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    What site for reviews?

    Hey guys, Now that Hard[OCP] is done, can someone recommend a good tech review site? I used to trust HardOCP for my equipment choices and usually based decisions on their recommendations but now I'm not sure where to go. I don't upgrade often, so I need a good go-to place instead of reading 10...
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    Samsung Unveils a Folding Smartphone

    There's potential, certainly. I'd get it in a few gens when the front screen fills most of the estate, the phne is thinner and a different aspect ratio, notches are gone and...well, those are actually my main issues right now.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Buds Commercial Leaks

    Curious about the buds, how they'll differ from the IconX 2018 which are quite decent. I hate the punchole and any other notches on phones, I hope they don't put that thing on the Note 10 (they probably will) and find a way to get rid of that junk. I'd rather have a top bezel or a slide-out...
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    Dude, this video was too much :LOL:
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    What do you expect form a VOX publication :D
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    The Witcher TV Show Casts Anna Shaffer as Triss Merigold

    k, while my initial reaction is negative, isn't she quite light? She doesn't really seem your typical black, she's just not very fair-skinned. Kinda like a tanned white person. I'll have to see the final character.
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    Science Confirms That Bluetooth Headphones Are "Mostly Terrible"

    meh, yeah, if you're super-hardcore then of course, but I'm using Sony MDRs (1st gen) and the quality is very good for me, while the advantages outweigh any minor losses in quality. Pretty much no connection losses, other than sometimes in very busy areas. If I'm at my desk or watching TV, I get...
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    Oculus Co-Founder Leaves Facebook Amid Rift 2 Cancellation Reports

    To be fair, card board was a nice avenue for trying the VR before making any more-expensive decisions. I mean obviously it's leagues behind any serious VR experience, but at least for someone who's never tried it, it gives a taste of what the whole thing is about without any serious...
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    World's Fastest Camera Freezes Time at 10 Trillion Frames per Second

    ugh...I didn't even know such numbers existed!
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    James Cameron Hopes for “Avengers” Fatigue

    just shush, James!
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    Get a Robot if You're Tired of Putting Together IKEA Furniture

    So I get 2 seconds of the robot action and the rest of the video is chicks putting the chair together? BS!
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    Civilization VI Launches for Free on iPad, but Costs $60 to Unlock

    damn, no android. otherwise I might've checked it out
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    Amazon Might Take on YouTube

    love it! And it's ad-free for Prime members!
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    Amazon Might Take on YouTube

    FFS, if this goes through, I just hope it won't be called "Amazon Tube" or "Open Tube". Enough "tubes"!
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    Ultra-Fast 5G Wireless Service Declared National Security Priority by White House

    you would rather blow through it in 6 hours? :)
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    Researchers Create Chips That Are Unhackable and Virtually Indestructible

    North Korean or South Korean researchers? ;)
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    Amazon Prime App Finally Available for Apple TV

    Not on Chromecast though :(
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    Ontario Working to Ban Eye Tattoos after Woman Injured

    few good things about this government, but this one is good
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    Brutal Legend and MDK Are Free for a Limited Time

    wow, of the best games ever
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    In Canada (or, at least, Ontario) restaurants with more than 20 locations are now required to print calories beside the meals. I'm now surprised that this passed and wasn't challenged as offensive...or was it... :D
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    72% of Consumers Don’t Know What Net Neutrality Is

    So I followed the link suggested in that article that purportedly explains clearly and easily what NN is. And while it started off good, they pretty much lost me towards the end, making it all about anti-Trump and how people...
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    PayPal Hates on Hate and Haters that get Paid for Hate and Hating

    Case in point - the Google manifesto debacle.
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    PayPal Hates on Hate and Haters that get Paid for Hate and Hating

    Well said, Kyle. Don't give in to these pressures from the left, maintain your integrity. Just cause you have a brain and can actually analyse situations and asses them, does not make you a far-right extremist or any of the epithets attributed to you. I like that [H] is quite objective...
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    Stanford Economist: All Fossil-Fuel Vehicles Will Vanish in 8 Years

    and I am reading it from underwater because as Al Gore climate change
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    This Is Amazon’s New Echo with a Built-In Touchscreen

    cool, but pretty sure I'd be dead if I started talking out-loud next to my sleeping wife...
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    Facebook Rejects Female Engineers’ Code More Often

    it's like this site is in the 1% left that actually thinks! Must be the result of some social injustice! :D
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    Blockbuster Has Managed to Survive in Alaska

    it was kinda cool going out to pick up a movie for the evening. obviously digital is more convenient, but there's no barely any option for true HD content though. Online is good but it doesn't match a true Blu-Ray so I kinda miss that option for rental.
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    Google Is Asking for Your Help to Spot Fake News

    huh? and what are "authoritative" pages??? what constitutes "high quality" content??? some very dangerous stuff coming from Cal.
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    Russia Plans to Ban VPNs and Proxies Allowing Access to Blocked Sites

    I don't know about proxies, but they sure banned Jehovah's Witnesses...
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    Companies Start Implanting Microchips into Workers' Bodies

    "Umm...see, Johnson over there is willing to get the implant, so unfortunately it is with great regret I must inform you that you must part ways with the company."
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    Exploding Headphones Reignite Fears about Batteries on Planes

    Yeah...a week after I bought Sony MDR1000X...doh! Keeping them though ;)
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    John Carmack Sues Zenimax for Sale of ID Software

    sigh...tremendous talent wasting its time on lawsuits... :(
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    Physicists Create "Impossible" New Form of Matter: Supersolids

    well, it's based on Bose-Einstein gas, so it probably means smart speakers
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    Ghost Recon Wildlands 4K Footage

    watched in 1080 and looks sick, but the helicopter at the end looked off texture-wise.
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    Oculus Rift + Touch Combo is Now $598

    Tried the VIVE yesterday. It was really cool, but the resolution kinda sucked and the screen-door effect was very obvious. I'm also wondering how quickly games and demos would get boring without good AAA titles after the initial `wow` factor would wear off. It might be a lot of fun to play next...
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    YouTube, Disney Ditch PewDiePie over Anti-Semitic Comments

    This. I totally agree with this, the left has just gone bonkers and I'm glad people are catching on, because there's hope to turn this around. The PC idiocy has crossed the line a long time ago.
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    Samsung Battery Factory Catches Fire

    Yes, the Note 8 will come out hot on the heels of Note 7...
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    Samsung Battery Factory Catches Fire

    enough of this made in China crap!
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    Factory Replaces 90% of Human Workers with Robots, Production Rises by 250%

    I dunno, something tells me that this robot revolution will not be as grim as some say, society will re-adjust and jobs will crop up in other sectors. Someone has to now make the machines, right? Or support them, design them etc., sh** ALWAYS breaks. Think back to the dude who lit lamp posts...