently purchased from frys in the 4th of july deal. The motherboard is a GA-965P-S3 and the ram is a Patriot 2x2gb 800mhz@5-5-5-15, Vcore is at auto and FSB is at 400. However, when I run the applications for stress testing, it gives me 2 different speeds in which...
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    Need recommendations on prescott air cooling

    After salvaging parts from my friend to build a computer for my cousin, I am suprised that I could have a 3.2ghz prescott cpu, and I knew that these cpus run super hot. Upon cleaning the cpu and its stock HSF, and checked that the cpu fan is spinning, I powered on the computer and I left it...
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    Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill thermal sensor

    Is it safe/okay to put one of the thermal sensors in the water?
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    Can anyone identify this mobo?

    The red one in the middle, since the person who took the pic did not realize that the specific model number is blocked. All I know is that its from the K8WE series (or similar), but this mobo is not listed in the offical tyan site.