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    SATA - worth it?

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    Noisy Drives

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    REMOVING a case badge

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    ANNOYING Hardware Monitors

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    Cracking the code

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    Unable to unlock taskbar; no icons on desktop; no right-click menus

    Here's the scoop. My workstation got setup by some independent tech who has since pretty much vanished. He installed WinXP Professional X64 onto the workstation for some reason. I'm a web developer and I absolutely don't need/want X64 because of whatever limitations, and it's not like I need...
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    $520 (usd) price range, looking for something digital and fairly manual

    Any recommendations? Canon's G5 would be nice, but it's $100US out of my fixed price range, so. Is there a toned down G5? I'd definitely go for a G4, but availability is slim to none, especially in Canada. Here's what I'm concerned about: - Good focal range (down to 2cm preferred, but...
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    Anyone ever seen something like this? (56k=ok, 120kbs of photos)

    Well... You know how most AMD's (Palamino/Tbred/Thornton/Barton/etc) have AMD © 1999 or whatever and the stepping imprinted onto the CPU's core? Well I replaced my 1900+'s heatsink today (with the stock 2500+ heatsink, dropped my temps 13 degrees btw) and after I removed the old heatsink and...
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    Writing Zeros to the drive - Risks?

    If I were to use a third party application to write 0's and 1's and then 0's over and over again (to ensure complete erasure), would there be a risk of me damaging the drive or not being able to fully use the drive afterwards? I've never written 0's to a drive, just formatted it, but I'll be...
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    USB Keyboards Input buffer

    When playing games like FarCry or UT2004, I occasionally experience a lag-like effect. I am very sure that this is due to the USB keyboard I'm using. If I hold down W to move foreword, and then let go, while pushing a few other keys, i will keep moving forwards (or sideways, backwards...
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    NOD32 AntiVirus

    Does anyone have any experience with NOD32? These guys look to be really on the ball, but I'm not sure about them yet because I haven't heard about anyone's experience with them. Can anyone tell me more about what they have to offer in terms of customer support, a/v support, etc? I've read...
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    Ugh, so much for a problem free build. ARTIFACTS!

    I was playing UT2004 (slowly advancing in the Single Player for now) and all was good until I noticed artifacts on my second monitor. I thought nothing off it at first.. kind of denying it and hoping it was just some weird glitch, since I didn't see anything on my primary display. So I...
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    LOL 36c temperature increase (56k beware)

    Hey guys. I started messing around with my old P3 500 today, and I found something pretty interesting. I started running prime95 to see what my load temp would be. It was running at 20c idle (I believe that it's accurate because the heatsink was cool to the touch and it's running without a...
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    Laptop won't boot on battery, reported charged but it's cold!

    Ugh! Okay I have an Acer Travelmate 634C and I've had it for about a year (out of Warranty in May, I believe). Never been dropped, well taken care of, etc, but there's one problem. I may have messed up here, I left the notebook in its case for 2 weeks, and I didn't take the battery out...
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    REMOVING a case badge

    DAMN that adhesive backing! I just picked up an ATI Radeon case badge for fun. The only problem is that I can't get the old Antec badge off! It's a Sonata chassis with a front drive door on it, so it's pretty easy to work with. Here's what I've tried so far: - Prying it off with...
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    A $200 piece of cardboard

    1024-4350-04... SAPPHIRE RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB AGP VGA DVI-I TV OUT RETAIL BOX $516.32 BUY 102A07518000... SAPPHIRE RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB DDR AGP VGA DVI-I TV OUT OEM $315.78 BUY Yes, that's right, with the extra software and a fancy box, you pay just $200 more. Would you guys...
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    Noisy Drives

    I recently moved my old computer down the desk-chain, and I found it to be way too noisy. So, since it won't be under much load (only used as a TV), I removed all fans except for the PSU fan and the CPU fan. It was still noisy. I located where the noise was coming from, and it turned out...
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    Cracking the code

    I'm trying to figure out the formula for AMD's PR on the Barton CPUs. (NO LOOKING IT UP, THAT'S CHEATING). So far, with my lacking math skills, I have figured this much out. Known: 3200 = 2200 2500 = 1830 (2500, 1830) (3200, 2200) (y2-y1) / (x2-x1) (2200-1830) / (3200-2500)...
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    The fun I had with my Barton tonight

    Well, I decided to mess around again. First, the specs: AMD Barton 2500+ Z Core, week 39 (locked). Abit NF7-S Revision 2 256mb of GENERIC PC2700 Ram (Corsair is still on its way.. UGH!) Antec TruePower 380w PSU Thermaltake Volcano 9 w/ Duct mod + AS3 Note: a 5:4 and 6:5 divider was...
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    ANNOYING Hardware Monitors

    Hey guys. Anyone else have problems when running 2 or more hardware monitors at the same time? I can't run AbitEQ and MBM5 at the same time, or else my CPU Fan speed is reported as half of what it actually is, and AbitEQ shuts everything down (power off, completely.. lol) automatically (even...
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    Pentium 5 Prototype Fan! Omg! Some people will waste hours of their lives for a buck...
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    Where to buy in Canada

    Hey guys, I was just wondering which places you've had decent experiences with? For me, I've only ordered hardware/mod stuff from two sites. and Both are great. NCIX is in Vancouver, BC and Bigfoot is in Ontario. I live in BC, but oddly enough...
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    One last buying decision: Kingston vs. Corsair

    Hey guys. I received all of my new parts today except the ram (ugh!). Originally, I ordered 1GB of Corsair TWINX PC3200 ram (cas2) But it was backordered and they're not expecting any until next Wednesday. Would it be a better idea to go with 1GB of Kingston HyperX PC3500 for $30cdn...
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    What on earth is a prommie?

    Hey guys. I've checked google on this one, and I can't really find out what on earth a prommie is. My only guess is that its a refridgerator that you can duct into your box's fans. Am I at all close? Most of the pages I found seemed to be british..... and it sounds british. lol I'm...
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    Should I fold?

    I've got an old box that I just use for a TV (MSI TV @nywhere). It's just a PIII 500, so could I do any good by putting it to work folding? I just found these forums out of curiosity and it sounds cool so maybe I can help out. Any help would be cool. Thanks guys. If so, where do I go...
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    Do I REALLY need paired ram??

    Hey guys! I'm buying my new Barton system soon.. (abit nf7-s, 1gb pc3200, barton 2500+) and I really need to know if I need to buy something like the Corsair XMS PC3200 2x512 paired dual channel ram... it's really expensive ($330 cdn). If I were to buy 1GB of Samsung (2x512, not paired) it'd...
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    Choosing RAM

    Hey guys. I'm buying up all my parts on monday and I just need to make one more decision. First of all, I'm poor, so my budget for ram will be about $190 USD. I want to end up with 1GB of ram (2x 512 running dual channel) PC3200. I'm getting a Barton 2500+, so I'll be overclocking for...
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    SATA - worth it?

    Are SATA drives really worth it? I'm pretty new to them. From what I've heard, they're hot swappable with the right plugins. That's kind of cool... I also read that they're reverse compat with ATA 100/133- are they? I'm looking at a whole new system and the board I'm looking at has SATA...
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    What to do, what to do?

    Hey guys. I'm a student so I'm poor as hell. But I'm also a gamer so I want decent stuff. First of all, I have about $530 (usd) to spend on some new parts, and I'll have a little more over the next few months for other new stuff. My current specs are AMD 1900+ (stock AMD cooler) Asus...