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    NCASE M1 v2 Build Thread

    Well yeah, sorry about being a bit chaotic, you are making perfect sense. I updated my post. The ssd will be mounted at front.
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    NCASE M1 v2 Build Thread

    Guys, what would you recommend for a completely quiet (but still air based, so quiet to an extent I guess) NCASE build? I just pre-ordered v3 and I'm slowly completing the rest. I'm having trouble deciding which fans to order (noctuas seems to be most efficient, but there's a lot of them to...
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    Rumor: AMD R9 380X or 390X benchmarked at Chiphell

    I'm building a mini itx system early next year, hope 390X can deliver solid vr-like 1440p!
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    What is the most retarded community for a game that you've experienced?

    League of Legends Europe. Played LoL since early beta till most recent summertime, then I just quitted without hesitation. Community of this zynga-like moba game is just ridicoulous. In the other hand, I just recently got a key and felt totally in love with Dota 2 and people present there.
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    EIZO Foris FS2332 LCD LED - your thoughts?

    MANY THANKS Edews :)
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    EIZO Foris FS2332 LCD LED - your thoughts?

    Hi [H]ards, What's your opinion on Eizo Foris FS2332 LED 1920x1080? Does anyone have experience with this shiny piece of hardware?
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    Does Terraria support natively 1920x1080?
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    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings ann.

    I'm concerned about one thing. Combat looks poorly, it's like fighting dolls with a stick. There are no mutilations whatsoever, and so called 'killing blows' aren't killing blows at all... Just a different hit without wound effects. That kinda sucks. Badly designed mists of blood were good...
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    Darkspore going live 26th - looking to see who else preordered.

    I've played both parts of beta and this game is simply boring. Especially in terms of combat. Don't want to sound rude, but I smell disaster. Wouldn't invest a penny.
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    Hawken: multiplayer fpp mecha combat!

    First teaser of Hawken is out! What do you think guys? I find art direction beautiful. This game could be something to watch for.
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    Wow! What are your Fallout 3 mods exactly?
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    Dragon Age II Demo - Feb. 22nd

    This game will be disastrous. I canceled my preorder, I'm not buying it any more. Biggest flaw, apart from nowhere-near-fluid framerate, is combat. It's just plain silly. Fukin' korean-mmo like type of bullshit. Totally butchers the mood for me. I can't stand it, I would preffer "boring and...
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    Dragon Age II Demo - Feb. 22nd

    Gief demo :(
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    Interstellar Marines? O.o

    Well, I'm oficially sorry; I was a bit too harsh in my jugdements.
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    Interstellar Marines? O.o

    This looks like a hoax for me. Especially preoder which let us full access to 'slices', which are like crippled version of the soon-to-be demo. And yet they are focusing only on developing further slices, there's no ETA on the full game at all.
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    Dragon Age 2 DX11 feature set revealed

    Witcher surely does look superb, but the game itself is made of claustrophobic areas with walking straight from point a to point b. Linear like hell. Nothing really spectacular, it's not hard to pump in good quality graphics into 2x2 boxes... I'm a pole and when I'm watching marketing videos...
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    MWLL: Mech Warrior Living Legends Crysis mod out Dec 26th!

    Do I need Crysis or Crysis Warhead to have fun with this?
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    who would of thunk. Old republic delayed

    It will be a disaster. What else can we expect from a scipted game with scripted scearions and voiceovers? Seriosly, how mch content is that? 20 missions? 30 missions? 50? But what after? It will not hold as an mmo at all.
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    Rift: Planes of Telara... looking good! (MMORPG)

    That's beyond the boundaries of epicness :)
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    Rift: Planes of Telara... looking good! (MMORPG)

    Can't wait for this game to come out. Thanks to all of you for such detailed contribution to to the topic, explaining things, sharing you opinions etc. Is there any class / soul which focuses purely on crowd control? If not, which class might be the closest match to my description?
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    Rift: Planes of Telara... looking good! (MMORPG)

    Is Rift's world claustrhophobic like Guild Wars one, or it is huge and open ended?
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    Rift: Planes of Telara... looking good! (MMORPG)

    You think there's a chance for PVP-RP type of servers at launch? And what's the most rewarding class (soul) to master? (PVP-wise, most rewarding != overpowered) I know it's a bit too early to conclude, because balance is rolling on all the time... Just give me your ideas!
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    wow: the shattering (4.0.3a) is tomorrow!

    Well Blizzard will probably release a fresh server so that will be a good place to start with. I'm european though so it might be a bit easier to get the new hardware rollin'. Are frost mages still good in pvp combat? Back in the days when I was pvp'in the shit out of me, the kings of player...
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    wow: the shattering (4.0.3a) is tomorrow!

    I played since WoW first came out, then dropped out few months after BC. Never been in any of WotLK areas. Anyways my question is: it is possible only to have some battlegrounds / arena fun? Or it's like in the old days, where 24/7 raid grinds gives you ungodly silly ammount of advantage while...
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    Offical Call of Duty Black Ops Thread Seriously, what's the chance of getting this - 1 / milion? ;-D
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    Bad Company 2

    Thanks guys for the tips, they actually are very good, I'll check them out asap. Cheers!
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    Bad Company 2

    Could you teach me how to shoot? I know, it might sound terrible, but I just fail in close and long range combat. I'm rank 8 atm, running around mostly as assault with red dotted AUG. I can barely win a firefight, and I'm dying more than often because of snipers everywhere. I'm playing on...
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    Should I get BlackOps for PC? Advice needed..

    Singleplayer is a dumbfest. You can look up youtube videos where people are getting through singleplayer campaign without a single shot - that's how heavily scripted this game is. It's not even close to being interactive. I got bored with multiplayer after obtaining 32 rank. Match types aren't...
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    Bought Black Ops but will be going back to BFBC2 for a while. Anyone else?

    I can't connect to any server after the "patch". I'll get only a few on the list, and the one I'm trying to connect are flawed, I can't get over "connecting" phase. 60 euros for fucks sake. Such a piece of shit this game is.
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    Assassin's Creed II Hardcore Dancing

    Well... This just made my day so I thought I will spread the fun. Can't stop laughing.
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    Black OPS release going disasterously on the PC

    Really guys, I'm a bit pissed off... Looks like 60 euros went straight into oblivion... On my G73 there's like crapload of micro stuttering around, I have no idea if it's lag or framerate based, I'll stick with the first - totally random LAG makes multiplayer barely playable. Multiplayer looks...
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    Black OPS release going disasterously on the PC

    60 euros that's a lot of cash for a pc game. But.. Take leap of faith, I guess. So I bought Black Ops on Steam and it's downloading at the moment. I heard some rumors about FOV issues, where can I set proper multiplayer FOV value? For my res (16:10, 1920x1200) it's actually '85'.
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    Is this really Dragon Age 2 gameplay footage?

    It looks like DMC4 fighting crap, totally unrealistic and otherwordly funny. That kind of mood destroys the lore of Dragon Age for me. Well, "take leap of faith", I guess. Let's hope for more wise combat system in the final product. If not, I skip this game.
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    Otherwordly funny whine of totally addicted drama queens. Get a grip people and let him work in peace.
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    What will WoW's 4th expansion in 2012 bring ?

    I stopped playing WoW few months after BC was released (and I was playing since vanilla release circa 2004). Simply I just moved to other things in life. Now I am stable enough to play as a causal, not hardcore player; so I guess I can give Cataclysm a shot. There's like a shitload of new...
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    How can I connect to a server? Do I need to run the *.jar with special command?
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    MoH PC Open Beta mini Review and plethora of awesome screenshots

    The engine might be pretty much the same, the graphics and sound design is MUCH worse. I don't have problems with my gaming rig, I'm enjoying BC2 @1920x1200 with everything set to high.
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    MoH PC Open Beta mini Review and plethora of awesome screenshots

    I don't like almost everything in the current instance of the game. I can't belive that DICE is responsible for such a piece of crap. There's like no weapon recoil, ugly and repetetive textures, zero lighting and plethora of bugs and other abuses. Graphics and sounds are like infinite levels...
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    Any tips or resources for the very beginner? I love such indie games, but now often I wonder how digging and building within an empty world might not be boring at all? Multiplayer hardly works, so I guess my world is for my eyes only... Monsters? Isn't running from them an easy task? How huge...
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    The worst fad in shooters today...

    What's the most optimum FOV for 1920x1200 resolution?