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    How much do modular cables stick out?

    I'm talking about ATX PSUs. In particular, i'm looking at silverstone's 600W silver fully modular ST60F-PS. How much do the cables stick out if you bend them sideways (at a right angle)? Measured from the flat surface of the PSU case to the point it bends. I estimate 4-5cm to be safe. I'm...
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    Best thin fans?

    Well, what are the best thin fans? Like many people in this subforum, i'm designing my own SFF case. It will be for personal use and i'm not looking to make it public or gain feedback at this stage. I'm looking at thin fans because reasons. Should be obvious - tradeoff performance to...
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    Silverstone SFX cable clearance

    I would like to hear from owners of silverstone SFX PSUs who know or can test the minimum space (in millimetres/centimetres) needed where the cables come out. The connectors themselves stick out a bit, i'm aware of that. I'm estimating 4-5cm from the edge of the PSU enclosure. Second question...
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    Case fan instead of GPU fan

    One of my case ideas involves the GPU taking air direct from outside and will be on the back of the mobo. It would be nice if I could use 120mm or 140mm fans intaking directly onto the GPU, possibly as close as the original heatsink fans were on the GPU. Would there be any problems with this...