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    Backlight Uniformity / Could I reckon that manufacturers are lame on this?

    I've been had discontent with manufacturers about how they're dealing with deviation of back light. I mean it's NOT RANDOM, it's always the center that is brightest and always dimmer getting far from it. So why can't they adjust the center part a bit while maintaining circumference areas. Is it...
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    DELL U2413

    - AH-IPS/GB-r LED - light AG - programmable 14-bit LUT - uniformity compensation function - 10-bit colors (8 + 2FRC) - PWM free above 19% brightness tftcentral review
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    BenQ GW2x60(HM/HS)

    GW2760HM Review(+ brief tests of GW2460HM, GW2260HM). Korean. (translated)
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    BenQ GW2760HS

    manufacturer's official - 27' FHD A-MVA / semi-glossy - 11.5mm slim bezel - Flicker-free Backlight - Color Shift-free Technology Review side by side...
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    LG 27EA83

    27EA83 - AH-IPS/GB-r LED - Light AG - PWM dimming - Wide gamut / 10 bit - Hardware calibration ready - External calibrator 27EA83R - AH-IPS - Light AG - SRGB 100% / 8...
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    Is it really that hard to accomplish no BLB?

    Is it really that hard technically, or is it just money matter?
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    CrossOver 2730MD LED-P 125hz Overclockable Q1 SDDE3 panel I assume. Sales in south Korea now at pivotable around 330$, tilt only 298$. Overseas, 330$ changes to...