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    Looking for new phone for the wife. (and me, later)

    I'm looking to a replacement phone for my wife's s7. I'm wanting something that is as good or better, performance wise, but I have a few caveats. I don't want bio-metrics at all. No finger print sensor, face recognition, etc. And something I can control. Must have a headphone jack. Her s7 was...
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    Wanting to try to mod my mouse ergonomics.

    Hello, I'm currently using a steelseries rival optical mouse, a cheaper one that I cant find anymore. #62271 Overall, I like it and it has served me well for the last 3-4 years But I have worn it out and I want to change the way I use my mouse. The best way I can explain it is that when I'm...
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    Rooting a cheap android? (Confused on how rooting works and where to start)

    So I want to root my phone. It's an Alcatel Onyx (50008R). I got it as a cheap phone, since my old zenfone 2 died, long story the main board stopped sending video siganl. Had the Onyx for a bit and it's okay for a cheap phone. Today it just crashed and corrupted the OS, somehow. I couldn't...
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    Windows 8.1 password recovery help.

    I am trying to fix my mother-in-law's laptop. It's a little HP thing. I removed the hdd to recover some files. She just can not remember her password. The drive is not fubar or anything. I know windows stores your login in the registry I'm not understanding guides online to view a second HDDs...
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    In need of a windows 7 pro 64 bit iso.

    Okay, so this requires some explaining. I have bought 2 retail oem win7 pro disks from newegg, about 2-3 years ago, maybe longer. I can't find either one or the sleeves that have my product keys with them. I have pictures of my sleeves with the product keys on the drive of my pc, which I can't...
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    Looking to build PC for daughter. (last a few years)

    (Sorry, if this is not the right section, I mostly lurk) I'm looking to build a PC for my daughter. PC would be used for graphic design, animation, and video editing, with some light gaming. I'm going to give her one of my GPUs, so I don't need to worry about that for now. (ASUS Strix GTX 980)...
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    What to do with an old socket g34 4p server?

    I built a G34 4p rig while back for F@H and had not kept up with the news that it would be useless for folding like a month after I finished it. I'm trying to think of something to use it for but I can't really get a use for it. I don't really need or know what to do with my own server. And I...
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    Wondering if there were any G34 boards with multiple PCIE slots.

    I have a 4p rig that I built right before F@H made 4p rigs not useful for folding anymore. I was wondering if there were any G34 boards that had more than one full PCI-e slots, so maybe I can still use these CPUs and make 4 smaller rigs and put 2-4 GPUs in each of them.