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    Overclocking Crucial Ballistix

    Hey guys, I just picked up 4 sticks of Crucial BL2K8G36C16U4BL and I wanted to overclock them a bit. I was wondering if anyone knew the best stable settings for this memory with a Ryzen 3600X. I was going to use the Ryzen DRAM Calculator but I read a bunch of people saying not to use it.
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    Memory dilemma

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a memory dilemma. I want top upgrade to 32gb of ram, I currently have CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 on a Ryzen 3600X system. When I purchased it I didn't realize that there were two versions of this ram, the one I have and CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16. The Z version is supposed to always...
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    Cannot get correct resolution on laptop

    Hey Guys, So I'm a bit puzzled with this, for some reason I cant get my laptop to show 1920x1080 as an option for the laptops native display. It works fine for secondary displays but for the native one it only shows 1366-768. The laptop is a HP Pavilion 15-n267ca, it is a dual GPU laptop...
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    Sound Blaster Z or USB DAC/AMP

    Trying to decid weather to go for the SB-Z or a similarly priced DAC/AMP, From what I can gather the SB - Z has a Cirrus Logic 114db SNR DAC and 4556 amps. The SB-Z has a fiarly strong amp but a pretty bad impedance of 22ohm so I'm not sure if it's suitable for use with most headphones under...
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    HyperX Cloud or Astro A40 for sound quality?

    Wondering if anyone knows which of these headsets gets better sound quality? I have the the oportunity to buy a a50 for a good price but being wireless it will some day fail and keeping it chaged is a pain but everyone I've read says the a40/a50 has the best sound quality. However, a lot...
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    Seeking recommendations for best gaming headset under $200

    Hey Guys, Looking to get a new headset, currently have the Rosewill RHTS-8206 which sounds really good but I think it's taken one too many trips to the floor and has developed a buzzy sound. Ive scoured the net for best lists and roundups but there honestly aren't many, and really no...
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    Looking for PC Build Advice

    Hi Guys, So, I'm building a system for my father in law on a fairly tight budget. I want to give him a solid system which will perform well and that can play some games relatively well. Budget is $500 including shipping/taxes (I'm from Canada so taxes aren't anything to brush off lol)...
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    Monitor vs TV?

    Hey Guys, So been hearing alot of people lately saying how monitors arent worth it and that a TV is a better option but I've always found TV's to have really poor text reproduction personally and just not being well suited to graphics. What are your guys thoughts on it?
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    Forget about the BenQ GW2760HS in North America

    Well it looks like BenQ has no plans at this time of brining this monitor to North America, so anyone who's been patiently waiting it's probably not coming. Thanks BenQ.
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    Are there any !6:10 VA displays?

    Hi again guys, So I'm pretty fed up right now, I dont know how these ips displays pass for acceptable with the levels of light bleed that they have but its really not acceptable to me. Are there any 16:10 VA screens at all? Or any other 16:10 options that dont suffer from such bad light bleed?
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    High Pitch Noise Eminating from PSU

    Hey Guys, So I just bought a new headset whichs connects via USB and noticed this high pitch hum and pulsating sounds coming through it, upon further investigation I realized my PSU was making the same sound (which I now cant stop hearing lol) I'm not sure if this has been happening for a...
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    Does anyone have the NEC EA244WMi yet?

    Hey Guys, So as some of you probably know I'm still hunting for a monitor, was really unsatisfied with the Samsung S24A850DW because of its terrible light leaks and poor contrast/blacks. Been eying the new NEC EA244WMi but would really like to know more about it and dont have the luxry of...
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    Has anyone purchased a PA248Q or U2412 recently?

    So I'm still ony my quest to find a good monitor, would prefer 27" but that doesnt seem to be in the cards and these two are the two I keep coming back to. The only thing is I read in some older threads that the PA248Q has pretty bad light leaks and very bad color temp uniformity and the dell...
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    Need help fidning the best monitor for my money

    Hi Everyone, I know I'm new but I've been a reader for quite a whole, my old monitor just bit the dust and am in the market for a new one but cant seem to find 'the one'. Ive been reading reviews and "best lists" for the pat 2 days and my eyes are starting to bleed. I was hoping someone here...